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Chapter 614

Chapter 614 Success!

Feiyuan quickly returned to his workstation, displayed all the data he had organized, and demonstrated to Su Hao.

“Mr. Jia Wei, most of this data is accurate, with some minor errors that do not affect our conclusions. I compared these data based on factors such as time and intensity of disasters, grouping them together. As I continued to refine, these data pairs emerged unexpectedly.

I performed the same analysis on all data sets from different zones, and the results were all pairs of data, with only slight errors that couldn’t be matched.

Initially, I didn’t understand why, until I happened to see the planet model you created, and suddenly it dawned on me. Mr. Jia Wei, look, what shape is the planet beneath our feet?”

Su Hao, in a very good mood, cooperated with Feiyuan’s explanation, glanced at the nearby planet model, and chuckled, “It’s an ellipsoid!”

Feiyuan danced with excitement, “Exactly, it’s an ellipsoidal shape, not just any ellipsoid. I carefully calculated before that the planet beneath our feet is a nearly perfect ellipsoid.

As I looked at it again, a thought suddenly popped into my head: if we consider these paired disaster locations as foci of ellipses…

So I looked through various topographical, meteorological, vegetation, and other data sets, and through calculations, I found five pairs of disaster data that served as traces of ellipses with foci.

We only found five pairs, but it’s enough for us to boldly conclude on these points!

Either these points are the foci of ellipses or the centers of circles…

Next, we just need to follow this line of thought and proceed with verification!”

Su Hao laughed heartily again, extremely pleased, “No need for verification, these disasters are indeed the foci of ellipses, no mistake!”

Feiyuan was just an ordinary Source Master of Gold, without the powerful divine sense like Su Hao’s, unable to perceive the energy traces of this world’s operation.”

However, Su Hao’s powerful divine sense can, before Feiyuan has not mentioned the word ‘ellipse’, the world energy perceived by Su Hao’s divine sense is all chaotic, without even thinking in this direction.

After all, he has reincarnated in many worlds, and each world has shown this chaotic energy operation. This world is not unusual in this aspect.

When Feiyuan mentioned the word ‘ellipse’, the small light in the bullet space immediately processed the data collected over the years, and Su Hao quickly found traces from the energy operation:

The energy operation of this world is formed by countless large and small regular ellipses intertwined together!

And the disaster location is exactly at the focus position of the elliptical energy operation.

At this moment, the case is solved.

Su Hao finally found the answer he had been searching for, the ‘system’ of material transformation into the source, it is the various large and small ellipses!

The answer is just that simple!

However, despite the simplicity of the answer, Su Hao spent nearly a decade of exploration time, even sacrificing the royal family of this world.

Su Hao never expected that the ellipses he had encountered a long time ago would still hide such secrets!

Why can ellipses instantly heat particles to the limit?

This starts from the characteristics of the ellipse.

Light or some kind of particle originating from one focus of the ellipse, after reflecting through the ellipse, will converge at another focus, reflect again, and return to the original focus in a loop.

From Su Hao’s perspective, if the energy within the range gathers at one point after reflecting through the ellipse, it can indeed instantly heat the particle to the limit, thus transforming it into a ‘source’!

The principle is similar to using a magnifying glass to focus the sunlight to ignite a fire. When all the light converges at one point, the temperature that can be reached is unimaginable.

Previously, Su Hao had been trying various methods to transform matter into the source, all of which failed. Now, looking back, failure would be a strange outcome.

Su Hao chuckled, “When you don’t understand, it’s as difficult as reaching the sky, but once you know the answer, you can easily grasp it.”

At this time, Feiyuan curiously asked, “Mr. Jia Wei, can you tell me, do these data patterns have any significance for you?”

With the other party helping him so much, Su Hao naturally didn’t mind sharing his research results, “The significance is huge! This is the mystery of the ‘source’!

You stay here and rest for a while, I’ll go out for a walk now, make the final confirmation, and when I get the results, I’ll come back to demonstrate to you the power of the ellipse, hahaha!”

Saying that, Su Hao pushed the door and left.

Yashan and Feng Cheng immediately congratulated with smiles on their faces, “Congratulations to Mr. Wei for making a major breakthrough!”

