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Chapter 656

Chapter 656: Exploring the Small Cube

After implanting the ‘Fate Tracking Eye 1.0,’ Su Hao carefully studied the unique wrinkled fluctuations he had ‘seen,’ but after some time, he realized that these fluctuations may not have any effect on him.

They were just specific frequency energies emitted by celestial bodies!

Before long, Su Hao removed the ‘Spiritual Eye 1.0’ from his brain.

On that day, Su Hao approached Aya to discuss the issues with the ‘Spiritual Eye.’

“Aya, the plan for the Spiritual Eye is considered a preliminary success. However, based on my user experience, there are still significant flaws that need further optimization.

Firstly, the inability to switch freely. Our eyes can still close, but if the ‘Spiritual Eye’ cannot be closed when not in use, it will consume a lot of our energy;

Secondly, the issue of perception distance. The human body determines distance by observing with both eyes and listening with both ears simultaneously. You can start from this aspect and redesign a device with distance determination functionality;

Thirdly, optimization of the overall design. In the future, when we install the Spiritual Eyes into the brain, there will be not just one, but even more than a hundred. Thus, miniaturization will be the focus of the next research phase.

And lastly…”

Aya diligently made corresponding notes and then said, “Understood, Boss Wei!”

After thinking for a moment, he added, “Or perhaps I should create a ring-shaped device and fix the metal ring in the brain, connecting all brain nodes.

Then, on the metal ring, create a hundred slots of the same specifications, specifically for embedding different ‘Spiritual Eyes.’ If you need to observe the ‘Fate Tracking 1 fluctuation,’ insert the ‘Fate Tracking Eye 1,’ and for the ‘Fate Tracking 2 fluctuation,’ insert the ‘Fate Tracking Eye 2,’ and so on.

Like a computer motherboard, where you can insert different graphics cards and memory bars… This would make it very flexible. What do you think, Boss Wei?”

Su Hao looked at Aya in astonishment and said, “Great idea, Aya, you are very sharp to come up with such a solution so quickly.”

Aya smiled and replied, “This is the essence of ‘flexibility’ that I have learned from Boss Wei!”

It is said that by associating with certain individuals, one gradually becomes like them.

Having spent so much time with Su Hao, Aya’s own mental abilities were not lacking, and his way of thinking gradually aligned with Su Hao’s. This was only natural.

Shortly after, Feiyuan also developed an external ‘Spiritual Eye.’ Determined, he opened a small hole at the back of his head and inserted the signal transmission tentacles of the Spiritual Eye into it…

With the help of Aya and Feng Cheng, he finally succeeded in ‘seeing’ a different scene of the ‘Fate Tracking 1 fluctuation.’

He was greatly shocked and gained a new understanding of the universe.

After that, he exploded with great enthusiasm for the research project on the ‘Spiritual Eye.’

“I long to see the true appearance of the universe.”

After discussing the design issues of the subsequent ‘Spiritual Eye’ device with Aya, Su Hao returned to his laboratory.

He was pondering a question: how to find the material that senses the energy fluctuations of the ‘Calamity System.’

He didn’t know if such a thing existed, what it was, or where to find it!

To put it nicely, it’s called searching, but to put it bluntly, it’s just luck.

However, Su Hao is never afraid to rely on luck…

After all, wasn’t his reincarnation also a result of relying on luck?

He firmly believes that: since there are fluctuations in the ‘calamity system’ energy, then there must be corresponding materials that can sense these fluctuations. As long as there is such a sensor material, he will eventually find it in endless time.

However, there are different ways to rely on luck.

When the probability is high, luck naturally follows; when the probability is low, luck naturally falters.

So, what Su Hao thinks about is how to increase the probability of finding sensor materials.

“I cannot change the quantity and location of sensor materials, but what I can change is my search efficiency. Therefore, I need to develop a special ‘planet virus…”

The more he thought about it, the clearer Su Hao’s train of thought became: “Create an ‘exploration cube virus’ similar to the ‘star cube’, which can spread to every corner of the planet.

