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Chapter 621

Chapter 621 “Magic Forbidden Book”

In just one month, disasters drastically decreased worldwide, except for a few senior members of the Mage Associations, almost no one realized the severity of the situation.

The reduction in disasters, in the eyes of many mages, was an extremely common occurrence. The number of disasters was not the same every day, there was always fluctuation.

Especially in winter, disasters seemed to hibernate, with a significant decrease in quantity.

The current anomaly, many people thought it was just temporary, it would return to normal after a while, and they took this opportunity to rest at home for a while.

“And taking a break, it was destined that there would be no more opportunity to start work again.

Two months later, the number of disasters had still not returned to the usual average level, not only that, they had almost disappeared!

Through the ‘real-time monitoring system’ spread across the entire world, it was discovered that the number of daily disasters occurring around the world was now less than one hundred!

This was such a terrifying data. You have to know that even in the trough period, the number of daily disasters in the world would not be less than five hundred thousand!

Upon learning this data, people were shocked at first, immediately realizing that something huge seemed to have happened in the world, leading to the extinction of various disasters that had plagued humanity for countless years.

Perhaps disasters, like life, also undergo ‘birth, aging, illness, and death’!

Now, disasters might already be seriously ill, on the verge of death. Before long, they would completely disappear from this world.

They immediately felt a sense of relief in their hearts, a feeling of seeing the light after the clouds clear, feeling refreshed and clear-minded!

But soon it turned into deep concern: “If there are no more disasters, then how can I obtain source pearls to activate my abilities? Without source pearls, what can I use to unleash my powers? Without source pearls, what is the difference between me, a source mage, and an ordinary person?”

Thinking about their dwindling source pearl savings, they already had very little left. Not only that, they seemed to owe Old Wang next door more than a dozen low-quality source pearls…

It was just like working for ten years and not saving a penny, but instead accumulating a lot of debt like a worker.

“Oh no!”

“I’m out of source pearls!”

Many people gradually realized that they wanted to buy source pearls with money, but by then, it was too late. The price of source pearls had been inflated to sky-high levels, and they were unavailable.

Those were source pearls, something that was never enough, and no one was willing to easily sell them.

It was at this moment that a question arose in everyone’s minds: “What in the world is going on?”

Many source mages traveled from afar to New Era City, found the senior members of the Mage Association, and inquired about the situation.

The mages solemnly said: “Our world is about to face a catastrophe that has not occurred in a thousand years. No one can escape it, no one can change it. All we can do is unite, pool all our efforts to face the upcoming ‘greater disaster’!”


The listeners gasped in shock.

What did ‘greater disaster’ mean?

Could it be that all the minor disasters had been extinguished, gathered together, brewed for a period of time, and were about to unleash a devastating blow on everyone? Would that mean the end of the world?

They were frightened by their own thoughts!

Some began to search for reasons: Could it be that due to the recent extermination of disasters when they first appeared, they went too far and angered the ‘father’ of disasters?

It seemed quite possible!

Anyone whose newborn was killed would definitely be furious, right?

Soon, all kinds of speculations spread throughout the world, and everyone felt threatened.

In reality, the mages were more confused and panicked than anyone else.

Could it be that Jia Wei and the others did something insane and outrageous? This matter was definitely related to those three!

But what exactly did they want to do? How did those three manage to make the disasters nearly disappear?

This was a point that no mage could understand! In his view, no one could achieve this, except for the Creator.

The mages recently suffered from insomnia and troubled dreams, their faces showing more worry lines.

In this situation, the mages of the Mage Association could be said to have a collective career, right?

Without the mages going out daily to deal with disasters and obtain source pearls, at least half of the source pearls collected by the Mage Association would be lost!

Even the energy supply of major cities could be affected as a result.”

The source of the source beads mainly relies on the natural transformation of the ‘source device’, but relying solely on the source device cannot supply the huge daily consumption. No wonder Jia Yashan asked me to purchase and hoard a large number of source beads in advance. It turns out that he had already anticipated today!

However, what exactly have they done? The disasters have completely disappeared, which is not a long-term solution. The hoarded source beads will eventually be used up one day.

