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Chapter 616

Chapter 616: Doom System

After a few days of relaxation, Su Hao couldn’t sit still and started planning for the future.

As usual, he entered the pinball space in his mind, sat at the familiar desk, holding a pen, and wrote down future plans in his notebook:

“First, the principle and method of material transformation into source have been mastered, but the consumption of spiritual power is too high and needs optimization; since this world can naturally produce ‘source’, it means that I don’t necessarily need to use spiritual power to build an elliptical system to obtain the source. I can completely use natural forces to help me achieve my goals. Isn’t this the idea of ‘formation’? It can be fully realized.

Second, continue to study the laws of turning source into specific substances, and master the method of source creation!

Matter can be transformed into source, so it must also be possible in reverse. While the current mechanism for source transformation into matter is not well understood, with time, corresponding laws will inevitably be summarized. As long as I thoroughly master the source, I will become the creator of myths and legends! Although I am just a fake, for me, it is indeed a qualitative change.

Even… if I research deeply enough, I can directly create an eternal body from the source! In this way, the immortality I pursue will no longer be a luxury.

Third, find a way to destroy planets with one punch. I have a hunch that the disaster will come a hundred years later, three hundred years later.

But this time, I will definitely not be helpless against it!

Not only that, I also want to find out what causes this inexplicable disaster.

Perhaps its answer is as simple as the elliptical system…”

At this point, when Su Hao’s pen paused, his brain was suddenly hit by a beam of light, illuminating the entire world.

He suddenly stood up, his eyes wide open with disbelief.

“Could it be… could the disaster that is always with me, be the result of the impact of the elliptical system?”

The more Su Hao thought about it, the more he felt this possibility was high.

If the surrounding star domains are considered as a sphere, when Su Hao reincarnated, he became the center of the sphere. As an outsider, after his activities, it would cause disturbances and fluctuations in the surrounding cosmic energy, spreading outward, rebounding when it encounters the sphere, and converging on him…

As time passes, the dispersed energy becomes more concentrated, and the impact he receives becomes stronger, manifesting in more terrifying disasters.

In theory, the more intense his activities, the stronger the energy fluctuations he causes, and the stronger the feedback impact he receives.

Su Hao silently recalled everything that had happened along the way, comparing it with this viewpoint, and found it to be very fitting.

Although it may not be accurate, and he doesn’t know exactly what the ‘sphere system’ is for him, the probability is high that this is the case.

苏浩’s eyes gradually showed excitement: “So, as long as I find the ‘system’ that makes me the focus or center, I can destroy it, and then dissolve this inexplicable disaster into nothingness. Not only that, perhaps I can also control this magical power, gain the ability to inflict ‘misfortune’ on others, becoming the ‘god of misfortune’!”

Such a thought really resonates.

Casually setting up a ‘sphere system’ for others, turning the enemy into the core of a sphere, as long as the other party cannot understand this operational mechanism, no matter where they run to, they cannot escape the impact of ‘misfortune’ until they are defeated by ‘misfortune’!

Although Su Hao doesn’t really need such a complex skill to deal with an enemy, it is quicker to just raise the knife and go for it. But having multiple skills doesn’t hurt, and there may be special occasions when it’s useful.

Isn’t it just like stubbornly refusing to seal one’s ‘ability’? Whether to use it or not is one thing, whether one has it or not is another.

Su Hao closed his eyes and entered the pinball space again. After wiping out the third line, he decided to change the name of the ‘ellipse system’ to ‘focus system’ and continued writing the plan:

“Third, confirm whether the ‘focus system’ is the disaster targeting me, then find it and control it.

If a hundred years won’t do, then a thousand years, if not in this life, then in ten lifetimes, someday I will uncover its secret.

Fourth, study the spiritual power system of this world, including the source abilities of each system, including various source devices. Try to enhance my current spiritual power.

A divine sense perception range of two hundred thousand meters may seem immense, but I can clearly feel that it’s not enough now.

