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Chapter 607

Chapter 607: Benefits? No, Threats

Under the guidance of Yashan, after a period of opposition and resistance, all voices against it disappeared, and everyone cooperated extremely well with the work of the Radiant Society.

Zhi Peng had been worried that the remnants of the royal family would come out and cause trouble, but they didn’t even dare to make a sound, wishing they could hide themselves in the mountains.

These royal families are already terrified, they don’t dare to show themselves, let alone go out and cause trouble for the Radiant Society.

Only those who dare to run out are those who are not afraid of death, right? To be honest, they haven’t lived enough! Having escaped by a stroke of luck, if they don’t hide far away, what do they want to do?

Even if former interest groups come to them, wanting to nominate them as a new emperor to resist the Radiant Society, they simply ignore them, agree on the surface, and quietly slip away at night.

They made up their minds to find a place where no one knows them, live in seclusion, and live a happy life.

While Yashan was handling various matters, Feng Cheng was assisting throughout, learning the methods of handling internal affairs of the Radiant Society with great interest.

He constantly praised, “Indeed, Yashan boss, acts so incisively and decisively, learning, learning! For example, this move of ‘meeting first and then slapping three slaps,’ can reach a consensus with the other party at the fastest speed, it’s amazing,

And then this move of ‘calling a deer a horse, burying objections,’ the method can quickly screen out obedient and useful helpers, tsk tsk……”

Yashan chuckled, “You kid, learn a little more, these are the unique and secret methods that Vei Boss does not easily pass on. Ordinary people cannot comprehend the essence of it.”

Feng Cheng, excited to learn the ‘unique and secret’ methods passed down by Su Hao, quivered all over, “Yashan boss, teach me, I want to learn.”

Yashan teased, “Not going to play at the ‘Zoule Xian Palace’? Why do you want to learn these.”

Feng Cheng, with a face full of ‘sagehood’, said, “Hmph! How can I go every day! Going once a month is enough, in fact, true happiness is only obtained through learning!”

Both Yashan and Feng Cheng knew that those who did not study would not be able to follow Su Hao. In order not to be eliminated, they could only continue learning and keep up with Su Hao’s pace.

They have to learn a lot of diverse things, such as cooking well, managing household chores, building qualified large bases, information gatherers, procurement officers, project researchers, mechanical manufacturing engineers, etc., and also have to know how to do part-time work as an emperor, organizational leader, and other positions.

Therefore, it’s not easy to be a little brother, without studying, even a little brother can’t do well.

After chatting for a while, Yashan assigned a task to Feng Cheng, saying, “Feng Cheng, the time is ripe, it’s time to negotiate with the Mage Association. Write a negotiation letter in the name of Zhi Peng and personally deliver it to the hands of the ‘He Mage’ in Xincheng City and Bao.”

As a little brother, one must also know how to write articles and letters…

The formal meeting between the Bright Radiant Society and the Mage Association was scheduled for a month later.

The purpose of this meeting is to establish the legal ruling position of the Bright Radiant Society worldwide, clarify the different functions of the Bright Radiant Society and the Mage Association, set clear rules for future games, also known as ‘no!’

The goal of the first round of talks is to abolish the Eighteen Empire Agreement and re-sign a new joint agreement to reach a certain consensus.

There will be second rounds, third rounds, and so on…

Until either the Bright Radiant Society or the Mage Association ceases to exist.

The Mage Association repeatedly emphasizes that the association does not participate in or interfere with the rule of the Bright Radiant Society, focusing on eliminating various disasters and maintaining the peace of the human environment, which makes the negotiations progress very smoothly.

So much so that after the talks, Zhi Peng was somewhat confused.

Of course, Su Hao is not too concerned about the outcome of the negotiations between the Bright Radiant Society and the Mage Association. What he cares about is that he has obtained the qualifications for equal cooperation with the Mage Association.

After the formal conclusion of the first round of talks, the content of the talks was officially announced to the world.

It was also at this time that Su Hao, Yashan, and Feng Cheng met with the high-level officials of the Mage Association at the ‘He Bao’.

In the same conference room, there were representatives from the Mage, the Association of ‘Ten Great Mages’, the Presidents of the Eighteen District Associations, and the recorder, a total of thirty people, seated on one side. Of course, the captured president Rada was also released early by Su Hao and was now included in the group.