After thinking it over, the mage decided to ask Yashan clearly, otherwise he would not be able to sleep peacefully. Despite his advanced age, he is afraid he will pass away at any time.

And Yashan has been waiting for the mage to come find him.

He chuckled, “I didn’t expect that Mage Hexia is also a person with such strong patience. It took you so long to come find me. You truly deserve to be the leader of all mages in the world!”

Upon hearing this, the mage almost couldn’t resist smashing the teacup in Yashan’s face.

“Is this speaking human? I don’t know who’s constantly talking about being ‘busy busy busy’ and can’t find time to talk for so long!”

The mage, with a profound cultivation of body and mind, especially in a situation where he clearly knows he cannot defeat the other party, maintains his composure.

He forced a gentle smile and said, “Mr. Jia Yashan, you are too kind. If I didn’t have many doubts, I would not have been so restless and disturbed your work.”

Yashan said, “Actually, the disappearance of disasters was caused by the three of us.”

The mage took a deep breath and calmly said, “I know.”

Yashan raised an eyebrow, “You are so well-informed?”

The mage was speechless for a moment. For such an easy guess, do you still need information? He then asked, “What have you actually done? Why are all the disasters in the world receding? How did you do it?”

Yashan replied, “You don’t understand. I’m too lazy to explain it to you, so I won’t.”

The mage asked, “Will they return in the future?”

Yashan said, “Perhaps! The disasters have now been sealed by us. If the seal is broken, the disasters will reappear and invade this planet.”

This was the first time the mage had heard of sealing. He couldn’t help but ask, “Sealing?”

Yashan said, “That’s not the point! Rest assured, this is only the first step of our plan. By cutting off the sources in the hands of the mages, they will be unable to do anything. When the time comes, the Mage Association will step in to coordinate and control the situation, gradually changing the mages’ perceptions.”

At this point, Yashan took out a book that had been prepared long ago and handed it to the mage, saying, “This is the ‘Forbidden Magic Book’, divided into three parts: front, middle, and back. The front part records the methods of practicing magic, the middle part records the magic language and spells, and the back part records all kinds of magic, ranging from the first circle to the ninth!”

The mage took the book, looking confused.

What is this, magic? Spells? Circles? I have never heard of any of these before!

He opened the front section, titled ‘Meditation and Magic’…

The mage: “…”

How can someone as knowledgeable as him appear like an illiterate in front of Jia Wei and the others?

Yashan continued, “Take this book back and study it. If you don’t understand, you can come to me anytime. There will be follow-ups like ‘Staff Making and Enchanting’ and ‘Disposable Storage Magic Scrolls’. These things are all high-end knowledge that the Mage Association will control in the future. If used properly, it can ensure the longevity of the Mage Association.

Just as I mentioned earlier, the Mage Association must quickly complete its transformation from the old model of issuing tasks to a top-notch hall that imparts high-end knowledge.

You must admit, the pinnacle hall that passes on knowledge is the place everyone in human society aspires to.”

Yashan explained to the puzzled mage again before sending him back to research on his own.

After the mage left, Yashan got up and walked towards the mechanical workshop area to continue making satellite propulsion devices.

As he walked, he chuckled to himself, “The seeds have been sown. Whether they can grow healthily depends on themselves!”

If this world does not develop as expected and goes off course…

The world faced unprecedented changes.

For most Source Masters, it was like the sky falling and the earth cracking.

And for ordinary people, going out to work became safer, not having to worry about the fruits of their year’s hard work being destroyed by sudden disasters, which was a great thing.

So, the development of things is always two-sided. It all depends on whose standpoint you are in and how you view the issue.

However, the fusion initiation still triggered a considerable turmoil.

Most Source Masters suddenly found themselves facing a problem: they had no job!

It turned out that not having a job was such a terrifying thing!

Of course, there were a few who thought not having a job was great, but let’s not talk about that.

It is in such times of sudden great changes that a person’s true nature is revealed.

There is an old saying: when you are in extreme difficulty, you will know who are your friends and who are the ghosts around you.


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