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Chapter 617

Chapter 617 Boss Wei’s happiness is the most important

It took Su Hao three days to finally complete the ‘manual version’ of the ‘focus system.’

At first glance, there was not much change in the surrounding environment, just many randomly arranged stone walls.

The original little dirt slope was flattened, and the soil pile moved to another location.

Another place had a ten-meter deep pit, and inexplicably, a tree swaying in the wind appeared nearby?

On this plain, a tree was indeed strange, standing there, looking lonely.

And such a chaotic and inexplicable change was the result of Su Hao’s three days of work. It looked like a sandbox game a child had haphazardly played with, but if one could perceive the energy flow around, they would inevitably detect the mysteries within.

Yes, after Su Hao modified the current environment, there was a slight change in the energy flow, coincidentally forming a perfect ellipse.

It was precisely the ‘focus system’ built by Su Hao.

Such a focus system, Su Hao could easily build with spiritual power.

But it was not easy to transform the environment to form such a perfect focus system.

Su Hao looked around, picked up a piece of dry bone, placed it in one of the focus positions, and then, with a unique rhythm, infused a large amount of blood and energy into the bone.

The manual ‘focus system’ was activated.

Su Hao closed his eyes, carefully sensing the various energy flows around, and after a long time, he smiled, “Activation successful, just waiting for this bone to transform into the source. However, the efficiency of this transformation is too low, it is estimated to take a month to reach the critical point of synthesizing the Source Pearl.”

To confirm the feasibility, Su Hao had to stay here for at least a month to prevent any anomalies in the energy circulation that might interrupt the transformation.

Su Hao waited for a month as well.

Why not just treat this location as a temporary base?

Su Hao casually took out a source pearl and began researching the transformation of specific substances using the source pearl!

“First is the elemental substances. Previous research has shown that the probability of obtaining stable elemental substances is much higher than directly obtaining compounds.

Perhaps it is because during the transformation process of compounds, various substances influence each other, causing some inexplicable changes to occur, resulting in a mixture of random things after aggregation.

Regardless, let’s try to manifest substances like ‘hydrogen, helium, lithium, beryllium, boron…’ one by one…”

A month quickly passed, and Su Hao reached out and broke the dry bone, which then transformed into a low-quality source pearl.

Yes, the ‘focusing system’ built using natural energy was so inefficient, only producing one low-quality source pearl in a month.

However, this also met Su Hao’s expectations.

Even with a low-quality source pearl, in Su Hao’s hands, it could still bring out tremendous value, and even through this source pearl, build a stronger ‘focusing system,’ acquiring more source pearls like a snowball effect, growing bigger and bigger.

This also means that in the next life, Su Hao may not need to spend a great deal of effort accumulating spiritual power as in this life.

If there are no other shortcuts, Su Hao estimates it would take three to five years to cultivate to the realm of spiritual transformation.

How could this be tolerated?

In Su Hao’s view, power that cannot be achieved in one step is not very reliable…

“The first goal, optimizing the ‘focusing system,’ has already been accomplished!”

Su Hao said this modestly, but what he has now is far beyond achieving the goal?

As long as he wishes, within two minutes, he can easily transform any substance into a source pearl other than silicon crystals.

After collecting the source pearl, Su Hao waved his hand, and the crude structure he had built over several days immediately collapsed and shattered, with all the rocks filling the ten-meter deep pit.

In a moment, this place returned to its original desolate appearance.

Of course, the tree that Su Hao had moved here was still standing alone, but looking at its appearance, it was seriously struggling, probably not lasting much longer.

The handmade ‘focusing system,’ along with the collapsed buildings, shattered and dissipated, returning to its original disorganized state.

Perhaps, in some future fortuitous coincidence, it would become a ‘focusing system’ again, leading to disaster.

Clapping his hands, Su Hao’s figure disappeared from the spot the next moment, teleporting back to the base’s small world.

The next day, Yashan found Su Hao during his free time.

Yashan first reported the current progress of analyzing source energy and then said, “Boss Wei, a while ago, both the Mage Association and the Light-Shining Association sent people to talk to me about the issues the current society is facing.

