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Chapter 619

Chapter 619 Genius’s Operation

When Ah Xing decided to call Su Hao, the outcome had already been sealed.

Su Hao’s teleportation appeared, his divine sense locking onto the opponents, snapping his fingers, and then the seventeen people surrounding Ah Xing and Ah Wang fell silently to the ground.

Once again, the fact proved that villains die from saying too much.

If you have something to do, do it quickly, as talking too much just to vent anger might end up with the anger not being released, leading to one’s demise.

These seventeen individuals were almost all mages with advanced titles, top-notch in combat capability and experience. If the opponents had initially adopted a strategy of surprise attack and attacked Ah Xing and the others, Ah Xing might not even have had the time to ‘summon’ Su Hao.

Unfortunately, these seventeen people thought they had an absolute advantage, hoping to see Ah Xing and Ah Wang kneel down and beg for mercy.

After Su Hao buried the bodies, he asked, “Ah Xing, Ah Wang, how did you get targeted by these people?”

Ah Xing briefly explained the situation.

Then he sighed deeply and helplessly said, “I don’t know what these people are thinking, insisting that we stole their Dragonheart District’s glory…”

Ah Wang also complained, “What kind of glory is this! I reckon it’s because the prices of source beads have skyrocketed recently, and these people are eyeing the high-quality source beads in our hands!”

Ah Xing also said, “Yes, it’s getting harder to obtain source beads lately, no wonder the prices have gone up, even with money, you can’t necessarily buy them.”

Su Hao nodded, “Times have changed, very normal!”

After Su Hao returned to the base small world, he went directly to Yashan and asked, “Yashan, how is the world transformation plan going?”

Yashan smiled and said, “It’s all ready, Boss Wei!”

Just waiting for the specific plan for transforming the world to come out, transferring the ‘focus system’ into the air, and the plan can be officially launched.

After all kinds of disasters are cut off, within a maximum of two years, ordinary mages will have almost no source beads in their hands! At that time, even if they want to cause trouble, they won’t be able to!

If they want to obtain source beads, they can only do so through the Association’s allocation, and the Mage Association can use this to complete the first round of mage reshuffling.”

Su Hao said, “I’ve already designed the plan for the focus system transformation! I need you and Feng Cheng to help.”

Upon completion of his speech, Su Hao directly sent the transformation plan to his assistant for both of them to refer to.

Upon finishing reading it, Yashan exclaimed, “Genius conception, genius operation, simply invincible!”

The method of transformation was not complicated at all, only requiring sending several hundred satellites into space orbit, moving in a circular motion in a certain pattern to alter the planet’s subtle gravitational parameters, thus completing the transformation without needing to touch a single blade of grass on the planet.

However, precisely because it was not complicated, it seemed even more rare and precious.

This method was one that Yashan had never even considered before.

Apart from the words “genius” and “invincible,” Yashan could no longer find words to describe the boundless imagination of their leader.

Furthermore, given the astronomical knowledge level of the people in this world, it might take many years to understand the mystery behind the hundreds of extra satellites in the sky.

Who would have thought that those invisible satellites floating in space would be connected to disasters on this planet?

When you think about it, calling these hundreds of satellites the “Disaster Sealing System” wouldn’t be too far-fetched!

Su Hao laughed, “What’s so extraordinary about this? There are plenty of transformation methods, I just happened to think of this one!”

Yashan admired endlessly!

What was a rare “stroke of genius” for ordinary people was just “run-of-the-mill” for geniuses.

Where could reason be found in this?

Su Hao called Feng Cheng, “Let’s go, find suitable satellites!”

The suitable satellites Su Hao referred to were objects of appropriate size and mass, with his first target being the ‘Mountains’!

He wanted to transport the mountains onto their corresponding orbits, hmm, several hundred of them!

The selected mountains could never have imagined that they would one day be sent into space for sightseeing while staying peacefully in their own territories on the planet!

Absolutely ridiculous!

There were too many mountains on the planet that met Su Hao’s criteria, and the three of them quickly found a mountain forest. Su Hao surveyed the area and said, “This is it, clear out this entire mountain forest, it should be enough.”

“Yashan, Feng Cheng, I’ll take care of transporting the mountains into space, while you two go up to space and compact these mountains into spherical shapes, then set them in motion at a constant speed along the predetermined trajectories. The specific parameters have been sent to the assistant.”

“Measure the mass of the mountains and send any missing data to me, I’ll make up for it.”

