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Chapter 612

Chapter 612 The Beauty of Geometry

Two years quietly passed, and the ‘real-time monitoring system’ had already covered the entire planet a few months ago. Su Hao, as he wished, finally obtained the disaster occurrence information he wanted.

After obtaining the information, he devoted himself to organizing and analyzing data, even Yashan and Feng Cheng had not seen him for a long time.

Su Hao’s goal was to establish a mathematical model to transform this data into something more intuitive, in order to find that special rule and crack the mystery of the ‘system’ overheating.

One day, in the Base’s mini-world.

Su Hao collected a day’s worth of data at the computing center, synchronized it into the pinball space, then in the pinball space, he simulated the entire planet, marking the locations of today’s disasters with dense red dots.

The result of the statistics was more than two thousand disasters occurring today.

Su Hao observed repeatedly for a long time, but had little gains, with a pensive expression, muttering to himself, “It seems like there is a pattern, but also no pattern at all, what could it be?”

This appearance is very much like the mathematical pattern problems he used to do – given a set of data, find the nth number…

If you know the answer, solving it is easy, but if you don’t know the answer, or it is a type you have never seen before, finding the pattern can be as difficult as pulling out a handful of hair.

Su Hao overturned all his thoughts, then, according to the chronological order of disaster occurrences, he lit up this planet before his eyes, observing the result still said: “There is a pattern, but I don’t know what the pattern is!”

This made Su Hao frowned involuntarily, “What else is missing? Or is the data I have not accurate?”

He knew that the possibility of inaccurate data was not high because after disasters occurred on the main roads, the corresponding source teams immediately set off to handle the disasters, and if the data was wrong, the source team would definitely make a corresponding report.

Long-term operation proved that the current data’s probability of being incorrect was negligible.

After a moment, he exited the pinball space and thought of another method: “Feiyuan once accurately calculated the base’s position through those crude ‘disaster balancers’ from the association. Perhaps if I show him this set of data, he might see something.”

Su Hao had already shown this data to Yashan and Feng Cheng, but both of them looked puzzled, even more so than him.

As for Xiaoguang… Xiaoguang did not have the ability to think, it only had a series of complex computing programs.

Xiaoguang’s core function was computing, but its computing capabilities were based on Su Hao’s cognition. Having strong computing power did not mean it could do everything as it pleased.

Computational ability and thinking ability are actually two separate lines.

At least Xiaoguang could not calculate things beyond Su Hao’s cognition.

By showing this data to Feiyuan, perhaps from his unique perspective, a clue could be seen.

Thinking of this, Su Hao’s spiritual sense swept away, and he found Feiyuan reading in the library. He directly transmitted his voice across space, saying, “Feiyuan, come to the data center of my No. 1 laboratory, I need you to help me look at some data.”

Feiyuan was startled, subconsciously looking to the side, but seeing no one, he thought to himself, “This is Mr. Jia Wei’s voice. He wants me to look at data? The data center of No. 1 laboratory…”

After a moment of thought, he replied, “Alright, Mr. Jia Wei, please wait a moment.”

Then he put back a copy of “The Beauty of Geometry” on the bookshelf and walked toward Su Hao’s No. 1 laboratory.

In the Base’s mini-world, it was always one tone – serene.

But the outside world was not like this.

With the expansion of the ‘real-time monitoring system,’ mages are gaining more and more points, and some inexplicable changes are happening in this world.

For example, in the past, when facing a mage, one could immediately guess which school the opponent belonged to and come up with a targeted strategy.

But not anymore, now you never know what strange abilities the mage on the other side has hidden, and they might surprise you with unexpected moves.

As a result, the combat effectiveness of mages has taken a leap forward, and natural disasters and source beast disasters in the wild no longer pose a significant threat to mages, with only mysterious calamities still presenting a challenge.

Mages who are in the midst of it all cannot truly feel this change. In their eyes, this kind of change seems natural.

However, for the high-level members of the Mage Association, it’s not the case!

They truly feel the changes in this world and in the source mages.

And then, they panicked!

