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Chapter 655

Chapter 655: A Different Universe

Three years later, the Initial Starship was flying quickly in space, but for the vast expanse of space, it was incredibly slow, as if it were stagnant in the void.

Looking around, all that could be seen were bright stars densely packed together, but they could only be viewed from a distance, unable to be touched.

There are some seemingly close stars that Su Hao’s whole life cannot reach.

Inside the spaceship, Su Hao carefully examines a circular metal ring in his hand.

This is the first version of ‘Spiritual Eye 1.0’ made with a special material called ‘Mi Yi’.

The method of loading this ‘Spiritual Eye 1.0’ is simple: open the skull, dig an appropriate groove on the inside of the cranium, then embed it inside the skull, and cover it back.

It’s simple, right!

However, Feiyuan said he couldn’t do it.

Seeing that Su Hao seemed to want to try it himself, Yashan couldn’t help but worry: “Overlord Wei, after all, it is something I created, let me try it first, whether it succeeds or not will soon have results.”

Feng Cheng also wanted to try: “Overlord Wei, I think I can try it too, this thing looks interesting.”

Yashan: “Feng Cheng, forget it! After the nerve connection following the installation in the skull, I’m afraid of damaging your brain.”

Feng Cheng smiled awkwardly, indeed that’s the reason.

Placing the ‘Spiritual Eye 1.0’ into the brain is simple for them, but guiding the metal needle accurately into the designated position in the brain and connecting it to the cognition platform is very complex for him, and may not be able to successfully complete the first installation task.

Su Hao casually handed the Spiritual Eye 1.0 to Yashan and said, “Ok, you try it first, record the whole process, and then send it to us. Be careful.”

Yashan took it and said, “Alright Overlord Wei, I have confidence in completing the connection for the device I personally created.”

Confidence is good, but most of the time, confidence does not mean success.

Taking a deep breath, adjusting his physical and mental state, Yashan transformed into ‘Life Master’, and large chunks of diamond armor gushed out, enveloping him, forming a mighty and domineering armor.

He sat cross-legged, placed the Spiritual Eye in his hand on the helmet, the crystal helmet flipped, swallowing the ring, Yashan closed his eyes, no longer moving.

Su Hao and the others knew that Yashan had started connecting with the Spiritual Eye, so they stood quietly on the side, without making any noise, to avoid disturbing Yashan’s movements.

This scene is very much like a monk in solitude, about to break through to a new realm, unable to withstand any disturbance.

After sitting quietly like this for two days, Yashan finally opened his eyes: “Overlord Wei, I succeeded!”

Curious, Su Hao asked, “How does it feel, can you perceive the ‘Mi Yi type fluctuations’?”

Yashan returned to normal state, stood up and said, “I can feel it, but the feeling is very superficial, almost invisible, maybe related to the vast area of space we are in.

This feeling is very strange, as if my head is full of eyes, able to see the ubiquitous ripples and lines in the void, as if they are lines or curved surfaces, upon careful perception, maybe they are spatial folds, like wrinkles on clothes, disorderly yet orderly.

But seeing these folds does not affect my normal vision, like two different organs observing the same thing, overlapping yet not overlapping.

Everything seen is still the same, but there is an additional layer of different attributes.”

Yashan explained this, hoping that everyone could understand his feelings, but seeing everyone’s confused expressions, he knew he had said too much.

Embarrassed, he said, “Perhaps my expression cannot accurately describe that feeling, if I must describe it, it is like: we use our eyes to see a stereo system, it is a square black box, but not only do my eyes see its appearance, my ears can also hear the sound it emits, and if someone sprays perfume on the stereo, I can also smell its fragrance with my nose.

The stereo is still the stereo, but different organs perceive it differently. Like ears and nose, the ‘Spiritual Eye’ allows me to feel another aspect of the universe.”

With this explanation, they probably understood what he meant.

Regardless of how it feels, trying it out for themselves will reveal the truth, the key is that their previous idea has been successful.

By installing a new ‘Spiritual Eye’ for themselves, they can directly see the corresponding things!

