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Chapter 618

When knowledge and power reach a certain level, one really does things according to their own preferences, without considering others’ opinions and feelings at all.

Yashan secretly thought, “The group of mages actually want to come and ask Boss Wei for advice? I just don’t know if they can accept the solutions that Boss Wei comes up with off the top of his head.”

“But no matter what, if the world’s structure is changed to that of ‘magic and mages’, with the Mage Association shifting its focus to primarily providing advanced knowledge, then indeed it will not easily split.”

“At most… there will be other extraordinary organizations rising, competing for the resources of the Mage Association.”

“But, who cares! Boss Wei’s happiness is the most important!”

The monk and the Peng representative of the two major organizations in this world, want to communicate with Su Hao to resolve internal conflicts, but they were stopped by Yashan.

Yashan knows when the Great Wei can be contacted, and when they cannot.

Unfortunately, both the monk and Peng chose the wrong time to contact Su Hao, resulting in them not being able to see Su Hao in person.

After understanding the other party’s intentions, Yashan took the time to convey the message to Su Hao.

Su Hao himself didn’t think much about it. The monk was just making a suggestion! Su Hao could give a good suggestion and address the other party’s concerns, but whether it was what they wanted, he did not know.

As the saying goes, ultimately, this world belongs to the monk and them, the people of this world. They decide what kind of world they want. After Su Hao accomplishes his core goals, he will only provide corresponding suggestions, without forcing the other party to do anything.


Yashan didn’t think the same way….

All the valuable opinions of the Great Wei have been given, and yet you don’t follow them? What are you thinking!

Whether the monk and others are happy or not, Yashan doesn’t want to consider too much.

“This is a huge project. It’s a bit difficult for me to do it alone. I should communicate with Feng Cheng first, outline the general idea, and then assign specific tasks to him!

For example, the laborious task of adjusting the world’s layout can be handed over to him! He’s always full of energy and needs something to keep him occupied…

Hmm, I’ll specifically be in charge of designing ‘magic’, first-circle magic, second-circle magic… Hahaha!”

The biggest challenge in this transformation process is changing the overall layout of the world, shifting the focus of the ‘focus system’ from individual objects to ubiquitous ‘air’.

As a result, the flow of air will cause the ‘source’ to quickly disperse, unable to reach a certain concentration, and unable to aggregate into source pearls.

Only when the monk incorporates the ‘source’ from the air into his body through ‘cultivation, meditation’, and aggregates it in one place, can it be transformed into usable ‘source pearls’!

Thinking up to this point, Yashan couldn’t help but marvel at the Great Wei’s amazing ideas….

It’s really feasible.

As for how to shift the focus of the ‘focus system’ onto the air, Yashan admitted that he couldn’t do that, but it didn’t matter that he couldn’t do it! The Great Wei must have a plan in mind when proposing the idea, so it’s better to consult him for specific design plans.


“Should I communicate with that old man of the monk?”

Yashan thought for a moment, and believed it was necessary to let the other party know, but he needed to package the conversation a bit…

He had also learned some consultation techniques.

Yashan teleported to the ‘Monastery’ and soon met with the monk.

He smiled and said: “Your Excellency Monk, regarding the issue you raised earlier, we have come up with a preliminary solution. If successful, it will definitely be able to solve the current dilemma of the Order of Monks.”

The monk looked slightly expectant: “Oh? What solution is it?”

Yashan said: “This solution, I call it the ‘Three-Two-One’ plan. Three gains, two sacrifices, one united world.”

It sounded impressive, causing the monk to raise his eyebrows.

Yashan continued: “There are three gains: first, the Order of Monks will remain unified and not divided; second, the ruling power of the Order of Monks over its various levels of monks will be at least twice as strong as it is now; third, humans will no longer suffer from various disasters, and at the same time, the Order of Monks will still enjoy the sacred position of protecting human survival and development.”

The monk nodded approvingly. If these three points could be achieved, it would completely exceed his expectations, and he couldn’t help but admire internally: “Truly a super genius who can change the world landscape single-handedly.”

The monk casually asked, “What about the two sacrifices?”

In order to gain, there must be sacrifices. This is normal.

Yashan smiled and said, “First, change the core positioning of the Mage Association from a simple task-publishing organization to a protector of high-end knowledge; second, discard some ‘incompatible thoughts’ burdening the mages, streamline the Mage Association’s size, with elites as the main focus.”

The mage fell into thought.

Yashan added, “Of course, we can allow the Mage Association to establish a specialized mage academy, and we can also set up a ‘mage’ major in the academy established by the Radiance Society!”

After a long time, the mage nodded slightly, “It seems feasible!”

Su Hao was unaware of Yashan’s plan, focusing instead on his research on transforming sources into specific substances.

