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Chapter 620

Chapter 620: Giving the World a New Look

Su Hao and the others were like three diligent little bees, constantly moving the mountain peaks of the rocky forest into space, transforming them into spherical satellites that orbit along a predetermined path.

On the first day, they moved seventy mountain peaks and turned the original peak forest into a wilderness.

By this time, the sky was getting dark, and the three of them were slightly tired, so they decided to return to the base’s small world to rest for a while.

About an hour after Su Hao and the others left, a hunting team carrying a full load of game and singing songs walked into this forest of peaks.

Soon, everyone stopped in unison.

Everyone’s eyes widened as they followed the last ray of light before the darkness, staring blankly at the vast ‘plain’ in front of them.

A hunter placed the wild boar he was carrying on his shoulder on the ground, wiped his sweat, and said to a middle-aged man behind him, “Brother, where are we? Could it be that we’ve taken the wrong path!”

The middle-aged man looked uncertainly at the ‘plain’ in front of him, shook his head, and said, “How many times have we taken this road? We can’t be wrong!”

“What kind of place is this? Do we have such flat land near our village?”

“It can’t be… have we encountered something terrible!”

A chill ran down the spines of everyone, a shiver that erased the joy of returning with a full load had long disappeared.

After so many years of hunting in the mountains, it was the first time they had encountered such a bizarre event!

Could it be the legendary ‘bizarre disaster’?

“We’re doomed!” they silently wrote their own death sentences in their minds.

At this moment, the middle-aged man calmly said, “It is said that the mages in the Mage Association now handle disasters quickly. Once a disaster occurs, it can be resolved in less than a day. So, let’s stay here and wait for the mages to handle the disaster!”

“That makes sense! Big brother is smart, let’s just wait here and not go anywhere else!”

The hunters all put down their prey, sitting quietly and not daring to move.

As the night completely enveloped them, with starlight shining down, they could still barely see things. Suddenly, one hunter couldn’t hold it anymore and exclaimed, “Big brother, I need to pee!”

The middle-aged man advised, “Don’t run around, just turn around and do it!”

Soon, a gust of wind blew, causing all the hunters to cover their mouths and noses, unable to help but curse, “So foul! You damn dog’s offspring, can’t you pee downwind?”

The offender sniffed and replied meekly, “It’s not foul!”

Early the next morning, Su Hao, revitalized, returned to the mountain forest to continue his unfinished work.

Then, the hunters witnessed an unforgettable scene: the distant mountain peaks were disappearing one by one!

This was simply terrifying! It almost scared the hunters to death!

What kind of divine skill could directly move a mountain?

One hunter exclaimed anxiously, “We haven’t made a mistake! This is definitely the Luan Chi Peak, it must be that ‘disaster’ that moved the Luan Chi Peak!”

“What do we do?” Everyone looked at the middle-aged man.

The middle-aged man clenched his teeth, “The path ahead is dangerous, since it’s already blocked, we’ll have to take the long way back! We will definitely make it back alive!”

At the thought of his wife and children at home…

The middle-aged man picked up his prey and turned to leave, never before yearning for his humble home as much as now.

There was no more discussion among the group, despite their nervousness, they still followed the middle-aged man’s steps.

Soon, the hunting party disappeared into the mountain path.

Su Hao was oblivious to his mountain-moving action, almost scaring someone to peeing. Although he sensed some people nearby, he didn’t care, quickly completing his current task was what mattered.

Five days passed quickly, and Su Hao finally achieved his goal, moving enough mountain peaks into space. Yun Shan and Feng Cheng transformed these mountains into spherical satellites, slowly orbiting in sync with the planet.

The place formerly known as Luan Chi Peak no longer had the cluster of peaks, instead, it became a vast flatland. Looking around, not a single towering peak could be seen.

There were only some low mounds, inconspicuous and spared from transformation.

This area became a forbidden zone for the surrounding residents, who dared not approach the disappearing mountain peaks, but only watched from afar, not daring to get any closer.

