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Chapter 622

Similarly, when faced with serious damage to self-interest, it is the same.

Many people realized the key point, publicized the matter of the Source Masters Association collecting Source Pearls in advance, gained the sympathy of a large number of people, and then incited some people with impaired judgment and overzealousness to openly demand a reasonable explanation from the senior Source Masters and hand over the previously acquired Source Pearls.

The Source Masters Association has a large number of Source Pearls, are they afraid?

Of course not!

The Source Master sighed and said: “This is a perfect opportunity to identify the dissenters and those who cannot share the hardships, and when the overall situation is about to be determined, clean out the Source Masters Association!”

Jia Yashan is right; the Source Masters Association is too bloated, with all sorts of people, making it difficult to form a strong combat capability. It seems fine in peacetime, but when faced with change, it becomes a huge hindrance. The overall combat capability declines instead of improving!

The Source Master opened the “Forbidden Magic Book” handed to him by Yashan and earnestly began to study the first chapter.

“Meditation and Magic,” What is magic? It is something similar to Source that is scattered in the air, which can be perceived through meditation to exercise mental strength and feel its existence…

Magic has the same properties as Source. As long as it is collected and gathered within the body to a certain amount, it can be aggregated into Source Pearls…”

After reading and understanding the meaning of the text, the Source Master began to meditate with closed eyes.

As one of the most powerful Source Masters in the world, his mental strength was extraordinary. He quickly mastered the meditation techniques and began practicing according to the methods mentioned in the book.

This meditation technique was specially designed by Yashan for Source Masters to enhance their micro abilities. After reaching a certain level of training, they could sense the special ‘Source’ in the air.

Day after day, who knows how long passed, the Source Master’s spirit suddenly shook, sensing the extremely rare ‘magic’ permeating the air!

It was too scanty, to the extent that even if he sensed the magic, he had no way to absorb it!

However, he did not feel disappointed; on the contrary, he was full of surprise: “There is still this thing called ‘magic’ in the world… Could this so-called magic be similar to Source?”

Thinking about it, the Source Master shook his head, whether it was or not, it didn’t matter.

He marveled at the abilities of Jia Wei and the other three; they were truly extraordinary.

For so many years, countless talents had not discovered the ‘magic’ that they three had found! It’s unbelievable…

The Source Master sighed: “Unmatched geniuses throughout the ages… What family lineage are they from to produce such powerful individuals! The Jia family… I’ve never heard of the Jia family lineage…”

Two years later.

Su Hao’s laughter echoed from the laboratory, making Yashan, Feng Cheng, and Feiyuan, who were reading, unable to help but listen.

Laughter echoed with a thick and continuous momentum, rising rapidly to its peak and gradually descending…

Confirmed, Vi’s research has once again made a major breakthrough!

Let’s go and congratulate him!

So they involuntarily set aside their tasks and walked out, gathering at the gate of Su Hao’s laboratory. Before long, Vi came out with a smile on his face.

Yashan and Feng Cheng said in unison, “Congratulations, Vi has achieved further knowledge!”

Feiyuan stood awkwardly in place, not knowing where to put his hands. He also wanted to congratulate Su Hao in the same way as Yashan and Feng Cheng.

Su Hao waved his hand, “This is just a matter of course breakthrough, nothing worth mentioning.”

Yashan curiously asked, “Vi, have you made decisive progress in your research on converting substances using ‘sources’?”

Su Hao nodded, “Exactly! I have already found the ‘integer’ for converting sources into specific substances. This means that, based on this, inferring other ‘fractions’ and ‘irrational numbers’ is just a matter of time.”

So, he demonstrated it to them.

Raising his left hand, he lifted it up, “This is hydrogen!”

Raising his right hand, he lifted it up, “This is oxygen!”

Then he combined the two, “Mixing them in a 2:1 ratio, ignite!”

“Boom -”

A loud explosion, sparks flying.

Then Su Hao said, “Water is synthesized! With minimal loss during the process, the synthesized water is still tangible and won’t collapse into something else like other ‘temporary products.'”

In other words, I am able to stably convert a source into a specific element.

Of course, it’s only an element for now. To obtain compounds and mixtures, it’s not clear how long it will take to research. But since the element has been successfully studied, the distance to compounds and mixtures is not far off.

