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Chapter 605

Chapter 605 Exposing One’s True Nature

The Mage chuckled, “Itsu! I have come to understand a bit, that in this world, nobody is indispensable. When someone dies, the world does not undergo any changes.

The royal families are also not indispensable. They seemed so important and essential before, but now that things have happened, looking back, they were just that.

Apart from those directly affected by the loss of benefits who might be furious, the vast majority of people, always care about their own daily lives. The life and death of the royal families have nothing to do with them.

Do you understand what I mean?”

Itsu pondered for a moment, and honestly replied, “I don’t understand!”

The Mage sighed, “What I mean is, even our Mage Association is not as important and indispensable as we imagine. Just like the royal families, it is possible for us to be wiped out at any time, and then another organization will continue our work.

Even after our Mage Association is destroyed, the world will still be the same, and people will continue to live their lives as usual, with no significant difference.

If we have to point out a difference, it might be that many mages in the Mage Association have died, including you, including me. We are not as important as we think we are.”

Itsu said in amazement, “This is impossible… Who can destroy the Mage Association? No one can accomplish that. After all, the association is different from the royal family!”

The Mage sighed, “I used to think the same way as you, believing that the Mage Association represents the ultimate bottom line of the world, an eternal organization. Now it seems, we were too presumptuous.

Before the royal families were destroyed, nobody would have thought that in just a few days, they would be nearly wiped out.

This world is much more complex than we think.”

The Mage seemed to be explaining to Itsu, perhaps convincing himself, “Why should we intervene? What is the core purpose of our existence?”

Itsu replied, “To eliminate disasters worldwide and create a peaceful land for human survival.”

The Mage nodded, “So, let’s do what we need to do, eliminate disasters around the world, that’s enough. As for who rules this world, we don’t need to worry about it.”

Itsu hesitated to speak, but finally asked the doubt in his heart, “But… the last clause of the Eighteen Empires Agreement clearly states that ‘and’ is supposed to uphold the legitimacy of the Eighteen Empires…”

The Mage shrugged, “Itsu! All the royal families are gone, whom should we uphold? So, the Eighteen Empires Agreement has lost its subject and become invalid! Do you understand?

Again, as I said, the Mage Association is not as important as we imagine. Doing our core tasks well is the path to longevity!”

Itsu’s face wrinkled in confusion, “Mage, I still don’t understand…”

The mage reluctantly closed his eyes and sighed heavily about protecting this stubborn wooden head, his voice involuntarily raising a few notches, even getting a little out of control: “Its guard! I can’t beat the leader of the Bright Temple, Jia Wei! All the members of the Mage Association together can’t beat him alone! Do you understand what I’m saying? Huh? Do I have to make it so clear for you to understand? Otherwise, do you think how the seventeen emperors were taken away from under my nose?”

Its guardian was stunned: “Huh? Uh… I understand!”

He exclaimed in his heart: “Oh no, the mage’s explosive nature is exposed!”

The plan was successfully executed, and Zhi Peng himself seemed to be in a dream.

In less than ten years, the Bright Temple he personally founded had actually slaughtered all the top aristocrats in the world, and the Bright Temple would replace the royal family and rule the world.

How strange of a thing this was! In his eyes, it was more unbelievable than the strange disasters that occurred around the world.

Of course, he didn’t forget that all of this originated from his cooperation with Mr. Jia Wei!

If not for that, his Bright Temple, might have already died in some corner by now.

This made Zhi Peng exclaim, “Jia Wei, Jiayashan, Ji Feng Cheng, they are really powerful! The top aristocrats in the world, wiped out at their whim!”

Zhi Peng vaguely remembered Jia Wei once revealed the reason for exterminating the royal family: “For me, the royal family is just annoying mosquitoes flying around, making me uncomfortable.”

Thinking about it now, it sent chills down Zhi Peng’s spine.

Just because they made him uncomfortable, the entire royal family in the world was wiped out. Such a person… was ruthless! Compared to that, what did his ‘Let the light shine on the earth’ amount to?