Even if they wanted to approach, they couldn’t, because during work, Su Hao would set up a protective array around the site to prevent others from interfering with his work.

Many source teams came to investigate, attempting to break through Su Hao’s array, but all returned empty-handed.

This location was defined by them as a ‘new-type disaster,’ named ‘Unstoppable Luan Chi Vanishing!’

It caused quite a stir, and after Su Hao finished his work, a large group of mages rushed into this new area to curiously conduct investigations.

Among them were also Ah Xing and Ah Wang!

Ambition said: “A-Xing, have you forgotten about the last experience? Coming to another territory, aren’t you afraid of being blocked halfway by someone!”

A-Xing looked around the flat land in amazement and casually replied, “Afraid of what? This time we’re just here to join in the fun, not planning to solve this disaster. It’s not dangerous!”

Ambition sarcastically commented, “Of course you’re not afraid, because A-Yang is helping you out… I really can’t understand how A-Yang can stand your constant summons! If it were me, I would have been annoyed by you a long time ago!”

A-Xing laughed, “Ambition, now you can’t understand, right? We are all on the same team, who goes with whom! Look, there’s a team of beautiful ladies over there!”

“Where?” Ambition immediately turned to look, his eyes instantly captivated by the beautiful mage girls, forgetting the previous topic in an instant.

A-Xing hooked his arm around Ambition’s neck and walked towards the girls, saying, “Let’s go, let’s team up with the girls!”

After setting up hundreds of satellites, Su Hao flew around the world to observe the energy changes on this planet.

A month later, the results finally came.

Disasters occurring all over the world were disappearing at a terrifying speed, and the disappearance rate was getting faster and faster!

At this rate, in at most half a year, natural and bizarre disasters in this world would completely disappear, leaving only the source beast disasters active.

At the same time, a special substance called ‘source’ began to mix into the air all over the world.

Then, as the planet rotated and the climate changed, it dispersed to every corner of the world.

At the beginning, the source content in the air was very low, but over time, it would inevitably increase and reach a level perceivable by magicians.

Su Hao smiled, “Success! Just waiting for the time to settle, this world will undergo a completely different transformation.”

Yashan exclaimed, “Wei Leader, we actually managed to achieve this level, completely changing the ‘disasters’ that harm humans. It’s somewhat unbelievable when you think about it.”

Feng Cheng took a more open view of this matter, “What’s the big deal, is there anything Wei Leader can’t do?”

Yashan scoffed, “You young man have shallow knowledge, and you don’t understand the greatness of achieving this point is not surprising! But, I don’t want to tell you because even if I did, you wouldn’t understand! ‘Master of Small Additions and Subtractions’!”

Feng Cheng was stunned by the phrase ‘Master of Small Additions and Subtractions’, unable to speak, silently resolving in his heart, “I really can’t go to the Leyou Palace again next time, I must use all my time to study!”

Su Hao said, “Yashan, didn’t you want to install propulsion controllers on the satellites? While doing that, also install the star body monitoring system of this star system on the satellites to avoid collisions with extraterrestrial meteorites.”

Yashan suddenly remembered that in the previous life, two small asteroids hit the planet in succession. After hearing Wei Leader’s words, he suddenly realized something, couldn’t help but look up at the sky, “Will it happen again?”

Su Hao said, “It’s uncertain, anything is possible, before it arrives, we can’t forecast the process and result, but we can prepare in advance.”

Yashan thought for a moment and pointed at Feng Cheng, saying, “Installing the monitoring system isn’t difficult, the challenge is updating the data annually. Why not let Feng Cheng select some super geniuses from the Academy of Radiance to teach some astronomical knowledge and form an astronomical research team!”

Su Hao nodded, “Let’s do that!”

This was quite a task to handle alone, Feng Cheng immediately got excited, “Leave it to me, isn’t it just astronomy? It’s simple when facing small talents!”


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My Divine Diary

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