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Chapter 652

Chapter 652 – Revealing the Truth with a Point

After wandering on this planet for more than ten days, the four of them returned to the spaceship.

After exchanging information, they concluded that this was just an ordinary planet, unlikely to support life unless there was a collision of external celestial stones in the future to drastically change its environment.

There is a probability for such occurrence!

This search was not without gains.

The four of them collected over a hundred types of special ores that they had never seen before, expanding their material stores.

Su Hao said, “Let’s stay here for a few years, search for useful things, explore the Featherweave Galaxy completely, and then set off for the next galaxy.”

After Su Hao set the tone, everyone began to work together. Su Hao and the other three with teleportation abilities were responsible for searching for special materials on various planets and collecting corresponding samples. The spaceship, without teleportation abilities, was responsible for sample analysis.

Two years later, Su Hao and the other three had basically explored all the planets in the star system, acquiring over a thousand unknown materials, with the spaceship analyzing their specific structures and compositions.

The spaceship said, “All samples brought back have been analyzed. Among them, there are thirteen materials with special properties that react to spiritual power under high or low temperatures, having certain research and application values.”

Su Hao said, “It seems that there isn’t much to gain from this galaxy. In that case, let’s temporarily stop the exploration action.”

“Alright, Boss Wei.”

Su Hao asked the spaceship again, “Those five children are six years old now! How is your preparation going?”

Although the main direction of researching ‘spiritual power’ was to find special materials to confirm cosmic energy fluctuations, Su Hao would not put all his hopes in one basket.

The project of finding special materials to build new ‘eyes’ for research and strengthening spiritual power itself also needed to be studied.

And those five children happened to cooperate with the spaceship’s project of ‘strengthening spiritual power.’

The spaceship nodded, “I prepared the teaching plan a long time ago and can start anytime.”

Su Hao pondered and said, “You can spend some time each day to introduce them to it, but more time needs to be freed up because we need to complete one thing first.”

The spaceship wondered, “What thing?”

Su Hao replied, “Destroy the furthest number ten planet in the Featherweave Star and then shoot it out.”

The spaceship widened its eyes for a moment, “Destroy the number ten planet?”

It was a planet with a volume over tens of thousands times that of the source star, how could one just casually decide to destroy it… The key was his calm tone, as if it were a trivial matter.

Su Hao asked, “Yashan, do you have backups of the substances you have encountered so far?”

Yashan replied, “They are all backed up, and there is quite a lot. Boss Wei, are you planning to use them to test the reaction of energy fluctuations to substances?”

Su Hao said, “Yes, take this opportunity while I explode the planet to observe the reactions of various substances. If there is indeed the special material I am looking for, there will definitely be a response under such intense energy wash.”

Yashan said, “Understood! I will need about a month to assemble the observation equipment.”

Su Hao said, “Good, no rush. This operation will be scheduled for two months later, giving you more time to strive for perfection.”

And that’s how the decision was made.

The spaceship was still in a daze: Is it so easy to decide the life and death of a planet?

The scariest thing is, Mr. Jia Wei does have the ability to destroy planets!

Feng Cheng patted Feiyuan’s shoulder and said, “What are you staring at! Let’s follow the boss Yashan and work!”

The most miserable life in the spaceship is undoubtedly Yuan Feng, who is on the brink of collapse.

“Does anyone know how I have been living these years?”


Yuan Feng turned around and saw his youngest daughter Ling Ling falling into the pond. He quickly ran over to pick her up, scolding loudly, “I have told you so many times, do not play in the water! Do you hear me, Ling Ling! If you fall into the water again, I will spank you!”

Ling Ling, cute and wet all over, still found it fun. She pouted, “If you dare spank me, I will tell mom!”

“… ” Yuan Feng was speechless.

Just as he put down the wet Ling Ling, his second son Yuan Xiaofeng fell from the pavilion and sat on the ground, holding back for a while before bursting into tears.

Yuan Feng felt his head explode, almost losing his mind.

These kids were so mischievous, jumping around, seemingly invincible. As soon as he took his eyes off them for a second, they could climb or crawl into all sorts of unexpected places.

This made Yuan Feng extremely troubled. He was not like this when he was a child, he was obedient!

Five of them, he couldn’t keep up. In these five years, his five children almost drove him crazy.

