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Chapter 654

Chapter 654 Collapse of Dao Xin

When it comes down to specifics, a question arises: how to create the ‘Spiritual Eye’?

Su Hao had already researched a way to do this.

It is not fundamentally different from the recognition platform they used to break through the ‘God-Transforming Realm’.

They all create an external object, then write a ‘signal conversion program’, and then connect it to consciousness!

Over the years, Su Hao’s analysis of conscious information has made some progress compared to before, and completing the ‘signal conversion program’ is not difficult.

As long as they can complete the first step of ‘finding wave patterns’, success is basically guaranteed.

However, the first step is not easy.

So, in order to continue to obtain that special wave, Su Hao occasionally throws ‘Star Fragments’ into the tenth planet, plays with it, captures the wave, and then analyzes it.

In this way, two years passed.

Su Hao suddenly said, “Yashan, apart from the source galaxy, what is the nearest star system from here?”

Yashan was startled, realizing that Veyr wanted to leave this place and go to the next star system.

He pulled up a star map and said, “It’s called Purple Wolf Star, located in the ‘Hive Constellation Second Outer Ring’, twelve light years away from here. The star has a mass more than twenty times that of Feather Weaving Star, with only eight planets orbiting around it.”

The current position of Su Hao and others in the large galaxy is called the ‘Panyang system’, resembling a disk with a radius of approximately ninety thousand light-years, and they are currently located about forty thousand light-years away from the center.

This means that in order to reach the position of the black hole at the center of the Panyang system, they would have to travel at the speed of light for forty thousand years. If they wanted to escape the Panyang system and enter open space, it would take roughly fifty thousand years.

Neither option is achievable for them.

Su Hao casually asked, “Are we heading towards the inner or outer ring of the galaxy?”

Yashan replied, “The inner ring.”

Su Hao immediately decided, “Okay, one month later, we will go to Zilang Star.”

The further they travel towards the inner ring, the more galaxies they encounter, and the more abundant the resources become. Su Hao has a greater chance of obtaining what he desires.

Furthermore, the cosmic energy in the inner ring is more intense compared to the outer ring, increasing the probability of creating fluctuation induction matter.

After Su Hao determined the course of the journey, the group of people immediately sprung into action, calculating the trajectory, determining the landing points, and retrieving the scattered detectors spread across Feather Star, preparing for the transfer.

Su Hao had a plan beforehand, which involved constantly moving at the speed of light to see if the Er Yu system could catch up with their rapid movements.

If it couldn’t, then it would be interesting—they could play a game of ‘you chase me, I escape’ with the Er Yu system, and perhaps out of hatred, love would emerge, automatically submitting under Su Hao’s feet.

After one month, the supplies replenished for Su Hao and his companions, they set sail once again towards the open expanse of the universe, with their sights set on ‘Zilang Star.’

Then the group began to anticipate: “Will we encounter aliens?”

Years passed one after another, Su Hao and the others immersed themselves in the construction of the ‘Mind’s Eye,’ hardly feeling the flow of time.

Within the spaceship, the four seasons changed, vegetation flourished and withered, and the indigenous creatures on the small island changed from one generation to the next, maintaining their original appearance.

The only change was the five children who grew up on the ship; they had lived on the spaceship for twelve years and were now five twelve-year-old boys.

The entire ship was filled with their presence.

They had never lived on a planet, the small island on the spaceship, various mechanical rooms, laboratories, and the ‘sun’ and starry sky above their heads seemed to be their entire world.

They had an unclear understanding of concepts like the ‘Infinite Land,’ and could only learn about them from simulation videos and the words of their elders: humans originally lived on a huge, extraordinarily vibrant planet.

Unfortunately, experiencing it firsthand and watching it on video were ultimately two different sensations.

The so-called ‘extraordinarily vibrant’ planet was nothing but an illusion to them.

That day, Feiyuan walked over from a distance, and the five young boys were already quietly sitting at the pavilion, waiting for their lessons to begin.

After exchanging greetings, Professor Feiyuan taught them a math class before moving on to the practice segment.

This was the segment the five boys looked forward to the most, not only because the classes taught by Feiyuan were interesting, but also because through practice, they all felt their own changes.

