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Chapter 615

Chapter 615: No Longer a Mortal

The scene unfolding before Feiyuan exceeded his comprehension.

Someone was demonstrating how to transform an ordinary object into a source right in front of him.

This was even more absurd and unbelievable than finding out that his godfather was actually his biological father.

Such an ability was only possessed by ‘gods’, right? Such power was supposed to be in the hands of the Creator, right?

For humans to master the use of sources was already the greatest gift in this world.

Yet, what did he see?

Someone easily produced ‘source’ at his fingertips, a human seizing the authority of ‘gods’!

The Great Sage thought for a long time before finally murmuring, “This…this is impossible! How could humans achieve such a level…”

The act of seizing the power of the gods, in the history of humanity, countless people have made countless attempts, but the final answer was always: impossible to achieve!

But today, it happened just like that.

What puzzled him the most was that he had actually participated in it!

The Great Sage could not understand: “I just wanted to find the rules of data and defeat my lifelong enemy, I never thought about seizing the power of the gods…”

However, Yashan and Feng Cheng’s reactions were completely different. They smiled and congratulated the Great Sage on his further advancement, seemingly without any hint of surprise!

It was as if, in their eyes, such a thing was as normal as could be.

And indeed it was.

Once the Great Sage set his sights on something, could that thing ever escape?

It was only a matter of time before it was deciphered!

All of this was within their expectations!

After Su Hao demonstrated his new skills, he waved his hand and said, “Stop staring, let’s go, have a feast! Treat yourselves well. Everyone has worked hard during this time, hahaha!”

He displayed his new technology without worrying in the slightest that the Great Sage could learn it.

Because achieving that would be extremely difficult.

Even if he openly told everyone: the secret of converting matter into a source is the focus of an ellipse.

There were very few people like him who could freely convert matter into a source; knowing the principle did not mean one could achieve it.

Theory and reality were as distant as an ocean, and only someone as knowledgeable as Su Hao could easily build a bridge between the two.

Those without sufficient knowledge and various skills simply could not achieve this.

However, Su Hao never worried that others would learn his new technology. If someone could develop something new based on it, he would be delighted.

His goal had always been to learn more, gain more knowledge, explore the unknowns of the universe. Whether others knew it or not did not conflict with his ultimate goal.

As long as it did not threaten his core existence.

As long as it did not threaten his core, even something like the “Source,” the authority of the “Gods,” Su Hao would share without hesitation.

Ultimately, the “Source” was just a tool for Su Hao to explore the world.

The four of them arrived at the restaurant. Yashan and Feng Cheng brought out various delicious dishes, all prepared by them, enticing with their colors, aromas, and flavors. Just a glance was enough to whet one’s appetite.

Except for Feiyuan’s slight restraint, everyone else enjoyed the food heartily, eating meat in large chunks, and drinking beverages in big gulps, thoroughly enjoying themselves.

Su Hao cut a large piece of grilled meat, tender inside and crispy outside, ate a few bites, and praised, “This grilled meat is undoubtedly made by Yashan. I didn’t expect that after so many years of not cooking, his culinary skills have not declined but improved, truly remarkable.”

Yashan modestly said, “It’s necessary. If there wasn’t some progress, how could I dare to present it?”

Then he remarked, “I wonder if it’s just my perception, but ever since Feng Cheng was taken by Ah Xing and the others to experience worldly pleasures, his cooking skills seem to have improved significantly.”

Feng Cheng swallowed a few bites of grilled meat and immediately said, “That’s because I’ve comprehended the true essence of life. What has greatly improved is not just my culinary skills, but also my knowledge. I’m catching up with you two, it’s just a matter of time.”

Yashan teased, “You’re always running off to that so-called Fairy Palace. Dream on if you think you can catch up with me during the daytime!”

Feng Cheng retorted, “Hey! Do you guys know how my assistant evaluates me now?”

Yashan said, “Could it be ‘doesn’t know one out of three’? Hahaha!”

Feng Cheng’s mouth twitched, “How is that possible? My assistant’s evaluation of me is ‘addition and subtraction extraordinaire’! Although it’s not a high evaluation, I am already content. Just another year of hard study, and I will definitely advance further, reaching the realm of ‘multiplication and division extraordinaire’! By the way, Yashan, how far has your assistant’s evaluation of you reached?”

Yashan chuckled and said, “I have reached the level of ‘Junior Researcher.'”

“Ah!” Feng Cheng took a sharp breath of cold air.

He could hardly believe that Yashan had already reached this level!