In other words, see whatever you want to see.

Obtaining the corresponding ‘sensing material’, thoroughly studying the characteristics of this sensing material, decoding the corresponding conscious information, writing a corresponding information conversion program, and accessing the brain.

It’s that simple.

With sufficient knowledge reserve, human creativity is fully displayed at this moment.

The success of Yashan aroused strong interest from Su Hao and Feng Chengdu, so they brought Yashan to the corresponding production workshop to start producing a spiritual eye 1.0 for themselves. They planned to personally see what Yashan meant by spatial folds.

Feiyuan expressed a strong interest in the spiritual eye 1.0, but he dared not open his skull and put it in.

Watching others leave enthusiastically, Feiyuan stayed in place with a dumbfounded expression: “What should I do?”

Soon he figured out a solution.

“How about I design an external spiritual eye myself!”

Just lusting after it is useless, one must take action to have a chance to obtain what they desire.

With the successful experience, making the ‘spiritual eye 1.0’ was very simple. Su Hao successfully created the second device one month later.

After carefully examining the process Yashan went through and marking important points to pay attention to, ensuring there were no issues, he also transformed into a ‘commander’, found a quiet room, and swallowed the circular ring into the diamond armor in his hand.

As a ‘commander’, it is very simple to manipulate the shape and position of one’s own cells, organs, and bones.

Su Hao quickly opened a circular groove inside his skull and seamlessly embedded the metal ring into it.

Next step – connecting to the brain.

Su Hao activated the first program of the ‘spiritual eye 1.0’. At the next moment, a soft tentacle slowly grew out from the inner side of the circular ring.

Su Hao immediately controlled it to pierce the meninges, stab into the corresponding node of the brain, and once it reached the designated position, the tip of the tentacle unfolded like a blooming hexagonal flower, firmly fixing onto the brain’s nerve node.

Following that, he activated the second program, and then a second tentacle extended… a third one…

Like connecting to the brain after constructing the ‘knowledge platform’, it required fewer pins compared to the ‘knowledge platform’.

The reason why it was more difficult to connect the brain than the ‘knowledge platform’ was due to the materials used in production. This special ‘seeking’ material was not the ‘spiritual power’ cultivated all year round, making it difficult to control.

In addition, the ‘spiritual eye 1.0’ was not only connected to the brain but also to the knowledge platform, making it a bidirectional connection, thus raising the difficulty level.

Su Hao was very cautious with every step, ensuring precision without any negligence. From the beginning of connecting the ‘spiritual eye’ until the end, the time taken was not much faster than Yashan.

Two days later, Su Hao connected the final connecting tentacle, thoroughly checked from start to finish, found no errors, and activated the preset program.

Just like turning on a computer…

After a brief adjustment, a faint, inexplicable fluctuation soon filled Su Hao’s perception, almost occupying the entire space.

He saw a different universe.

The universe observed with the eyes is definitely different from the universe observed with the ears. Similarly, the universe observed with the ‘spiritual eye 1.0’ is also different.

Su Hao silently felt this special feeling, then opened his eyes and murmured, “The true face of the universe is indeed different from what the eyes see!”

Many people firmly believe ‘seeing is believing’, but at this moment, Su Hao felt that ‘seeing is not necessarily believing’, and even ‘nothing without eyes’ may not necessarily be visible.

There are some things that the naked eye cannot see.

After all, the function of the naked eye is fundamentally simple, it can only see light, and it’s ‘visible light’…

Just thinking about it feels very absurd, but that’s the reality.

Su Hao opened his eyes, exited the state of “Fate Tracking,” and got up to walk outside while pondering a question: “The universe seen through the ‘Fate Tracking Eye’ appears as this faintly wrinkled appearance, so what about the ‘Fate Tracking Eye 2’? What will it look like?”

In the future, with more special sensing materials, once they are crafted into ‘Spiritual Eyes’ and connected to the brain, what will the universe look like then?

It will surely be a different and magical sight!

Just thinking about it brings some excitement.

Perhaps, Su Hao is not far from seeing the true face of the universe.


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My Divine Diary

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