The foundation on which the Mage Association stands is the disasters occurring all over this world. As long as disasters exist, the Mage Association has value, commanding the respect of all and holding a lofty status in the human world.

But what if the disasters disappear? Or if the threat of disasters to humanity significantly decreases? Can mages maintain their lofty status and continue to be respected by everyone?

Not necessarily!

The high-level members of the Mage Association have a profound understanding of human nature and can fully anticipate the near future. When the threat of disasters to humanity reaches a low point, the authority of the Mage Association may even fall below that of the Radiance Society.

The formidable strength of mages will not be able to be displayed! This is extremely lethal.

After the concerns of the high-ranking members of the association reached a certain level, they couldn’t sit still, and as a representative, they wanted to visit Su Hao but were stopped by Yashan.

“If there’s something, just tell me. It’s inconvenient to disturb President Wei’s work at this stage.”

Without much hesitation, the representative of the mages directly stated their purpose, “…So, now mages are too powerful, and as opponents of mages, disasters are no longer competent. We are very concerned that the mages’ excessive energy may shift inwards.

If that happens, it’s very likely that the Mage Association will form multiple factions, leading to internal conflicts and ultimately disintegration. For this world, this is a kind of disaster.

My idea is, can we consciously cultivate powerful disasters as opponents for mages?”

Yashan’s first reaction was that this old man’s mind was gone; isn’t it better without disasters?

After carefully considering the concerns of the mages and representatives, it was indeed a possibility.

Many histories have proven that when there are no powerful external enemies, humans will be caught in endless internal conflicts and alliances!

For mages, with great power, they indeed need to find corresponding opponents; otherwise, their swords and spears may easily turn against their former comrades.

However, Yashan keenly sensed the real concern of the mages and others, which is the authority and ruling position of the Mage Association.

That was the most critical issue they cared about. As for the ‘world disasters’ mentioned by the mages, it was just an excuse for them.

However, it was not good to expose this kind of thing. Yashan bluntly stated, “It’s up to you, esteemed mage, to decide on these matters yourself. There is no need to consult us.”

The representative of the mages just smiled and remained silent.

Anyone who believes in such words is naive.

Yashan continued, “Our goal is to collect various disaster-related information worldwide. We have already achieved this. As long as you do not disrupt the operation of the ‘real-time monitoring system,’ how the Mage Association wants to transform is your own business, and we will not intervene.

If it involves the Radiant Society, you only need to negotiate with them, and we will not have any objections.”

The mages did not expect that the negotiation this time would go so smoothly, and a smile involuntarily appeared on their faces.

Yashan saw the situation and also laughed, saying, “Let me add one more thing. Please do not associate the three of us with the Radiant Alliance. Our relationship with the Radiant Alliance is essentially the same as the relationship with the Mage Association, that is, a cooperative relationship.

We have our own goals and are not interested in ruling the world. You can boldly do what you want. You decide what kind of world you want, it has little to do with us.”

Of course, the mages did not understand the true meaning behind Yashan’s words: I’ll do my own thing, no matter what the world ends up as. As long as you don’t interfere, it’s fine, do as you wish!

Just as the mages were about to leave, Yashan suddenly stopped them and said, “However, if you want to cultivate competitors for the mages, I have some thoughts and suggestions, hehe!”

Curious, the mages asked, “What thoughts do you have, tell me.”

Yashan reminisced about the distant past, the world belonging to their Zhu Huo people, which he had ultimately transformed into a different appearance, and remembered what Wei Elder had once told him: it must be grand, the bigger, the better!

He couldn’t help but show a mysterious smile.

Looking at the mages, Yashan thought for a moment and then shook his head, saying, “The timing is not yet ripe. Even if I tell you, you won’t be able to do it. Just follow your own ideas for now. I will take care of this matter, so rest assured. It will take about ten years.”

The mages smiled, thinking to themselves, “Then why did you stop me? It’s better not to say anything…”

But they dared not say it in front of Yashan, feeling uncomfortable holding it in.

Although they were uncomfortable, the handling of the Mage Association affairs proceeded smoothly, which was a good thing.


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My Divine Diary

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