They almost shouted: Congratulations to Mr. Wei for achieving great success in his divine power!

Luckily they managed to stop in time.

Su Hao smiled, “This is all thanks to Feiyuan’s help. Otherwise, if I did it alone, it might have taken several years. By the way, Yashan, Feng Cheng, you guys go prepare a good meal now. Let’s celebrate, after so many years of research, we finally have a result! Our research path from now on will be smooth!”

Let’s have a feast!!!

Yashan and Feng Cheng’s favorite activity is to have a meal with Mr. Wei. During the meal, there is an inexplicable sense of joy similar to the festive season.

The two looked at each other, Yashan said, “Feng Cheng, you go prepare the ingredients, this time I’ll personally cook.”

Feng Cheng asked, “Alright! Yashan, what kind of fruit juice do you like?”

Yashan replied, “I like super mixed fruit juice! The thicker, the better!”


Su Hao transformed into a three-meter-high yet extremely exquisite and agile **Life Master**, disappeared on the spot, and teleported away!

Casually teleporting to a location, then flying towards the nearest disaster site, activating his divine sense to the maximum of twenty thousand meters, observing the way energy rotates around him.

“Indeed, it’s the elliptical operational pattern. It’s just that this ellipse is extremely huge, even with my divine sense range, I can only peek at a corner of it, no wonder nothing was discovered before.”

After circling around the ellipse, flying upwards, I quickly flew out of the atmosphere and looked down at this red, blue, and white planet from above.

And collecting the elliptical operational data with the ‘Far Sight’ rune.

Ten minutes later, Su Hao smiled, completely understanding the process of elliptical energy ‘systems’ operation, then teleported back to the ground, casually breaking off a branch and holding it in his hand.

With a thought, a huge spiritual force was mobilized, spreading outward, manually constructing a huge spiritual energy system according to the observed ‘ellipse system’ structure, and then controlling it to accelerate operation.

Not long after, it was declared a failure.

“The first failure was expected, come again!”

Su Hao made some adjustments and tried again.

After several attempts, Su Hao’s constructed ellipse actually started to operate automatically, forming a complete heating ‘system’.

Soon, a leaf serving as a focal point reacted and, under Su Hao’s mental perception, transformed into a stable ‘source’!

Joy was brimming!

“It works!”

Su Hao quickly found the key and continued to build multiple ellipse systems with spiritual energy, while heating the branch in his hand. The speed was much faster than the ‘source device’ and natural conversion.

In just ten minutes, most of the branches in his hand had been transformed into ‘sources’, and Su Hao gently tapped them.


The branch broke into two pieces like glass shattering, releasing a large amount of white light that converged together to form five source beads the size of fingertips.

Five low-quality source beads, though few, were not the point. The point was, Su Hao successfully transformed matter into a source.

Much simpler than anticipated.

Perhaps, this is the charm of the focal point!

“The consumption of spiritual energy is a bit high, but it doesn’t matter. It can be gradually optimized in the future to the extent that only a hint of energy is needed to guide the generation of elliptical system.”

Su Hao stored the source beads and then teleported back to the base, calling Yashan Feng Cheng and Feiyuan to the spacious field.

Su Hao looked around and finally focused on the frying shovel in Yashan’s hand, saying, “Yashan, give me your shovel.”

Yashan handed over the shovel as instructed.

Su Hao shook it and said, “I didn’t tamper with this shovel in advance. Now watch as I perform a magic trick for you! Feiyuan, keep a close eye on it, the power of the ellipse!”

After saying that, a huge spiritual force surged out, blowing Feiyuan’s curly hair back.

In the blink of an eye, the huge spiritual elliptical system was constructed, and the focal point was on the shovel in Su Hao’s hand!

This time, Su Hao used most of his spiritual power, and the transformation rate was faster. Just five minutes later, the shovel reached the threshold of being transformed into source beads.

Without hesitation, he flicked his finger on the shovel.


The shovel shattered, emitting a lot of white light. When the light dispersed, six shiny high-quality source beads remained in its place.

Su Hao said, “The ellipse can transform matter into ‘source’!”

Feiyuan was stunned!


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My Divine Diary

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