Su Hao, Yashan, and Feng Cheng sat on the other side.

The thirty people were mostly middle-aged or older, while Su Hao’s three were excessively young.

Thirty against three may seem to have absolute advantage, but in fact, everyone knows that even with these thirty of the world’s most powerful source mages combined, they are not enough to match even one of them.

So, the representatives of the Mage Association appeared very humble and gentle.

Yashan and Feng Cheng appeared in their true forms, while Su Hao remained hidden in the ‘Level Two Space’, appearing only as a projection, but looking no different from being present in person, and no one noticed any abnormalities.

This was Su Hao’s precautionary measure. In this meeting, to show sincerity, they did not deploy source vector suppressors to suppress the abilities of the members of the Mage Association. In other words, these mages posed a great threat to Su Hao and the others, and it was only by hiding in the ‘Level Two Space’ that safety could be ensured.

As for Yashan and Feng Cheng, if they died, then they died. They had died before and come back to life as if nothing had happened.

Furthermore, he believed that after experiencing so much, they would not choose to act here, because the Mage Association could not bear the consequences of a failed assassination.

At this point, the atmosphere at the venue was very pleasant, everyone was friendly, giving off the feeling of working together to make money.

Su Hao spoke first, “Let me introduce myself first. My name is Jiawei, a seeker who loves to explore the mysteries of the ‘source’. This time, meeting with representatives of the mages, I only represent myself and want to reach a certain cooperation with the Mage Association.

This is Jiayashan and this is JiFeng Cheng, my two capable assistants, and also two powerful mages.”

The Mage cleared his throat, then introduced the various attending members of the Mage Association, and asked, “I wonder what cooperation Mr. Jiawei wants to achieve with our Mage Association?”

Feng Cheng got up and handed a stack of documents to the usher at the venue, who then distributed the documents to each representative.

Representatives picked up curiously and flipped through, at this time Su Hao said, “The specific cooperation matters are detailed in the documents. However, before discussing the cooperation matters, let me first explain the benefits that the Mage Association can gain from cooperating with me.”

“First, my research results, after simplification, will be shared with all mages, including previous research results and future research results. I dare not say more, but at least it can allow all mages to obtain abilities from other disciplines;

Second, I will no longer use the ‘Source Vector Inhibitor’ to suppress the abilities of the ‘friendly mages’ in the Mage Association, and at the same time, I can ensure that the ‘inhibitor’ will not spread outward from the three of us.

Third, five years later, I will deliver a special technology to the Mage Association, called ‘Method for Awakening Ordinary People into Origin Mages,’ while the Mage Association has full authority over this technology…”

After saying this, the faces of the mage representatives present suddenly changed dramatically.

Can ordinary people also become Origin Mages? If what Jia Wei said is true, then the status of their Mage Association will be seriously challenged. It can be imagined that their Mage Association will no longer be the only mage dominator in the world in the future.

The good news is that Jia Wei is willing to entrust this technology to the Mage Association for full responsibility.

Su Hao ignored what others were thinking and continued, “Fourth, I will return all the sources taken from the Mage Association in five years. If possible, I will also hand over the technology to manufacture sources to the Mage Association.”


The mages were shocked like thunder in their hearts, almost unable to sit still and stood up.

What did they hear? The technology to manufacture sources!

Can sources be artificially manufactured?

They were shaken in their hearts, looking at each other carefully, hoping to see from the faces of Su Hao and the other two whether they were joking.

However, they were disappointed. What they saw was only seriousness, without any intention of mocking them.

This made the mage representatives marvel in their hearts, “Who are Jia Wei and his two assistants, to have such control and understanding of Source, to reach this level. They are truly geniuses! A genius like this might not be born for a thousand years!”

They had seen all kinds of geniuses, but even geniuses like them dared not imagine what Jia Wei said. They had tried when they were young, but precisely because they had tried, they knew how difficult it was.

Su Hao continued, “Fifth, I can ensure that the Mage Association will not perish as long as I am alive!”

As Su Hao’s voice fell, the restless hearts of the mage representatives instantly calmed down, as if they had been doused with cold water.

They all knew that Su Hao’s words were a blatant threat.


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My Divine Diary

My Journal of Godhood, 我的成神日志
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