Ling Baihua closed her eyes and could sense the life force pulsating in the surrounding environment, even visualizing how the gentle breeze made the grass leaves gently quiver.

Yuan Xiafeng could sense the movements of his internal organs, and could precisely control the muscles in his body, performing movements that ordinary people couldn’t.

Yuan Qiuye had exceptional hearing, being able to hear the whispers of small animals even when his ears were covered…

…Which means that Feiyuan’s ‘Breakthrough Experiment’ in focusing the mind had been largely successful.

Mental power could be gathered through the ‘Focus System’ to break through the limitations of the human body.

However, breaking through mental power limitations using this method would inevitably have some side effects.

For example, Ling Baihua, who could sense the life force in the surrounding environment, was a bit slow to react when she opened her eyes to observe; Yuan Xiafeng, who could control his body so well, became unusually hyperactive, always being more irritable and eager to fight with his siblings; and Yuan Qiuye, with exceptional hearing, was slightly weaker in other senses…

The Flying Yu conjectured that this is perhaps the reason why the convergence of mental power affects the development of other aspects.

But regardless, his experiment was successful!

After inspecting the results of the practice of these five children, Feiyuan turned and said, “You are already twelve years old this year, congratulations on graduating from elementary school, officially entering the study of middle school.”

The five children were surprised, “Graduated from elementary school?”

Feiyuan continued, “The content of the second stage of study is: cultivation! I hope you will continue to work hard and thoroughly change the trajectory of your life.”

The five children exclaimed, “Cultivation?”

Feiyuan said, “Cultivation can prolong your life. Perhaps one day in the future, you may encounter a life planet that you have longed for in this vast universe. At that time, you will know what our mother star looks like.”

Of course, the probability of this happening is not high, but without truly venturing out, without exploring the end of life, who can be sure that it will never happen?

After class, Feiyuan returned to the laboratory and briefly reported the results of the practice of the five children to Su Hao. He said, “Mr. Jia Wei’s spiritual enhancement theory of ‘breaking through the point’, judging from the experimental results, is feasible.

Currently, I have guided these five children onto the path of cultivation. I will continue to guide their spiritual cultivation and make various attempts. It is expected that within fifty years, a relatively reliable conclusion can be drawn.”

Su Hao smiled and said, “Your thoughts are correct. Perhaps you will quickly achieve success in ‘surpassing the divine’. Feiyuan, you are truly a rare genius.”

Feiyuan shook his head and smiled, “All I have are immature ideas, and these ideas are not complicated. Most people just fail to connect them… The real reason for things progressing quickly is still Mr. Jia Wei.

Your broad knowledge and expertise have continuously refreshed my understanding over the years.

I’m afraid I can never catch up to you.”

The longer Feiyuan spent with Su Hao, the more his self-confidence was crushed to the point of ‘mind collapse’, as the legend goes.

Now, the desire to compete has faded, and the desire to explore has grown stronger. This is his new joy!

Su Hao said, “It’s meaningless to catch up to me. In fact, I am as insignificant as everyone else, and if you catch up to me, you are still just as insignificant. You can take catching up to me as an intermediate goal, but not as the ultimate goal.”

Feiyuan smiled bitterly.

Su Hao then said, “I have almost completed the ‘Seeking One’ encoding of the ‘Spiritual Eye’. In two years at most, you will be able to see colors that were originally invisible with your homemade eyes!”

Feiyuan could not imagine how Mr. Jia Wei in front of him encoded the ‘Seeking One’ material to allow it to connect with consciousness in the brain.

In his view, this was simply impossible!

Although he had been studying alongside Mr. Jia Wei for many years, Mr. Jia Wei was still too mysterious to him.

Ignoring Feiyuan’s astonishment, Su Hao asked, “How is the design of your ‘Spiritual Eye’ structure going?”

Feiyuan responded, “It has been completed, but the current product has too many flaws and strong interference. We are still optimizing it. We originally wanted to use a spherical structure, but later found too many limitations, and are now changing it to a ring structure.

The difficulty lies in the processing of signals. We are considering integrating it into the ‘Knowledge Platform’ system.”

Su Hao nodded in satisfaction, “It would be best if it could be integrated with the Knowledge Platform.”


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My Divine Diary

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