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Chapter 608

Chapter 608: It’s not a loss

Since the establishment of the Mage Association, who dared to openly threaten the top-level executives of the Mage Association in person?

There had been, but in less than two days, the person who dared to threaten the Mage Association was annihilated.

Yes, the Mage Association, with complete Source abilities, was so powerful. For a long time after the establishment of the Mage Association, their Source technology was the most advanced in this world.

However, today, they found that the technologies held by the Mage Association were no longer the most advanced.

There were three individuals with more advanced technologies, standing openly in front of them, threatening ‘cooperate or be destroyed,’ but they could do nothing and could not muster any hostility.

Because being left behind meant losing dominance in this world.

If they wanted to regain this dominance…

The people present were all quick-minded, the cream of the crop, known as the ‘elite among the people,’ and quickly came up with a solution.

Very simple: cooperate with him, use him, learn from him!

Yes, the idea was as simple as that!

Human life span, no matter how long it is, is only up to 120 years. Now it seems that the three of Jia Wei are unrivaled in the world and dominate the four directions, but at most it is only about a hundred years, all turning into nothingness, while the Association of Magicians is still the same Association of Magicians, with its status unchanged.

After all, a peerless genius like this may not appear even in a thousand years.

As long as the Mage Association learns and understands Jia Wei’s techniques thoroughly, after a hundred years, the Mage Association will still be the most advanced in terms of original technology!

The awakened mage representatives looked at each other, tacitly seeing a hint of smile in each other’s eyes.

It’s only about a hundred years, not a loss!

Those present are all high-level members of the Mage Association. Sitting in that position, they are more concerned about the future of the association, rather than their own interests.

That is to say, as long as the Mage Association can stand at the pinnacle of this world, it doesn’t matter if they endure a little injustice.

After discussing the benefits that the Mage Association could gain, Su Hao picked up the materials on hand and began to analyze the first-phase cooperative projects for the mage representatives one by one.

Several items were listed, including ‘publicly sharing the vast database of the Mage Association’, ‘the right to freely post tasks’, ‘constructing the Mage Association network’, and so on.

But there was only one core project: establishing a real-time disaster monitoring system!

Su Hao wanted to have real-time data on planetary disasters erupting, including disasters in any corner of the continent, and even disasters in the vast oceans.

By analyzing this world’s material transformation into source ‘system’, he wanted to determine its true nature!

And he also had a hunch that as long as he obtained the corresponding data, he could decipher the secret that could instantly heat particles to the limit temperature!

However, setting up such a ‘real-time monitoring system’ would be extraordinarily difficult!

After listening to Su Hao’s description, the thirty mage representatives were completely stunned.

They had been listening to Su Hao talk about cooperation all this time and had envisioned him making various demands, but they had never expected him to propose such an outlandish cooperative approach.

Immediately, a person who was known as one of the ‘Ten Grand Mages’ raised his doubts, “We have also envisioned such a ‘real-time monitoring system’ before but couldn’t achieve it. Perhaps our Mage Association is powerless. After many years of research, we only managed to create a machine called the ‘Disaster Balancer,’ which can only determine the direction of a disaster but not its specific location.”

Su Hao smiled, “Regarding technical matters, you don’t need to worry. What I need is the vast manpower of the Mage Association! As long as the Mage Association follows my arrangements, the ‘real-time monitoring system’ can be completed in a maximum of two years!”

Another ‘Grand Mage’ shook his head, “Our control over mages around the world is not as strong as you imagine. We cannot command them like an army. While your ideas and methods are good, the execution may not necessarily yield the desired results. Even in daily tasks, mages have the freedom to choose, and the frequency of mandatory tasks is about once every six months, which cannot be sustained for two years.”

Su Hao said, “That’s because the benefits offered are not enough to inspire their hearts. In a few days, I will divide my research results into skills of various levels. Mages need to complete specific tasks to earn points and then use these points to exchange for corresponding skills. This way, the issue of motivation can be resolved.

For example, the skills of an elemental source mage, I can list hundreds of them and classify them into levels one to nine, marking different points that can be exchanged. Furthermore, when they collect three skills of levels one to nine each, they unlock the achievement ‘Diligent Worker Bee,’ which allows them the opportunity to exchange for ‘Second Talent.'”

Someone curiously asked, “What is the Second Talent?”

