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Chapter 606

Chapter 606 Justice will surely overcome evil

Thinking about it, Peng knocked on Su Hao’s laboratory door, nervously walked in, and found Su Hao tinkering with a spherical metal machine.

This machine was named “Disaster Positioning Device” by Su Hao. After reaching a cooperation agreement with the Mage Association, it was intended to collect disaster data as a fixed station.

It was still in the preliminary stage, and further adjustments were needed to complete it.

Seeing Peng coming over, Su Hao casually asked, “Peng, what’s the matter?”

Peng took a deep breath and gathered his courage, “Mr. Jia Wei, the Bright Society has successfully overthrown the royal family now, but it’s precisely at this time that I suddenly lost direction. I have no confidence in being able to govern this world in the future. What should I do?”

This was the deepest doubt buried in Peng’s heart. If he had to destroy the royal family, he felt there was still a trace to follow, but to manage a country, he felt he couldn’t do it.

Not being able to do it meant that Mr. Jia Wei wouldn’t be happy…

His shallow understanding made him feel lost and helpless when facing things beyond his capabilities.

Su Hao’s gaze shifted from the ‘Disaster Positioning Device’ and looked at Peng.

Long time no see, Peng’s face looked haggard and aged by a point, it seemed he had been worrying a lot about the Bright Society’s affairs during this time.

Su Hao smiled, “Relax, I didn’t expect you to be able to manage this world well on your own, because I know you definitely can’t.”

Peng suddenly breathed a sigh of relief, but there was a kind of indescribable sense of loss.

Su Hao said, “Do you know what your biggest advantage is?”

Peng shook his head, “I don’t know, maybe it’s justice…”

Su Hao said, “That’s just one of them, your biggest advantage is having many friends!”

Peng hesitated.

Su Hao said, “This is why I chose to cooperate with you instead of someone else, because with my help, your ability from the source will inevitably make you the emperor of this world.”

“But, I don’t know how to govern the world.”

Su Hao said, “Everyone has their own strengths. Unfortunately, you were born unsuitable to be a ruler. But it doesn’t matter, there will always be someone naturally good at this. Find that person who is good at governing a country, governing the world, then be friends with them. The issue of governing the country can be left to your friend.”

Do not need you to think, what you need to do, only one thing, that is, others point the direction, tell everyone, what kind of world do you want, what kind of world in your dreams.

Zhi Peng, do you understand? Your only advantage is having many friends! As long as you maximize this advantage, you can achieve everything you want.”

Zhi Peng was greatly shocked, but after careful thought, it was as Mr. Jia Wei said that as long as his friends knew, then he knew!

But Zhi Peng still had doubts: “Life is short, I do not know when I will grow old, die, nor do I know after I die, whether my friends will still consider me a friend, whether they will still sincerely manage this world. I also do not know, when I die, the future of the Illumination Society, how will it be!

My point is, it is impossible to rely on friends to govern the country forever.”

Su Hao said, “There is no need to worry about this. When you die, your current batch of old friends will have also aged, and a new generation will gradually grow up. They will have the complete ability to manage this vast world well, your current friends can help you get through the most difficult early stage, and after twenty or thirty years, you won’t need them anymore.

However, if you want the Illumination Society to last longer, then establish schools, train children from the beginning, help children establish a complete and positive cognitive system, while establishing a comprehensive hierarchical management system, talent selection system…

By doing this, you can extend the life of the Illumination Society appropriately.”

Zhi Peng’s eyes gradually lit up, murmuring, “Schools, cognition, systems…”

He returned to his own council office, pondered for a long time, and finally decided to formulate a set of strict membership rules for the Illumination Society, absolutely not allowing anyone to stand at a high position, just like the royal family, persecuting ordinary people without humanity.

At that moment, he was full of fighting spirit!

Zhi Peng took out the thick book “Politics and Philosophy” and seriously pondered, “To formulate perfect rules, one must comprehend the operating rules of this world, including human nature, morality, nature…”

Under the arrangement of Yashan, members of the Illumination Society were dispatched to gradually take over the administrative work in various regions in the most rudimentary way.

This was a very strong challenge for the understaffed Illumination Society, they were moving too fast.

However, the method used by Yashan was also very effective, that is, to temporarily set up an office at the original imperial palace location, then summon all the officials from various cities in the region to gather there, and then have Zhi Peng conduct the ‘Officials’ Mobilization Conference’.

Of course, officials could choose not to attend, but Yashan issued a ‘collective punishment’ method. If officials from a certain area were absent from the mobilization conference for any reason, a small team would be dispatched to slaughter all officials in that city, then select a group of people from the civilian population to temporarily manage.

Some people did not believe in this method, like the local officials in a place called Yinhe City, where a quarter of the officials were absent from the mobilization conference for various reasons, such as being seriously ill and unable to travel far, or having a broken leg making it difficult to walk, and so on.

Yashan did not listen to any of it.

He perfectly inherited Su Hao’s ‘one-size-fits-all’ style of doing things, if he said he would slaughter them all, then they would really all be slaughtered, not a single official left in the city!

Whether they attended or did not attend, they were all directly slaughtered, then buried in a place, problem solved.

Thus, with this precedent, the effect of the Illumination Society’s mobilization summons was outstanding, and no one dared to be absent from Zhi Peng’s summons anymore.

Even if someone wanted to be absent, others would not agree. If someone was seriously ill, if their leg was broken, they could arrange for vehicles and airplanes to send them to Zhi Peng.

If needed, they could even carry them on their backs, bringing along doctors!

As long as they arrived in front of Zhi Peng, no matter what they had thought before, it didn’t matter anymore, they would all eventually become Zhi Peng’s best friends, shining brightly for Zhi Peng’s cause.

And it was precisely because of Yashan’s ruthless methods, that in just two months, the Illumination Society smoothly took over the administrative work in various regions.

Society gradually restored production order.

Of course, during this process, there were inevitably people who jumped out looking for trouble.

Dealing with troublemakers is also very simple, turn the troublemaker into a friend, then follow the thread and uproot the forces behind them, after uprooting find a place to bury them.

As a result, order is restored at a speed faster than anyone imagined.

No matter how powerful the interest groups are, no matter what means they use, in the end, they will find it all useless.

They despairingly discover that besides causing some minor trouble for the Radiant Society, they are powerless to do anything else.

The reason for their powerlessness: they cannot defeat the Radiant Society!

The answer is just that simple!

Those people then turned their attention to the Mage Association, hoping that the Mage Association would come forward to uphold justice.

In their eyes, the Mage Association possesses the most powerful force in the world, and if they are willing to take action, they can certainly eliminate the Radiant Society!

But soon, they found that the Mage Association was indifferent, seemingly turning a blind eye to the atrocities of the Radiant Society!

So some people started spreading rumors to pressure the Mage Association.

Finally, they received an official response from the Mage Association: “The Mage Association is focused on combating any natural disasters, source beast disasters, or mysterious disasters, and protecting the land where humans live.

At the same time, we have no intention of becoming enemies with the Radiant Society, and hope to cooperate with them in building a better world!”

The meaning conveyed in this response is very clear: the Mage Association cannot defeat the Radiant Society and will not be enemies with them.

This is truly a message that brings despair.

What can be done? Just watch the Radiant Society run wild all over the world like that?

They have no choice but to believe in their hearts that in this world, justice will eventually triumph over evil!

As long as there is light in their hearts, they will eventually see their dawn!


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