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Chapter 623

Chapter 623: Regrets of Aging

Su Hao stayed focused in his own small world base, diligently researching and completing his predetermined plans step by step.

Though slow, every day brought new discoveries and progress. This was the source of Su Hao’s happiness, allowing him to stay in a lightless laboratory year-round and still be tirelessly absorbed in his work.

As long as one is human, progress can always bring joy.

As for what major events were happening outside, Su Hao paid little attention. At this stage, without certain knowledge, it was difficult for others to provide the corresponding help to him.

One day, Yashan posted a message in the group: “Brother Wei, Ah Xing and Ah Wang, those two kids are getting married and invite us to attend their wedding, with you as the witness.”

Su Hao was taken aback: “Ah Xing and Ah Wang are getting married? Are they marrying that girl they both have a complicated relationship with? Could it be they are both marrying the same girl…”

Feng Cheng also remarked: “What? Is the Symphony Palace not fun anymore that they need to get married!”

Yashan sent a laughing expression: “Of course not, neither of them is marrying that girl. When they were on an expedition two years ago, they got involved with a source team, each apparently impregnating the team captain and member, so they had no choice but to get married!”

Feng Cheng said: “From now on, the world will have two fewer playboys, it’s a pity!”

Su Hao asked: “When is the wedding?”

Yashan replied: “It’s relatively rushed, in a month. But Ah Xing and Ah Wang invited us to a gathering tomorrow to invite us in person.”

Su Hao responded: “Alright, let’s go and meet them tomorrow.”

The next day, at the Huai’en Small Tavern in Huai Shui Town, the eight of them sat down, plus a big dog.

The water is three people, Ah Xing Ah Wang and their two unmarried wives, four people, and the teammates of the two unmarried wives.

Ah Xing first introduced a circle, his fiancée is called Xiaokong, she looks sharp and is a heroine.

Ah Wang’s fiancée is called Qingqing, with a gentle and gentle appearance.

Another single teammate looks very cute, named Xiaodi.

Xiaodi looks a bit resentful, unexpectedly, a chance encounter before, actually let Ah Xing Ah Wang these two guys hook away both of her teammates!

The key is, she doesn’t have a partner yet!

The key is, why did they hook up her two teammates, but not come to hook her?

If one of Ah Xing and Ah Wang comes to hook her, she will agree, right???

Two scumbags!

However, as she looked resentful, she looked at Su Hao’s trio, her eyes gleaming!

Maybe, her spring is coming? Maybe not being hooked away by Ah Xing and Ah Wang is a good thing?

These three are the legendary Lucky Star Team, the mysterious and unpredictable three teammates? It’s true that the Five Handsome Men are indeed more handsome than Ah Xing Ah Wang and their three teammates!

So the question is, which one should be chosen?

Feng Cheng has long turned into a flower old hand, looking at Xiaodi’s gaze, he immediately guessed Xiaodi’s thoughts, and said in the group, “Both leaders, Xiaodi sitting next to us seems to be interested in all three of us! This little girl looks cute and innocent. I didn’t expect her appetite to be so big!”

Su Hao Yashan: “…”

Yashan: “If you like her, you should marry her!”

Feng Cheng immediately made a fearful expression: “Marry??? Scary!”

As everyone chatted casually, Ah Xing and Ah Wang bluntly stated the reason for getting married: “The world has changed in the past two years, we mages can be said to be useless, abandoned by the times, now there is no work either, the reason for the trouble that broke out is mainly out of boredom…”

Then his waist was ruthlessly twisted, unable to help but inhale cold air.

Ah Wang said, “I am actually happy that disasters have disappeared from this world. At least, people no longer have to live in fear of disasters erupting at any moment every day. To be honest, since disasters largely disappeared, I have felt a peace in my heart that I have never experienced before.

It is a kind of strong sense of security that I have never felt before, this sense of security is even stronger than when I held the Source Bead in my hand.

And it is because of this, I have decided to marry Qingqing and have children with her.”

Ah Xing and others deeply agreed, but Ah Xing jokingly said, “I thought it was having a child before marriage, haha!”

