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Chapter 651

Chapter 651: Inspiration of Eyes, Active and Passive

Su Hao wanted to break through to a new spiritual realm on the current basis, the difficulty is extraordinarily high.

During the time he was stuck at the Nascent Soul stage in the cultivation world, he carefully studied methods to enhance spiritual power but did not find a feasible solution. Eventually, he took a different path and created the ‘Knowledge Platform,’ a ‘external brain’ that could transfer part of his consciousness.

Unfortunately, the amplification of Su Hao’s perception ability by Ling Nian was only two hundred thousand meters, which was already the limit.

Su Hao understood the reason as well; the radiation range of ‘Ling Li Bo’ was precisely two hundred thousand meters!

His radar perception method is different from visual observation.

In Su Hao’s radar perception, his runes emit an invisible wave outward, which can feedback upon encountering blood and energy. It functions like a bat’s sonar system.

However, after Su Hao gained ‘Spirit Power’ and ‘Thought,’ the radar underwent some changes, becoming even more powerful, but the perception method remained the same.

This meant that while Su Hao’s perception range was greatly expanded by spiritual power, it was also affected by the length of the ‘Spirit Power Wave.’

Once the length of the spiritual power wave exceeded two hundred thousand meters, it weakened to an invisible degree. This was also the reason why Su Hao’s perception range was only two hundred thousand meters.

But visual observation is different.

The eyes passively receive light information; as long as there is light, the eyes can transmit the signal to the brain and form a corresponding image scene.

Such scenes can be seen even if they are separated by billions of light-years, as long as the light enters the eye smoothly!

Essentially, the eyeballs in the eye sockets have a much greater perception distance than Su Hao’s radar.

Therefore, the eyeballs, a naturally evolved organ and the ‘spiritual power’ innate to humans, are invincible.

Through continuous experimentation, analysis, and the hints provided by the eyes, Su Hao’s ‘Above Heavenly Transformation’ had a new direction.

Yes, he wanted to change the past method of cultivating spiritual power and learn from the eyes.

He no longer wanted to actively enhance his spiritual power and then extend it to perceive the environment.

Instead, in terms of spiritual power, create another pair of ‘eyes,’ or rather, create another set of ‘tools’ to perceive various cosmic signals.

Then continuously optimize it, allowing it to function like a normal organ, sensing waveforms that ‘eyes’ and ‘divine thoughts’ cannot perceive, and then converting them into specific signals to transmit to the brain.

Only in this way could his perception range be greatly increased.

Otherwise, even with powerful spiritual power, could it sweep through a galaxy system? Who thinks so foolishly!

The task Su Hao arranged for Feiyuan was to find a way to use spiritual power to capture various unknown rays and fluctuations in the universe.

He believed that there must be a way to achieve this.

In the natural world, just as the existence of light gave rise to eyes and sound waves enabled the evolution of ears… if these disturbances can be perceived by humans, then other waves can definitely be too.

The problem lies in how spiritual power can transform and evolve to perceive those invisible fluctuations?

It’s like the consciousness techniques in the martial world which can control blood energy; the spiritual tentacles cultivated through the ‘Fu’s Mental Exercise Method’ can sense space and complete teleportation; the ‘Thought’ in cultivation can expand the perception range and control spiritual power…

Then there must be a certain form of spiritual state that can perceive universal information.

After a thorough analysis, Feiyuan discussed his plan with Su Hao, “Mr. Jia Wei, as you said, the essence of spiritual power is the bridge connecting consciousness and the world. I will follow your thoughts and consider dividing spiritual power into more essential components.

Regardless of whether it is consciousness, spiritual power, or the world, the essence of their interaction is ‘motion.’

For example, when the eyes see light, the essence is that the light enters the retina, triggering the movement of light-sensitive substances. This movement is sent back to the brain, and we see things.”

