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Chapter 613

Chapter 613: The Answer is the Focus

After summoning Feiyuan to his laboratory, Su Hao displayed global disaster occurrence data using all available means.

This included latitude and longitude data, time of occurrence data, disaster type data… He even personally used Transformation Diamond Armor to build a huge model of the planet, then marked the locations of disaster occurrences, their timing, intensity, etc. with red dots.

He even asked Feiyuan if this data presentation was clear enough, and if he had any suggestions on how to display the data.

For Su Hao, displaying data comprehensively was a minor issue, which greatly surprised Feiyuan.

He couldn’t understand why the global figurehead was so concerned about this disaster data, to the extent of personally doing this kind of demonstration.

Was there some incredible secret hidden in this data? A secret about the occurrences of disasters?

Feiyuan could only guess randomly, as the real answer was only known to Mr. Jawei.

Su Hao had some expectations for Feiyuan because he noticed that Feiyuan’s way of thinking was vastly different from his own. Things that he couldn’t understand might become clear from a different perspective, right?

Su Hao never thought there was anything he couldn’t research. Although his thinking was very mature, he still continued with his unique fundamental thinking as “Su Hao,” unable to freely switch between various perspectives on the same problem.

After looking at other data, Feiyuan finally focused on the planet model built by Su Hao using Transformation Crystals, furrowing his brows and thinking before asking, “Mr. Jawei, what information are you trying to obtain from this data?”

Su Hao replied, “I speculate that the disasters occurring on this planet follow a certain pattern, and perhaps the secret of the source is hidden within these patterns. Therefore, the information I want to know is the patterns of occurrences of disasters happening at different locations on the planet on the same day.

I have many sets of such data and have been studying them for nearly half a year, but I have been unable to find any useful patterns from this data. I think maybe you can discover something.”

Feiyuan awkwardly smiled, “Mr. Jawei, you really think highly of me. If you cannot find the patterns, how could I possibly do so?”

In the humble words spoken from the mouth, but Feiyuan’s heart had already burst open: “Ah! The difficulties encountered by my lifelong enemy, I can solve them, I can overcome him! Feiyuan, the time has come to show true strength! As long as I can solve it before Mr. Jia Wei decrypts the pattern, I will be the most powerful person in the world! Charge!”

Su Hao saw Feiyuan’s slightly flushed face, and couldn’t help but ask concernedly: “Feiyuan, do you need to rest for a while?”

Feiyuan tried to control his excited emotions, resolutely shook his head: “Rest? I don’t need that at all, let me have a look first! Mr. Jia Wei, I need to review all the data you have collected, including the initial data.”

Su Hao, seeing his determination, nodded in satisfaction: “Alright.”

Pointing to the huge computing center nearby, Feiyuan asked: “Can I use the computer?”

Su Hao asked, “Do you know how to use it?”

Feiyuan replied, “Not very proficient, but I will ask you for help when I encounter problems.”

Su Hao nodded, “Okay.”

In the following period, Su Hao and Feiyuan stayed in Su Hao’s number one laboratory, analyzing the data.

Su Hao did not give up on using his method for analysis. Although Feiyuan’s joining increased the probability of getting results, he would not put all his bets on Feiyuan.

Feiyuan also processed the data in his own way, while also learning how to use the computer.

The more he understood about computers, the more amazed Feiyuan was at Su Hao’s strength: to be able to design and manufacture such machines, truly worthy of being my lifelong enemy. Only by deciphering the secret of this data, do I have a chance to defeat him once…

“Just once is enough!”

Six months later, in the base’s small world, in the number one laboratory.

The two of them, who had already become obsessed, were analyzing the data in their own ways.

Su Hao used the ‘total and part’ method to process the information. In his underlying thinking, he subconsciously believed that the world is composed of ‘parts’ and ‘wholes’, and they are inseparable, even the most mysterious and unpredictable heating ‘system’, is also like this.