Yashan said with a smirk, “It seems that everyone prefers a safe and peaceful life, right? The disappearance of disasters might be a good thing.”

Yashan is different from the others, he likes whatever Boss Wei likes.

Feng Cheng naturally said, “Of course, everyone wants to quietly do what they love, right?”

Ah Wang shrugged, “Luckily what I like is not solving disasters, otherwise Ah Xing might feel a bit uncomfortable.”

Ah Xing shook his head, “It’s not uncomfortable. My child can grow up in a stable environment, without worrying about the possibility of my mage parents not coming back at any time. I am more than happy about this.”

Ah Xing and Ah Wang’s parents died in disasters when they were very young, they have a deep understanding of this.

Except for a few people who wield power and enjoy thrilling adventures and battles, perhaps, most people prefer a safe life!

A month later, Ah Xing and Ah Wang’s weddings were held together, with Su Hao as the officiant, giving blessings to the two new couples.

This is a new stage in life for Ah Xing and Ah Wang.

Unfortunately, Xiaodi did not manage to hook up with any of Su Hao’s trio as she had hoped.

Even Feng Cheng avoided her, because she was only going after marriage, Feng Cheng’s life is dedicated to Boss Wei, it is impossible to have a family, destined to not give her what she wants.

Time passed quickly by another two years, and there were more and more ‘sources’ in the air. After the Mage Association simplified the ‘Meditation Law’ of Yashan into multiple versions, they began to gradually promote it among a small number of mage teams.

From then on, it ignited a vigorous craze for cultivation, as the source mages made a magnificent transformation into magicians.

The Mage Association also established special ‘Mage Academies’ in major cities around the world, specifically tasked with training the Mage Association’s reserve blood.

The old and new mages were gradually replaced.

Many things happened during this time, such as many mages who did not qualify for the meditation law practice declared a complete break from the Mage Association and formed a new group called the ‘Recovery Society’.

They even organized people to snatch the source beads stored by the Mage Association, engaging in various nefarious activities, but they were soon wiped out by the joint efforts of the Mage Association and the Radiant Majesty.

Of course, as time passed, the meditation cultivation methods used within the Mage Association began to spread gradually, becoming known to more and more people.

At this point, the world’s appearance underwent significant changes from before.

Meanwhile, with the proliferation of the Radiant Majesty establishing schools, electrical technology also emerged and gradually integrated with the original source energy technology, creating a whole new world.

Following the agreement signed with the Mage Association, Su Hao removed the core parts of his research on the source from the past years, simplified them linguistically, and shared them with the Mage Association.

The reason for simplification was not to hide the secrets of the source, but simply out of concern that those people in the Mage Association would not understand it!

At the same time, he informed the Mage about the secrets of the disaster sealing system, leaving them to decide whether to maintain the status quo or lift the seal and restore the original appearance.

After all, without influencing his research, Su Hao rarely interfered with the actions and thoughts of others.

With more experiences and encounters, his desire to change others’ thoughts and perceptions gradually faded.

Why force one’s own ideas onto others? What is sweet to me may be poison to him.

What he deems right may not be liked or cared about by others at all.

There is no need to insist on everything; those who agree with your beliefs can be friends, and those who do not can keep their distance.

As he gained more experiences, Su Hao came to understand that he didn’t care about much anymore!

After reading the information Su Hao handed over to the Mage, he silently stayed in his own study for two days, struggling to accept such a vast amount of information.

His increasingly aged face was full of astonishment: “So, this is how the world is!”

“Jia Wei…”

He couldn’t evaluate such a person at all!

“I’m already old! Why didn’t I meet him when I was young? This is the regret of life! If it had been twenty years earlier, I would definitely have apprenticed under Jia Wei, learn together, and explore the secrets of this world together!”

“What a pity!”

“Magicians…so be it! A world without disasters, isn’t that what ‘we’ have always pursued? However, there is one more thing, I have to ask Jia Wei to pass on the method of maintaining the operation of the satellites to us.”

“For millions of years in the future, the meaning of the existence of the Mage Association: to maintain the operation of the disaster seal!”


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My Divine Diary

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