The world may be assumed to have a certain substance that can produce specific waves when exposed to those imperceptible cosmic rays and fluctuations. As long as we can find that special reacting substance, we can find the corresponding waves. It’s like how we can’t see a magnetic field, but can determine its existence through a magnet… Su Hao brightened up after hearing this: “Indeed, this method is feasible.”

There are two key points here, one is the reacting substance, and the other is the corresponding waves. As long as we find the reacting substance, then build this substance into a specific structure, integrate it into the brain for connection with consciousness, wouldn’t that be a new sensory organ?

As for the waves that trigger the doom system’s fluctuations, Su Hao should be very proficient. Perhaps his casual movements could provoke intense fluctuations in the doom system!

If all else fails, tossing a ‘shattered star small cube’ onto a planet should do the trick.

Feiyuan said: “The current challenge lies in not knowing which substance will react to various cosmic rays and waves.” This is the difficulty of material studies.

Su Hao smiled: “If things really don’t work out, we can just try one by one. Yashan wants to join our research, right? We need his help now.”

Feiyuan was surprised: “How do we try?”

Su Hao: “Yashan is currently researching various ‘source material’, and you happen to want to find a special substance. You can work together! Tell him what material you need, and he will find a way to transform it for you, and then analyze the data together to search for wave patterns.”

Yashan was overjoyed to know Su Hao wanted him to participate in the ‘Transcending the Divine’ research.

The next day after Su Hao finished speaking, he eagerly moved into the No. 1 laboratory and seemed like he had no intention of returning to his own lab.

“Yashan, can’t you go back to sleep? Why do you have to squeeze in here?”

Yashan smirked: “Wei, this is so that every morning, I can immerse myself in work right away!”

The general research direction was determined, but the actual realization was still unknown how long it would take.

Previously, Su Hao’s research progress was rapid, based on the accumulated knowledge of civilization. There were many existing knowledge for him to learn, and he only needed to integrate and apply what he learned.

But now, without the accumulation of civilization, searching for a substance that can react to the doom system’s fluctuations was an extremely difficult task.

Four years passed, Su Hao, with the Initial Number spaceship, made the final light-year jump, appearing abruptly outside the Yuzhi Constellation, rapidly approaching the Yuzhi star system.

The stars in the Yuzhi Constellation had twice the mass of the source star’s stars, and the powerful gravity caused the Yuzhi star to capture ten massive planets orbiting around it endlessly.

In the cockpit, Yashan manifested the Yuzhi star system, pointing to the fourth planet from the inside out: “Wei, based on the volume and mass analysis of the Yuzhi star and the fourth planet, the environmental conditions of this planet seem relatively more friendly to life. Do you think we might find signs of life on the fourth planet?”

Feng Cheng also commented: “If we really discover a civilization on the fourth planet, that would be interesting.”

After getting along with Feiyuan and the others for a long time, there was no longer that sense of unfamiliarity. Jokingly, Feiyuan said: “Then we’ll just stay a few more years, so Teacher Feng Cheng can bring back a few beautiful women.”

Feng Cheng shook his head: “No, even if we do find beings, let’s make it clear – I only like humans!”

After carefully observing the Yuzhi star system for a while, Su Hao directly said: “Then let’s go take a look around the fourth planet first and see if we find anything.”

Subsequently, the excited group was teleported to the vicinity of the fourth planet, parked the spaceship on the satellite of the fourth planet, and then one by one left the spaceship, flashing consecutively, entering the atmosphere of the fourth planet.

However, not a single ghostly figure was seen. This was just an ordinary planet where not even liquid water was found on the surface.

There was no life, let alone civilization.

This galaxy is silent and desolate.

Even though they had anticipated it, the crowd still felt a slight disappointment, a disappointment of unfulfilled expectations.

If there was a civilization, that would be great!

Su Hao said, “Let’s search the planet first and see if there is anything special. Maintain full protection, and do not be careless.”

“Alright, Boss Wei.”

“Alright, Mr. Jia.”


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