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Chapter 653

Chapter 653: The Eye of the Spirit

Two months quickly passed.

A spaceship suddenly appeared not far from Planet Yuzhi No. 10, slowly approaching the huge Planet No. 10.

Following that, it flew around the planet, while evenly ejecting a trumpet-shaped mechanical device, aiming remotely at Planet No. 10.

This was the cosmic energy wave receiver device made by Yashan, used to detect various forces that cannot be perceived.

After the spacecraft completed its circle, Yashan’s voice came, “Wei Eldest, the device has been successfully deployed, current inspection shows everything is normal, we can start the operation.”

Su Hao responded first, then transformed into [Mingzi], overlaying various states, flashing out of the spacecraft and quickly approaching Planet No. 10.

Upon entering the atmosphere, he extended a finger, preparing to gather energy.

The fingertip lit up, gradually strengthening, flickering with dazzling golden light, engulfing his entire person. When the golden light reached its peak, Su Hao pointed downwards.

‘Puncture Star Finger’!

A beam of golden light the size of a water bucket shot out from Su Hao’s fingertip, connecting to the planet’s surface, deeply embedded within it. There was no explosion, only a faint sound, accompanied by a large amount of dust, spreading from the golden light entry point and covering the surroundings.

Soon it covered the planet’s surface.

This spell was designed by Su Hao specifically to create a deep hole on a planet, with the aim of burying ‘fragmented small cubes’ as deeply as possible to increase the efficiency of viral erosion.

Throwing the ‘fragmented small cubes’ on the planet’s surface produces the same result, but the efficiency is much slower. If they are thrown into the interior of the planet, the virus will quickly spread throughout the entire planet.

The gleaming light gradually dissipates, Su Hao retracts his fingers and perceives that there is an additional bottomless hole below. He flips his hand and takes out a ‘Shattered Star Mini Cube’ with a high-quality source pearl embedded on it, sets it to activate in two minutes, and then shoots it down with precision into the hole.

Su Hao waits in place for a while, seeing no anomalies, he ignores it and flies outwards from the planet.

After the virus is activated, it will take some time to detect anomalies on the planet, so staying here is meaningless.

After flying out of the planet, Su Hao does not return to the spacecraft, but floats quietly in the void, closing his eyes, unleashing his ‘Divine Sense’, trying to sense the cosmic energy fluctuations before the planet’s destruction.

In the spacecraft’s detection room, Yashan nervously monitors the operation indicators of various devices, Feng Cheng stands by ready, waiting for Yashan’s instructions.

Without turning his head, Yashan asks, “Flyun, has there been any ‘Material Motion’ data anomalies from Boss Wei’s operation?”

Flyun shakes his head, “There hasn’t been any change yet, maybe it’s just starting, let’s wait a bit longer.”

Yashan furrows his brows, pondering once again whether there is a problem with his equipment. However, logically speaking, the equipment is just a kind of wave ‘capture amplifier’, and it is not the focus of this experiment.

Time passes by minute by minute.

Planet Ten also begins to react, earthquakes occur frequently, the earth shakes, mountains collapse, the ground cracks, volcanoes erupt, special materials explode…

Like a pot of water boiling on the fire, as the temperature increases, bubbles and mist gradually emerge from the beginning, to eventually boiling.

The entire planet is boiling!

The terrifying scene cannot even be described as the end of the world.

This planet is the third one infected by the star virus used by Su Hao, and also the largest in size. The drastic changes that occur on it, even surprised Su Hao a bit.

Fortunately, the spacecraft is far enough from the planet, so there is no need to worry about being affected.

Yashan and the others are also observing a massive planet being eroded by the star virus from such a close distance for the first time, and the changes happening on it are truly shocking them.

As Boss Wei said, knowledge is indeed power.

The kind of power they pursued in the past, with sword fighting and killing, is just child’s play in front of destroying a planet.

In just two hours, Planet Ten has expanded several times more than before, the originally pale blue planet now shines with a silvery white light.