Yashan looked surprised, “Vi, how did you do it?”

Su Hao smiled, “The principle is not complicated, it’s just very difficult to obtain precise substances!”

The process of converting substances into ‘sources’ is essentially a moment of ‘heating’ the substance. Likewise, reversing it, ‘sources’ turning into substances, is just a moment of ‘cooling,’ right?

As long as I master the specific cooling rate and control the cooling degree of the source precisely, I can obtain the desired substance.

You see, each substance contains different ‘energy,’ just like points on a number line, where each point represents a number, and each number represents a substance.

As long as I accurately calculate the ‘energy coefficient’ of the corresponding substance, I can obtain the specific substance by precisely cooling the source.

Yashan and Feng Cheng were amazed, “Amazing! Truly deserving of Vi!”

Yashan asked again, “Vi, I have another question I don’t understand: the ‘temporary product’ produced from conversion will automatically collapse into other substances after some time. How do you ensure that the converted thing is the substance itself and will not naturally collapse after two hours?”

Yashan’s question hit the nail on the head, making Su Hao couldn’t help but smile, “The collapse is because the ‘temporary product’ is just a facade built by the ‘source,’ like foam, and it breaks with a touch. So, as long as I fill the hollow part of the foam, won’t it collapse?”

Yashan clapped his hands together, his eyes lighting up, “Makes sense! But how to fill it?”

Su Hao chuckled, “It’s simple, use the small world to separate a space and then fill it according to the specific ‘substance ratio.’ Oh, I almost forgot that none of you have learned about ‘small world,’ that’s a shame! Keep it up!”

Yashan and Feng Cheng: “…”

As Feiyuan, a mage of the source of gold, stood on the side looking clueless, thinking, “What are you guys talking about? I really want to join your conversation, but I simply don’t understand!”

At that moment, Feiyuan felt deeply self-conscious about his knowledge! It was a major setback in his life.

Su Hao continued: “Currently, I have successfully calculated the ‘energy coefficient’ of various single elements, treating these energy coefficients as ‘integers’ on the number line, compounds as ‘fractions’ on the number line, and mixtures as ‘irrational numbers’ on the number line.

In twenty years, it is expected that the ‘energy coefficients’ of common compounds will be calculated, and at the same time, the ‘precision cooling method’ will be optimized.

By that time, everything we want can be made by ourselves!”

Yashan and Feng Cheng were excited: “Spiritual power belongs to mixtures, but can be synthesized directly through other compounds! That means, twenty years later, we will have almost endless spiritual power!”

This means, no need for long periods of meditation, no need for drugs! Absolutely amazing!

Su Hao shook his head: “Synthesizing spiritual power is still too troublesome. If we can’t obtain spiritual power directly, it’s more convenient to use sources directly, isn’t it an irrational number? Just because others can’t do it, doesn’t mean I can’t do it!”

Mathematically, irrational numbers are infinite, non-repeating decimals that cannot be exhaustively represented. However, the ‘energy coefficients’ corresponding to Su Hao’s ‘irrational numbers’ may not always be the case. Things like blood and spiritual power can also be expressed with concise numbers like the square root of two or three.

Yashan and Feng Cheng immediately exclaimed: “Brother Wei is mighty!”

Feiyuan thought to himself: “I always feel out of place with them… Am I not abnormal enough, or am I too stupid? Or perhaps, my knowledge is too limited?”

Su Hao waved his hand: “Let’s go, let’s have a banquet!”

Three years later, at the banquet, Feng Cheng couldn’t help but jump up excitedly: “Yay!”

After the banquet, Feiyuan secretly approached Feng Cheng: “Mr. Jia Wei, I heard you have set up an astronomy club and are recruiting apprentices. What do you think of me?”

Feng Cheng looked surprised: “Oh, are you still interested in astronomy?”

Feiyuan replied: “Of course, I am interested in everything. But mainly, I think Mr. Jia Wei, your knowledge is very profound, and I want to study with you for a while to increase my own knowledge.”

Feng Cheng immediately agreed: “Haha! You have good taste in recognizing my profound knowledge!”


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My Divine Diary

My Divine Diary

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