The difference is that the function of the ‘star cube’ is focused on self-replication and converting matter into ‘source’. The function of the ‘exploration cube’ is focused on ‘self-replication – exploring unknown substances’.

In this way, when I arrive at a galaxy, I just need to throw the ‘exploration cube’ onto the planet, let it replicate and explore on its own, and I can obtain the materials I desire. Efficiency will increase by a thousandfold.

Most importantly, there’s no need to worry about missing out.”

As for the technical issues of implementation, this is not a difficult point for Su Hao.

Because over the years, he has been studying ‘source materials’, researching common elements, compounds, mixtures thoroughly enough, even calculating the ‘energy coefficient’ of different substances one by one.

For him, it’s easy to determine whether it’s ‘known material’ or ‘unknown material’.

Su Hao thought to himself: “It will take about five years for the spaceship to reach the Purple Wolf Star, so during this time, I will try to develop a planet virus called ‘exploration cube’!”

With that in mind, he immediately entered the pinball space, accessed relevant data on the ‘planet virus’, and began designing it in comparison.

“First is the main body structure, let’s design it as a drill-like rover, convenient for freely traversing the planet’s interior…”

Five years later, the spaceship completed the final ‘positioning transfer’, appearing near the outermost planet orbit of the Purple Wolf Star System.

Everyone gathered in the cockpit.

Yashan reported the information collected so far: “The eight planets of the Purple Wolf Star have been analyzed. There are four source-type planets, three giant planets, and one ice giant. Among them, the fourth planet is a ‘source-type planet’, with the most friendly environment for life and the most likely to give birth to life.”

Boss Wei, shall we first take a look at the fourth planet?”

Su Hao smiled: “Let’s take a spin on the fourth planet first, maybe there will be a pleasant surprise.”

It’s like opening a prize box, no matter how you guess, regardless of the probability, before landing on the planet for personal exploration, one cannot confirm whether there is life.

After preparations, everyone positioned themselves for transfer and directly arrived near the fourth planet within the star system, docked at a satellite, then disembarked from the spaceship, embarking on another exploration journey.

As they expected, there was no sign of life.

It was barren.

However, half of the planet’s surface area was covered in liquid water, providing a prerequisite for life to originate.

But, to give birth to life…

They couldn’t imagine what kind of miracle this planet needed to have the first life form born.

After exploring for a few days, everyone flew out of the planet’s atmosphere.

Then, Yashan and the others saw Su Hao take out a metal cube the size of an apple from the storage space, with a high-quality source pearl embedded in a groove on top.

Curious, Yashan asked: “Boss Wei, what is this?”

Su Hao raised it and placed it in front of Yashan: “This is another type of planet virus.”


The crowd was horrified, taking a few steps back, away from the delicate little cube in Su Hao’s hand.

Despite knowing that Su Hao could create the ‘planet virus’, they couldn’t figure out how he did it.

They still had a natural fear of the planet virus.

Su Hao smiled, “What are you afraid of, is it going to eat you?”

Yashan awkwardly smiled, “Not afraid, it’s just that feeling that’s hard to explain, always feel like it’s wrong to get too close.”

Feng Cheng curiously asked, “Boss Wei, are you planning to shoot away this planet?”

Su Hao said, “No, this is a new type of planet virus that I created. Its function is not to destroy the planet, but to search for unknown substances on the planet. It can replace our search tasks, and efficiency can be greatly improved.”

“Is there such an operation?”

Su Hao said, “Of course, as long as you think about it, what operation can’t be done?

In suitable temperature conditions, I can even design a planet virus that can transform the environment of a planet into a habitable one.”

Yashan and others had a thought in their minds, “Boss Wei is revered by the people of the Source Star as the creator, it seems they are not wrong…”


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My Divine Diary

My Journal of Godhood, 我的成神日志
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