If one’s vision is good enough, they can see that the surface of the planet is covered with dense elliptical metal balls, occasionally some metal balls erupt from underground, fly into the air, and then fall down, lying motionless.

Su Hao slowly opens his eyes, somewhat helplessly probing, “When the planet is being infected by the virus, various energy fields are indeed extremely chaotic, but I can feel that this is not the cosmic energy of the ‘Calamity System’ that I am looking for…

Perhaps, these chaotic force fields are also part of the ‘Calamity System’?”

Just as Su Hao was considering whether to use an igniter to send Planet Ten into space, Yashan sent a message, “Boss Wei, the various movements caused by the intense planetary activity have made two hundred and fifty-six substances undergo special movements, sorted according to the intensity of the movements, waiting for further verification of the cause of vibration…”

Su Hao’s eyes light up, two hundred and fifty-six substances, this is good news.

Since there is a result, let Planet Ten be temporarily preserved. If further experiments are needed in the future, it can still be found.

With that in mind, Su Hao teleports back to the spacecraft.

Two hours later, the expanding planet gradually collapses, forming a shiny silver-like metallic substance. Its volume has shrunk significantly compared to before, like dehydrated grapes.

Back on the spacecraft, Su Hao participates in the research and analysis of the two hundred and fifty-six special substances, constantly screening and eliminating them, leaving only two possibilities as the sensing substances for cosmic energy fluctuations.

One is a multi-element special structure mixture dominated by iron elements, with a large mass, named ‘Seek One’; the other is a special structure mixture dominated by carbon elements, with a lighter mass, named ‘Seek Two’.

The conclusion obtained after Su Hao and others worked together for a period of time is: these two substances correspond to two different waves, the specifics of which cannot be determined yet, perhaps they only react to waves of specific frequencies.

What can be confirmed is that it is not what Su Hao was looking for.

In response to this, Su Hao did not feel disappointed…

If it were so simple for him to succeed, he would have felt abnormal.

Feiyuan stared at the two special substances, pondering, then suddenly looked up and asked, “Mr. Jia Wei, should we use ‘Seek One’ ‘Seek Two’ to build the ‘Spiritual Eye’? If we can successfully perceive the specific waves corresponding to them, it means that our plan is feasible.

Just wait until one day they find that special material, and then ‘God Transformation’ will also be successful.

‘The Spiritual Eye’ is a specific plan proposed by Su Hao based on Feiyuan’s ideas.

The principle is to find a substance that is sensitive to ‘cosmic waves’, analyze the appearance of ‘cosmic waves’ through this substance, then write a set of systems to correspond the activity of the substance to brain signals, and connect it to the brain.

In this way, it is like installing an eye specially designed to explore these ‘cosmic waves’ in the human body, allowing them to ‘see’ these waves clearly.

Perhaps these waves are not obvious and cannot naturally evolve organs to receive ‘cosmic waves’. But it doesn’t matter, Su Hao will create them himself.

As long as there is a corresponding sensing substance, there is no problem.

Su Hao said, “Of course, let’s try with these two substances and build the ‘Spiritual Eye’! If successful, ‘God Transformation’ will be half complete.”

The other half will rely on that special material.

Everyone was excited. If the ‘Spiritual Eye’ plan succeeds, their ‘vision’ will make a qualitative leap, and their perspective on observing the universe will completely surpass the limitations of ordinary ‘naked eye’ observations.

That’s right, the ‘Spiritual Eye’ is so powerful. As long as there are enough eye installations and various sensing substances, theoretically, they can even observe all the radiation waves of the universe.

Su Hao thought to himself, “Can I create a special ‘exploration-collecting’ machine to help me complete the search task? Relying solely on a few of us running around different planets to search is not only inefficient, but we may also miss the corresponding material.”

This possibility is high, manpower is strong, but sometimes negligible.

The most feared scene is ‘In searching from myriad paths…’.

What if Su Hao misses something by not turning back? Besides, he doesn’t like to look back.


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My Divine Diary

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