One day, Yashan suddenly found him and said, “Wei, the mages and Zhi Peng, under my persuasion, have reluctantly agreed to our ‘world transformation plan’ for them. Of course, in the persuasion process, I used some rhetoric. Perhaps they do not yet realize that the difficulty of obtaining Source Beads in the future will increase exponentially.

But I think, as long as we solve their core problems, these are not important…”

Su Hao was slightly surprised, “They all agreed to this? Yashan, you have made progress in rhetoric!”

Yashan chuckled, “I just thought, if the Origin Mage Association eventually falls apart, they might blame us. Why bother! It’s better to be a good person to the end and help them a bit!”

Su Hao said, “Always think in a positive direction, this transformation may not be a bad thing for their Mage Association.

We eliminate natural and peculiar disasters, but nature leaves the evolutionary path of Source Beasts, and they can still obtain Source Beads by hunting Source Beasts! In fact, the impact is not significant.

Moreover, we have a deeper understanding of Source Devices, and soon we will be able to make various Source Devices ourselves, to assist in casting spells and enhance combat abilities…”

Yashan’s eyes lit up, “This means there will be magic staffs!”

Su Hao said, “Since we are going to transform, let’s design a reasonable and feasible plan! And the process of transforming this world is also a use of the knowledge we have learned, which will definitely bring gains during the transformation.”

This is called putting knowledge into practice.

Yashan replied, “Okay, Wei, I will definitely do things splendidly!

Now the first step is to suppress the mages’ access to sources! However, how to transform the world pattern, integrate sources into the air, requires Wei’s help!”

Su Hao smiled, “This is indeed a huge project, no need to rush, take it slow! Regarding this, I already have a plan. In two years at most, I will be able to present a specific plan.”

With Su Hao’s words, Yashan was full of motivation, “Hey! In ten years, we’ll change this world into a new one!”

Two years later.

In a mountain range to the north of the Longxin District adjacent to the Hengxuan District, Ah Xing and Ah Wang, with the advantage of being ‘all-series mages’ with a ‘large number of skills,’ successfully unraveled an advanced peculiar disaster.

Originally, the disaster in the Longxin District should have been handled by the mages in the Longxin District, but this peculiar disaster fully embodied the word ‘peculiar.’ Other mages were completely clueless and even involved more people, unable to solve it.

Finally, the General Association of the Longxin District sent a letter inviting the lucky star team from the neighboring Hengxuan District, known as the ‘Savior of Peculiar,’ to help resolve this peculiar disaster.

Ah Xing and Ah Wang lived up to expectations, and two days later, they successfully resolved the peculiar disaster.

But problems arose as a result.

Many mages in the Longxin District were very dissatisfied. The disaster that occurred locally in Longxin District was actually solved by mages from the Hengxuan District?

Unbearable, this was an insult to their Longxin District mages!

So, on the way back home, Ah Xing and Ah Wang were intercepted by four Source Squads from the Longxin District.

In total, there were seventeen people, each looking tough.

“Kid, if you know what’s good for you, leave the spoils obtained from the Longxin District disaster and kneel down to apologize. Promise to never set foot in the Longxin District again in this life, and I’ll let the two of you go, hahaha!”

A bald man with a big machete on his shoulder stood not far in front of Ah Xing and Ah Wang, his eyes showing a fierce light: “If not, you two ‘strange exterminators’ will be buried here!”

Ah Xing and Ah Wang looked around and saw that each of the source mages surrounding them was full of killing intent, almost wanting to devour them alive, which puzzled them greatly.

Ah Xing said, “Just a hundred source beads, is it worth this?”

Another man in a red and white robe laughed, “Jokes aside, is this a problem of a hundred source beads? The problem is, the mages from your Hengxuan District should not have come to our Dragonheart District to snatch away our glory.”

Someone else said, “Are you two feeling proud? Solved the mysterious disasters in our Dragonheart District that had us all helpless. Going back, it’s enough to talk about for a lifetime, right? Hehehe! Using us as stepping stones must feel great, doesn’t it!”

At some point, powerful disasters had become scarce resources that everyone sought to grab, the only means for the current source team to gain fame.

Thus, such scarce resources began to be divided by regions.

The disasters that occurred in a certain district belonged to that district…

If mages from their own district broke through, no one said anything, but if mages from other districts took away this kind of glory, it was a shame, intolerable.

And today, these enraged Dragonheart District mages decided to find an uninhabited place and reclaim what belonged to their Dragonheart District.

Ah Wang whispered to Ah Xing, “Ah Xing, it seems there’s no other way, but with just the two of us, we probably can’t match them… What should we do?”

Ah Xing took out a locator stone and said, “We can only ask for Ah Yang’s help!”


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My Divine Diary

My Divine Diary

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