Su Hao explained, “As the name suggests, for example, a mage specializing in the source of matter can choose to become a lightning source mage or a fire source mage, or even specify a special fantasy mage.

As long as they have enough points, they can obtain whatever they desire!”

The mage representatives were greatly intrigued, and even they couldn’t help but work to earn points themselves, to exchange for the abilities they liked.

An area chief, with a face full of anticipation, asked, “Mr. Jia Wei, can you really achieve this?”

Su Hao did not answer, directly demonstrating all kinds of abilities from the energy system, material system, and fantasy system.

Not only did Su Hao demonstrate, to show that others could also do the same, Yashan and Feng Cheng also demonstrated all the abilities of their respective systems.

The dazzling operations simply stunned the representatives of the mages!

It is truly feasible!

This is really exciting news.

Therefore, the two sides established the ‘real-time monitoring system’ issue, raised various doubts, and Su Hao provided detailed explanations one by one, until everyone had no doubts.

The mage leading the way said, “Mr. Jia Wei, do the five promises you made to the Mage Association at the beginning count?”

Even the threat of the fifth point can be viewed positively from a different perspective, as a form of protection for the Mage Association!

Su Hao solemnly said, “As long as both parties reach a cooperation, then each of the things I said will count. I, Jia Wei, disdain to play tricks on you in such matters.”

The mage leading the way said after seeing no objections from the crowd, “Well then, now please pass around the meeting records. After everyone confirms the accuracy, sign at the end.”

The meeting records were passed around one by one, taking a long time. Everyone examined them very carefully, not allowing any mistakes and also giving enough time for discussions and thoughts.

Two hours later, after passing around the meeting records, everyone signed their names, including Su Hao and the other two.

The mage leading the way stood up and said, “Next, the Mage Representatives of the Mage Association will anonymously vote on whether to cooperate with Mr. Jia Wei. If the number of approvals exceeds fifteen, it means the Mage Association agrees to cooperate with Mr. Jia Wei, otherwise, cooperation is refused.”

The mages present felt their hearts beating faster.

Cooperation or battle?

Until the results were out, they couldn’t be sure how the final vote would turn out.

History has proven countless times that the voting results often contradict the ‘expected’ outcomes.

One by one, the mages placed their chosen balls into the sealed box, then stared fixedly at the ballot box, afraid of foul play.

The etiquette lady quickly announced the voting results: twenty-nine in favor, one abstention!

Cooperation achieved!

All the mage representatives breathed a sigh of relief!

They didn’t dare to imagine the direction things would take if cooperation hadn’t been achieved, but it certainly wouldn’t have been the result they wanted to see.

Because no one wanted to confront this mysterious Jia Wei.

The subsequent events were straightforward. Professional mages immediately drafted thirty-three agreements, which were signed by all attendees present, each affixing their title, name, and handprint.

Agreement reached.

For Su Hao, agreements or not were irrelevant. If he wished, no agreement could bind him.

But for the mage representatives, the significance of the agreements was extraordinary. Having an agreement signed by both parties was the foundation of cooperation and also served as an explanation to their subordinates.

After the meeting dispersed, Feng Cheng went to the Lezixiang Palace to have fun, while Su Hao and Yashan were preparing to leave. Rada squeezed out a smile and approached Su Hao, saying, “Um… Mr. Jia Wei, since we have now reached an agreement, can you release my teammates and godsons back to us?”

Su Hao smiled and replied, “Of course, I only had you stay in my base temporarily, just worried that you might cause trouble.”

He then turned to Yashan and said, “Yashan, go and bring them here to hand over to President Rada!”

Yashan nodded, “Got it, Chief Wei!”

In no time, Yashan brought everyone over, Rada’s four teammates, and five others including Xiangli Feiyuan.

Excitement showed on everyone’s faces, they had been locked up for nearly two years, finally free!

However, Feiyuan hesitated, and finally asked, “Mr. Jia Wei, may I come back to your base often to read?”

Rada and others looked at Feiyuan in disbelief. Is this kid brain-dead? He couldn’t even escape from that ghostly place in time, so why does he still want to go back?

Once back at the base, all of the body’s source power will be restricted, let alone how uncomfortable that would be.

But, won’t Jia Wei refuse? How could he allow people to freely enter their secret base?

However, what shocked everyone was that Jia Wei actually nodded, then casually took out a metal ball and handed it to Feiyuan, saying, “Of course you can, this is a transfer ball straight to the base, you can go back to read at any time.”


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