The key point is that source mages with powerful abilities have lost formidable disasters as competitors, leading mages to redirect their excess energy internally. Now, within the Mage Association, there are signs of various factions subtly forming alliances against each other.

Not only that, but mages from all eighteen regions of the world have gradually divided into regions, with mages from different areas beginning to pursue some inexplicable ‘mage orthodox’…”

After summarizing the situation, Su Hao quickly understood the key point: providing opponents for mages with excess energy.

Su Hao asked, “Do they have a solution?”

Yashan shook his head and chuckled, “They plan to deliberately nurture disasters to maturity, restoring them to their previous strength, instead of directly issuing mission tasks when disasters occur. However, the effect is not significant because the mages now are too powerful. Even high-level disasters nurtured will be easily resolved by mage squads.”

Su Hao said, “Indeed, this is a problem.”

Seeing Su Hao lost in thought, Yashan waited for a while before continuing, “When the mages came to me earlier, I had this idea. Could we find a place, like the Seirinamp Association once circled a region of strange beasts, to enclose a group of source beasts as opponents for mages?”

As long as the captured source beasts are powerful enough, powerful enough to threaten human society, then they can definitely shift the focus of the mages.”

Su Hao shook his head and said, “Your proposal may be feasible, but only temporarily, not a long-term solution.”

Yashan thought for a moment and asked in confusion, “If this does not work, then how to solve the current dilemma?”

Su Hao said, “Completely separating the Mage Association is also a solution, no need for artificial intervention, eventually balance will be restored.”

Yashan said, “Indeed, the key now is to unite with the high-level members of the Mage Association to oppose the separation of the Mage Association. This will make them the scapegoats of the Mage Association.”

Zhi Peng’s expression also indicated that he did not want this intact world to revert to the appearance it had over a thousand years ago.

In their view, war is extremely terrifying, and they hope to avoid war between nations.

Both sides share this idea, but they are clueless about the current situation and hope that we can provide some suggestions.”

Su Hao rubbed his chin and after some contemplation, suddenly came up with an idea, “This can be easily done!”

Yashan asked in surprise, “What method?”

Su Hao said, “The problem lies in the excessive energy of the mages.”

The solution not only involves finding suitable opponents but also eliminating this excess energy from them.”

Yashan pondered, “Are you saying to weaken the mages?”

Su Hao smiled, “Exactly! To weaken the mages! Or rather, to change the survival mode of the mages, making it difficult for them to easily obtain source pearls and increasing the cost of their battles.”

Yashan asked, “Will they be willing?”

Su Hao replied, “You can’t have your cake and eat it too. In order to achieve lasting unity, maintaining this model of the Mage Association is no longer viable!”

“They need to change the core interest link of issuing tasks into imparting advanced knowledge!”

Yashan curiously asked, “So, specifically, how should it be done?”

Su Hao smiled, “It’s simple, eradicate disasters from the root of this world, readjust the world’s structure, no longer producing source from disasters.”

“Instead, let it spread through the air!”

Su Hao reached out and grabbed the air, “Fill the entire atmosphere with dense ‘source’, mages can absorb the ‘source’ from the air through cultivation, completing an extraordinary transformation…”

“Not only can they control the speed of mage growth, but the excess time and energy must also be used to absorb the ‘source’ in the air. In this way, how will the mages have time and energy to fight among themselves?”

“At the same time, not only humans can undergo transformation, but the wild animals in certain frequency zones can also absorb the ‘source’ from the air and transform into extraordinary source beasts, becoming opponents of the mages.”

“And the idea of breeding source beasts in enclosures that you mentioned can also be realized, just need to surround a huge mountain range…”

After listening to Su Hao, Yashan couldn’t help but be astonished, “Boss Wei, isn’t this just magic and magical beasts in stories? Mountain range… Magic Beast Mountain Range!”

Su Hao said, “It can also be understood that way. Yashan, what do you think?”

Yashan also smiled and said, “Very interesting.”

What is being willful? This is what being willful is!


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My Divine Diary

My Divine Diary

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