Most importantly, would the actions of the Bright Temple in the future make Mr. Jia Wei ‘uncomfortable’? If indeed it made Mr. Jia Wei uncomfortable, the first person to bear the brunt would be him, Zhi Peng!

Ah! This was truly a sad discovery.

Zhi Peng realized this point, constantly reminding himself not to do anything that would make Mr. Jia Wei uncomfortable! Otherwise, the consequences would be unpredictable!

Thinking about it over and over, he still couldn’t figure out what would make Mr. Jia Wei uncomfortable, so he decided to ask Mr. Jiayashan and Mr. Ji Feng Cheng.

Upon hearing Zhi Peng’s doubts, Jiayashan laughed heartily, “Zhi Peng, rest assured, go ahead boldly! With your abilities, you don’t have the capacity to make Boss Wei feel uncomfortable.”

Zhi Peng was stunned, what kind of answer was this?

Jiayashan thought for a moment, “Since you asked, I’ll give you a hint!”

Zhi Peng nodded and listened attentively, “Mm-hmm!”

Jiayashan said: “Whatever the Boss Wei instructs, no matter what it is, do your utmost to fulfill it, don’t ask why, don’t weigh the pros and cons, even if the Boss Wei’s orders would lead to the downfall of the Bright Temple, even if the Boss Wei’s orders would lead to the destruction of this world… Do you understand?”

Zhi Peng: “Und… understanding! But…”

Jiayashan immediately pointed at Zhi Peng, “Don’t ask why!”

Zhi Peng: “Alright! Won’t ask!”

Jiayashan wore a satisfied smile and threw a simple question to test him, “Well, now I ask you a question: If there is scorching lava ahead, falling into it would definitely turn you to ashes, and Boss Wei orders you to jump in, what would you do?”

Zhi Peng widened his eyes, hesitatingly said, “Jump… jump in?”

Jiayashan patted Zhi Peng’s shoulder, “Your enlightenment is not high enough! You should reply ‘jump in’, without using a question, and without hesitation! I, Feng Cheng, you, the Bright Temple, and even this world, exist to serve Boss Wei! Do you understand what I’m saying?”

This time Zhi Peng understood, feeling greatly shocked.

After bidding farewell to Jiayashan, he felt something was off, so he went to Ji Feng Cheng and asked the same question.

Ji Feng Cheng stroked his chin and pondered, “What would make Boss Wei feel uncomfortable? I’m not very sure, but it’s true that Boss Wei doesn’t like trouble. If you are diligent in carrying out his orders, without a hitch, you can act freely on other matters. Boss Wei is quite easygoing.”

Place Peng’s scalp is numb, what does it mean to be very talkative? Feng Cheng thought and added: “Just do things according to your heart, don’t worry too much. Generally, if Mr. Wei doesn’t have a good impression, he can’t be bothered to say much, he will just bury the person directly. If he doesn’t bury them, it means he has a good impression.” So, since you are still doing well, it means you have a good impression in Mr. Wei’s eyes, just keep doing what you should, there won’t be any problems.”

Peng’s whole body shivered. After Feng Cheng said this, instead of feeling relieved, he became even more nervous and anxious.

After hearing the opinions of Yashan and Feng Cheng, Peng became even more flustered in his heart, suddenly feeling that these three guys were all abnormal!

Mr. Jia Yashan spoke to him with a kind of fanatical faith in his eyes that burst out without any concealment, overwhelming his face, almost suffocating him on the spot.

He had no doubt that what Mr. Jia Yashan said was credible. He believed that if there were real lava ahead, as long as Mr. Jia Wei said a word, Mr. Jia Yashan would not hesitate to jump in.

“Just like my friend, it’s really unimaginable! But, I can confirm, this is definitely not an ability from the source! As for Mr. Jia Wei, he is also the same, although not with such fanatical faith, it seems that his entire life’s meaning has been dedicated to Mr. Jia Wei! This… is simply terrifying!”

“No, I should still personally ask Mr. Jia Wei’s opinion! He will definitely tell me what I should do.”


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