Feiyuan, on the other hand, used his consistent way of thinking, which is ‘separate intersecting points, take a separate look’, which is also the thinking method he tried to teach his teammates such as Xiangli and others: ‘No matter how complex an event is, it is composed of individual lines, as long as all the events are singled out, then everything becomes clear.’

Unfortunately, no matter how many times he explained, and how he tried to break down various events for teaching, his teammates just couldn’t learn even a bit, sigh, sigh!

Now, after six months, Feiyuan finally sorted out the massive amount of data in his own way.

That’s right, it’s sorting. He really sorted out all the massive related data one by one, just like playing the “connect the dots” game.

It was in the moment of completing the sorting, that a lightning bolt struck through his mind, and when he looked at those data again, he suddenly understood.

Feiyuan suddenly jumped up high, shaking with excitement, face flushed, veins popping on his forehead, eyes bulging…

He looked like he could drop dead at any moment.

In short, Feiyuan was very excited, he shouted loudly: “Mr. Jia Wei, I understand!”

Su Hao suddenly stood up, turned to look at Feiyuan: “What?”

Feiyuan took a deep breath, and said: “Ellipse! It’s an ellipse! To be precise, it’s the focus of the ellipse! I found that the position of all disasters can be seen as the focus of an ellipse!! This is the pattern I discovered, it must be correct.”

As soon as Feiyuan finished speaking, Su Hao was struck as if by lightning, frozen in place, the chaotic data in his mind automatically arranged and sorted, appearing in pairs.

He muttered, “Ellipse… focus… I understand! Heating to extreme high temperatures, haha!”

As he spoke, he burst into laughter, “I understand how the ‘system’ is heated, it turns out like this. Haha, such a simple truth, I never thought about it all along. Hahaha!”

The laughter was loud and spread far, much like the long roar of a martial arts master breaking through a realm, leaving everyone who heard it trembling.

As the deepl-like translator, I will provide the English translation of the provided text:

“Two people at the base, Yashan and Feng Cheng, couldn’t help but stop their work when they heard Su Hao’s cheerful laughter, and they all came outside the No. 1 laboratory.

“Senior Wei made a breakthrough!” Yashan tried hard to suppress the joy in his tone, afraid of disturbing the performance of their leader.

Feng Cheng also nodded in excitement.

Of course, they both understood that the ‘breakthrough’ Senior Wei mentioned was definitely not a breakthrough in cultivation. If it were a breakthrough in cultivation, Senior Wei would just curse a couple of times and say ‘Damn, finally broke through!’

This kind of breakthrough was definitely a long-standing problem that had troubled Senior Wei, which was suddenly solved, hence the joyous sound.

As for what problem it was, Yashan and Feng Cheng also knew. Senior Wei had been trying to crack the secret of converting matter into source recently, so today’s breakthrough must be groundbreaking.


Feiyuan took deep breaths to calm the excitement in his heart.

He, Feiyuan, had defeated Mr. Jia Wei, even if it was only once, it was worth being proud of for a lifetime.

As for what the focus of an ellipse can do… Feiyuan didn’t know. His task was only to help Mr. Jia Wei find the hidden patterns in the jumbled data!

Feiyuan secretly rejoiced: “Fortunately, I finished reading ‘The Beauty of Geometry’ just before Mr. Jia Wei invited me to join the research. Otherwise, even if I organized the data into pairs, I might not have thought that they could also be seen as the focus of an ellipse.”

However, what Feiyuan admired in his heart was that he only mentioned the keyword ‘ellipse focus,’ but Mr. Jia Wei immediately grasped the underlying pattern. Truly formidable for his lifelong enemy.

He wanted to wait for Mr. Jia Wei to inquire and then slowly reveal his discovery process.

However, it lacked the fun of explanation!

After a long time, Su Hao’s excited emotions subsided, and he turned to Feiyuan, eyes full of satisfaction: “Feiyuan, come, tell us how you discovered this pattern!”

Feiyuan’s eyes lit up suddenly, another opportunity to showcase his abilities.


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My Divine Diary

My Divine Diary

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