The most crucial thing was that his wife-to-be, who hadn’t officially married him, didn’t share the pressure with him. She only looked after the children for two hours a day, not a second more. Then she would disappear to read novels and play games under the excuse of ‘beautifying and skincare’!

“I shouldn’t have been so infatuated…”

This is self-inflicted… The cannons he fired had to be raised with tears.

He sighed, “Alas~ When will Teacher Feiyuan come to class!”

As Feiyuan followed Yashan to assemble a detector, he would spend two hours a day teaching enlightenment to his five six-year-old students.

There were two main projects, one hour of literacy class, and another hour of ‘visualization class’.

Only during these two hours each day could Yuan Feng experience the joy of life.

That was the feeling of freedom!

He eagerly awaited Feiyuan’s arrival.

Seeing Feiyuan walking towards him from afar, Yuan Feng’s face lit up with joy, “Teacher Feiyuan, you’ve come for class! This is wonderful!”

Then he turned around and angrily shouted at his five children, “Teacher is here, why aren’t you coming back to behave properly? What kind of appearance is this!”

The five children completely ignored their own father and happily ran towards Feiyuan.

Chattering away.

“Teacher Feiyuan!”

“I missed you, Teacher Feiyuan!”

“Teacher, you finally came, I was almost driven crazy by my dad!”

“Yes! Dad is too strict and annoying!”

Yuan Feng’s blood pressure shot up, struggling to catch his breath. Who was annoying whom after all?

He felt that one day he would be driven to death by these little rascals.

Yuan Feng forced a smile at Feiyuan to show gratitude, then soon disappeared from everyone’s sight.

After getting away from his children, Yuan Feng felt revived, breathing life again!

What he didn’t know was that the behavior of his five children in front of Feiyuan was unexpectedly well-behaved…

Feiyuan smiled and looked at the five children, then called out their names one by one: “Ling Baihua, Yuan Xiaofeng, Yuan Qiuye, Ling Tingsnow, Ling Ling!”

“Present!” x5

After reviewing the words taught yesterday, they quickly moved on to the second stage: “Next is the practice class!”

Feiyuan set up different training programs for the five of them, but they all have a common characteristic, which is to attempt to break through the limitations of the human body.

What are the limitations of the human body? For example, if you close your eyes, you can’t see, or if you block your ears, you can’t hear; these are the limitations of the human body.

Feiyuan wants to find a way to break the shackles of the human body from these five children. Of course, this method may not work for the four transformed cultivators. What he wants is not just a “method,” but a feasible theory.

With theoretical support, there will naturally be corresponding methods for their situation. As for why these five children are chosen as test subjects, the reason is simple: the spiritual power of the four of them, although very mature and agile, but from another perspective, has already solidified, while the spiritual power of children is still a blank slate and not difficult to shape.

Su Hao and the others are tasked with unprecedented breakthroughs or it may be easier to attempt from a blank slate child.

So how to break through? Feiyuan quickly gave Su Hao a seemingly feasible idea – to focus on the key points! If all the power is concentrated on one point, the possibility of breaking through the limitations of the human body will greatly increase.

How to concentrate power on one point? Su Hao already has a mature method for this.

That is – the focus system!

Yes, Feiyuan’s idea is to use these five children as test subjects and attempt to break through the limitations of the human body using the focus system.

Feiyuan cheerfully pointed to a seemingly quiet little girl, “Ling Baihua, you come forward to answer the teacher first, how is your ‘spiritual circle’ drawn?”

Ling Baihua, as the eldest, looks very much like an older sister. She stood up, bowed politely to Feiyuan, and said, “Teacher, I can already draw a circle in one stroke.”

The other four brothers and sisters widened their eyes and looked at their sister, seeming to say, “Wow, big sister is amazing.”

Of course, the children definitely don’t know what genius means, but they are envious for no reason.


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My Divine Diary

My Divine Diary

My Journal of Godhood, 我的成神日志
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An accident gave Su Hao the ability to reincarnate infinitely. But who can tell him why he can’t live past five years of age every time he is reincarnated? The universe is dangerous and unfriendly to children. Su Hao decided on his first small goal — to become an adult. “How could I not even become an adult!” … Amidst Su Hao’s millions of reincarnations, one time after another. After obtaining enough knowledge, he discovered the way to become a god. This is a mortal’s path to divinity. Maybe… you can too!


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