Yashan and Feng Cheng responded, “Understood, Boss Wei!”

Yashan added, “With so many mountains and such vast volumes, don’t you need my help?”

Recalling the previous world where it required Yashan’s cooperation just to send a mountain to collide with a planet, it was unbelievable that now Su Hao could accomplish this alone; Boss Wei’s progress was beyond comparison.

Su Hao smiled, “I didn’t know how to use spatial barriers before, but now I’ve learned. The difficulty between sending a mountain and teleportation isn’t much different.”

Yashan marveled, “How did you do that?”

Su Hao replied, “First, create a small world, then put the mountain into the small world, and then transport the small world into orbit. That’s all.”

Yashan sighed, “I still haven’t learned… Recently, I’ve been diligent in studying ‘Source Frequency Bands’ and magical spells, neglecting a lot in spatial practice!”

Su Hao said, “Studying is a form of practice. When you delve deep into it, many things can be understood. When you grasp the concept of ‘everything originates from the same source,’ you’ll almost reach the next level of ‘Scholar’!”

Yashan looked longing, together with Feng Cheng, they repeatedly performed three extreme teleports, arriving in space and then continued flying in the direction away from the planet. Their speed was extremely fast, but compared to a snail from the perspective of the planet, it didn’t seem much faster.

Meanwhile, Su Hao began creating a small world in his hand. When he finished creating one, Yashan messaged, “Boss Wei, I’ve reached the designated position.”

Su Hao replied with a simple ‘good,’ then extended his hand as the golden armament spread out, forming a rune array the size of a bath basin, emitting a dazzling golden light, resembling the light wheel behind a Buddha’s head.

‘Twenty-Four Formation – Sword of Dawn!’

A brilliant ray of light shot out from the center of the halo, instantly spreading towards the distance.

He slightly turned his wrist, and the ray swept past, cutting off all the surrounding peaks from the roots.

Then he cast two spells, and spiritual power surged out, engulfing the entire mountain peak.

‘Super Floating Technique’!


The entire mountain peak was actually lifted up by Su Hao for a distance, and a large amount of debris was affected by the vibration, losing balance and rolling down from above.

Then he pushed forward with his right palm, pushing out the basketball-sized small world in his palm, coming to the front of the mountain peak, and then swallowing the entire mountain peak into it.

As if the small world opened an invisible big mouth, swallowing the mountain peak in one gulp, looking very out of place.

After stuffing the entire mountain peak into the small world, Su Hao had a thought and, with the basketball-sized small world, teleported to the side of Yashan.

Then he pushed the mountain peak out of the small world.

The poor mountain peak floated alone in space.

Yashan watched the whole process, watching Boss Wei operate, which seemed so simple, but no matter what, he couldn’t do it!

It was annoying that he couldn’t even move the mountain peak out of the small world, otherwise there would be no need for Boss Wei to come over personally!

Yashan roared in his heart, “Learn, learn!”

Boss Wei said that learning can get everything, so it must be the case.

Su Hao, with the small world, teleported back to the previous peak forest, continuing to transport the second mountain peak.

Yashan stayed in place, circled around the mountain peak, then landed on the mountain peak with both feet, transformed into [Meizi], and the diamond armor surged out from under his feet, dyeing the entire mountain peak into a crystal clear color, then the conical mountain peak changed its properties, gradually turning into a huge sphere.

Yashan retracted his transformation armor and calculated the mass of this mountain peak. He sent a message in the group: “Boss Wei, the mass of Mountain Peak No.1 is approximately 0.98 hundred million tons, still lacking 0.02 hundred million tons of mass.”

Shortly after, a huge rock suddenly appeared nearby. Yashan calculated it and found that it was exactly 0.02, which, combined with the previous mountain peak, exactly made up a mass of one hundred million tons.

Yashan replied “Copy that” and then integrated the big rock into the sphere, forming a brand new satellite.

“Next, give it an initial velocity and let it run on a specific orbit! However, we need to design a few powerful thrusters for it, to prevent it from encountering special situations and deviating from its orbit.”

After Su Hao finished loading the second mountain peak, Feng Cheng also sent a message: “Boss Wei, I have arrived at the initial position of the second orbit.”

Su Hao, with the small world containing the mountain peak, teleported next to Feng Cheng and ejected the mountain peak!

The second satellite!

Changing the world is just that simple!

As for why, Feng Cheng said he couldn’t understand it, didn’t get it! He just felt that Boss Wei was awesome!


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My Divine Diary

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