If my divine sense could envelop an entire planet, then perhaps uncovering the secrets of the source wouldn’t require so much time.

Moreover, the universe is so vast, since I’ve decided to explore it, possessing a divine sense capable of sweeping across a whole star system… Ah, I’m digressing! Such abilities can only be thought of for now.

Fifth, pick up ‘cultivation’ again and continue the research tasks left unfinished from the previous life, at least to research the realms beyond the ‘god transformation realm.’

My intuition tells me that the path of cultivation is not only this; perhaps there is a long way to go.

However, cultivation requires extremely high spiritual power. Finding the path beyond the ‘god transformation realm’ fundamentally means finding ways to enhance one’s spiritual power.

Sixth, transform the base world into a spaceship…”

Su Hao listed many more projects that needed to be completed in the future.

If he could smoothly follow his plans and achieve the set goals one by one, one can imagine the extent of Su Hao’s abilities.

A ‘god’ wandering through the universe?

Su Hao shook his head with a bitter smile: “Compared to the vast universe, having some abilities doesn’t amount to much, right? As long as I keep learning new knowledge, continuously discover the mysteries of the universe, broaden my horizons, master vast universal knowledge, and reach a level of omnipotence! At that point, does it really matter whether I am a god or not?”

He extended his hand, merely forming a fist, feeling a powerful force within him.

All of these powers were accumulated through his experiences in various worlds and diligent learning.

He believes in the future, he will surely find other worlds, learn the unique knowledge of other worlds, enrich his own cognition, and build a more powerful system of strength.

The universe is so vast, there will inevitably be all kinds of strange knowledge.

Even this special thing called ‘Source,’ he happened to come across. Then what is impossible in the future?

Everything is possible.

It is both a coincidence and a necessity.

Two years later, Su Hao was twenty-six years old.

A short-haired young man in white appeared on a plain, and it was Su Hao.

Compared to two years ago, Su Hao seemed to have not changed at all.

Su Hao squinted his eyes and observed his surroundings, murmuring, “This is it!”

After two years of research, Su Hao had already mastered the method of building the ‘focus system’ and obtaining the source beads by changing the energy circulation around him.

At this point, thinking of obtaining the Source Pearl again, it is already possible to build the ‘focus system’ without relying on spiritual power.

As long as he can perceive the energy flow around him, then arrange objects to change the way energy flows, and then activate the manually built ‘focus system’ with a little bit of blood and energy, he can obtain a small amount of Source Pearls.

It looks similar to the Feng Shui master laying out Feng Shui formations…

However, the principles are far apart.

He came here today, treating himself as an elite warrior who has just successfully reincarnated, attempting to obtain the Source Pearl!

If successful, it means that in the next life, his starting point will be higher than any other world, and it will be difficult to die even if he wants to.

Su Hao first walked around, carefully sensing the energy flow in this area, frowning and saying, “The difference is too big, it’s not easy to complete the construction of the ‘focus system.”

He then thought to himself, “I don’t know what the situation will be like in the next life, it may not have such good energy conditions now. If I can successfully build the ‘focus system’ now, then there will be more security in the future.”

There’s no need to hesitate, just do it!

Su Hao reached out and grabbed, producing a diamond-armored hoe in his hand, trying it out and finding it quite handy.

Approaching a partially exposed rock, he swung the hoe vigorously, digging fiercely, “The first step is to collect rocks, build a stone wall with the rocks to deflect the trajectory of energy flow.”

Ten minutes later, Su Hao threw the hoe, swearing, “Damn! This hoe is too hard to use, how long do I have to dig? I’ll do this kind of work in the next life! Why not use spiritual power when I have it now?”

Then he stretched out his hand, moving down a bit.


The soil flew, and the huge stone also flew out, lying quietly on the side.

Su Hao was very satisfied with his labor results, pointing out one after another, he dug out one stone after another from the ground and piled them up together.



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My Divine Diary

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