The assistant’s levels were ‘Ignorant,’ ‘Novice,’ ‘Rookie,’ ‘Library,’ ‘Computer,’ ‘Researcher,’ ‘Scholar,’ ‘Explorer.’

This was a set of small levels that Su Hao had set up casually to motivate Feng Cheng to study harder, and Feng Cheng really fell for it.

What surprised Feng Cheng was that the assistant’s evaluation of Yashan had reached the level of a researcher. It seemed that the gap between him and Yashan was quite staggering.

Feng Cheng immediately exclaimed, “This is unacceptable! My self-esteem has been severely damaged. Starting tomorrow, I will double my study tasks and skip the Sky Celestial Palace.”

Su Hao also laughed and said, “Feng Cheng, do you need me to give you an injection to temporarily seal your abilities? I can unseal them once you reach the level of a researcher.”

Feng Cheng’s face fell, “Maybe not! There is a difference between using and not using abilities.”

Feiyuan listened to Su Hao’s three-person discussion about Martian topics, looking bewildered.

After eating and drinking their fill, Su Hao turned to Feiyuan and said, “Feiyuan, you’ve helped me a lot this time. If you have anything you want, feel free to say it. If it’s something I can do, I will definitely help you achieve it.”

Yashan and Feng Cheng were suddenly quiet, turning to look at Feiyuan in unison. They didn’t expect this kid to be valued so highly by the leader, promising him a wish. It was quite remarkable, but they weren’t sure if he would seize the opportunity.

“This means I want to live for five thousand years, and even Vi Lao can extend his life!”

This is something many people have longed for but couldn’t achieve.

Feiyuan himself was not aware of how rare this opportunity was. Yashan and Feng Cheng looked at him with disbelief, amazed at how he handled the situation with such finesse, making them realized he was indeed someone Vi Lao admired.

Su Hao added, “It’s nothing, as long as you want to come, you can come anytime.”

He then took out a positioning stone and handed it to Feiyuan, saying, “Keep this stone with you. If you face insurmountable danger, input a strand of energy inside, it might save your life.”

Feiyuan took it without hesitation, thanking Su Hao and curiously examining the stone in his hand.

Could this thing really save a life? It looked no different from an ordinary stone, and he couldn’t see how it could save a life.

However, Feiyuan did not underestimate it. After all, the person who gave him the stone was someone who had taken away the authority of the Creator.

After Feiyuan left, Su Hao took Yashan and Feng Cheng to space.

Beneath their feet was this beautiful elliptical planet, surrounded by countless stars and the unfathomable darkness of the universe.

It made people feel uneasy, realizing the vastness of the universe and the insignificance of humanity.

Su Hao communicated directly with Yashan and Feng Cheng, saying, “Yashan, Feng Cheng! We have now deciphered the core secret of ‘Source,’ our main goals have been achieved.”

Barring any unexpected events, within five hundred years at most, we’ll leave this planet with the mini-world base and explore the unknown regions of the universe until death comes.”

Yashan and Feng Cheng were shocked, sensing an inexplicable aura emanating from Su Hao, making them feel different.

Everything was different now. Because at this moment, Yashan and Feng Cheng felt their souls undergoing sublimation in the presence of Vi Lao’s aura.

They both gained a certain enlightenment, thinking, “From this moment on, I am no longer just a mortal!”

This is the domineering spirit! This is Boss Wei’s ambition to dominate the universe. It is so damn exciting. Their gaze towards Su Hao is already burning with fervor.

After a moment, Su Hao continued: “In these hundreds of years, what we need to do is very simple. That is, to obtain absolute power strong enough to withstand the impact of planets, and to figure out a way to convert ‘source’ into specific substances, ensuring that we have sufficient supplies under any circumstances.”

Su Hao looked into the deep space, not knowing what kind of situation they would face after entering space.

Perhaps it will be loneliness!

In five thousand years, even advancing at the speed of light, in the vast universe, it may not be possible to leave this star system group.

But Su Hao still wants to give it a try, at least taking this first step!

All things, once they start, will always have corresponding results.


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My Divine Diary

My Divine Diary

My Journal of Godhood, 我的成神日志
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An accident gave Su Hao the ability to reincarnate infinitely. But who can tell him why he can’t live past five years of age every time he is reincarnated? The universe is dangerous and unfriendly to children. Su Hao decided on his first small goal — to become an adult. “How could I not even become an adult!” … Amidst Su Hao’s millions of reincarnations, one time after another. After obtaining enough knowledge, he discovered the way to become a god. This is a mortal’s path to divinity. Maybe… you can too!


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