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Chapter 604

Chapter 604: Instant Collapse

The palace of the Liyuan District quickly collapsed and sank.

Then it was the Yangjian District, Yongping District, Yanning District…

Facing Su Hao’s slaughter, the royal family had no resistance, nor the ability to resist. To be able to suddenly and unknowingly die, was this Su Hao’s kindness? Perhaps!

When Su Hao destroyed the last palace of the Yanghe District, he rarely stopped in place, silent for a moment, and then teleported back to the base world, sending a message to Yashan and Feng Cheng in the group: “I have handled my part, it’s up to you next.”

Yashan exclaimed, “So fast? I’ve only reached the third palace.”

Feng Cheng sent a smirk: “I’m at the fourth palace. Open the suppressor and blast a hole with a bomb, it’s fast!”

Yashan replied, “Feng Cheng, you’re being a bit disruptive with that.”

Feng Cheng: “Eh! I thought letting the citizens see an explosion once would broaden their horizons, they’ll be happy for a few years! After all, such visual effects are not something you can see whenever you want.”

Yashan: “… There’s some truth in that! Feng Cheng, do you have any spare bombs? Lend me some.”

Feng Cheng: “They’re piled up in my warehouse, plenty of them. I like to stock up on them for no reason.”

Yashan made a shocked expression: “Feng Cheng, you’re actually stockpiling bombs in the base??”

Feng Cheng: “…”

The development of events is often much more complicated than planned.

Su Hao and the others, according to their established goals, completely obliterated all the palaces, which seemed smooth because of their absolute powerful abilities.

But when it came to the operation part of the Radiance Society, it wasn’t so easy.

Although there were many mages in the Radiance Society, their strength was not as strong as imagined. Even with the initiative, launching sudden attacks on the royal palace from the shadows, not every team could successfully achieve their set goals.

Failure meant the team’s destruction, and the local royal family continued to live well, and had early preparations for attacks.

When the Radiance Society mobilizes other teams to go and exterminate, there are generally two outcomes. One is engaging in a defensive battle with the other party, with the royal family defending and the Radiance Society attacking, losing the initiative and paying a higher price to take them down; the other is the royal family sensing the situation is unfavorable and running away in advance, leaving a seed of destruction for the future in the vast world.

In either case, Zhi Peng was headache-inducing. When he asked Yashan, Yashan’s reply was: “A few rats have escaped, so what? It won’t cause much trouble, just proceed with the plan as normal.”

Yashan believed that theory is nice, but it’s fundamentally impossible to uproot all the royal families, some residual remnants are very normal, and there’s no need to worry. These remnants of a bygone era will be washed away by time within fifty years.

Currently, as long as the plan progresses in the established direction, it’s fine.

The “endless trouble” that Zhi Peng worried about, under the absolute strength of the three of them, was just a joke!

The original plan aimed to eliminate all the royal families within two days, but in reality, it took a total of five days to roughly achieve the goal.

One is because the mages who were directly harmed by interests took action. The original Mage Association did not allow association members to intervene in this matter, but as time dragged on, some mages couldn’t help but take action, directly ambushing the Radiant Society’s team from the side and saving the royal family in the name of righteousness. This was within Yashan’s expectations.

The second is that Yashan overestimated the strength of the Radiant Society and now, by confronting the royal family head-on, suffered extremely heavy losses.

This left Yashan shaking his head helplessly and sighing, “Even with absolute superiority, some teams still make mistakes.”

Regardless, once these five days pass, it will basically announce the extinction of the World’s Eighteen Imperial Royal Families, the world’s super aristocrats who have enjoyed the blessings of their ancestors for over a thousand years will officially come to an end.

The extinction of the royal family caused a massive stir worldwide.

In conjunction with the Radiant Society’s propaganda about the ‘crimes of the Eighteen Imperial Empires’, everyone realized that the tide had turned.

But what they found hard to believe was that in just a few days, half of the world’s power had changed hands, something they would not have dared to dream about.

“Ha, I never thought that the royal family, those dog-like scoundrels, could do such inhuman things, absolutely devoid of humanity! They don’t even treat people as people!”

“Could humans really come up with such cruel methods? Just thinking about it sends chills down my spine.”

“I used to respect the royal family, now it seems, bah, what kind of joke are they? Being killed now is a cheap way out for those bastards.”

“So, the Radiant Society is now in the Emperor’s position?”

“Hush! Don’t talk nonsense. Hasn’t it been said already? From now on, it’s not Emperor, it’s Speaker, getting it wrong will cause trouble.”

“But isn’t that the same? I hope the Radiant Society really does as they say, treating people like people. I don’t ask for much, just to eat and dress warmly is enough for me.”

“Hey! How is that enough? The Radiant Society has said that people are not livestock, just eating and dressing warm is not enough, there must also be dignity!”

“Dignity… heh!”

“Have you heard? The Eighteen Empires…”

“Stop! Hold on, no need to tell me again, I’ve heard it, if you want to boast, find someone else.”

“Hehe, you seem quite well-informed about the news, but what I’m going to tell you is something fresh, something you haven’t heard of.”

“What? Tell me!”

“About the Mage Association’s attitude, hey! I heard someone analyze it, otherwise, I wouldn’t have noticed it myself.”

“Mage Association? What does that have to do with this?”

“It seems you don’t know about the Eighteen Empire Agreement! One of them is to ‘uphold the legitimate rule of the Eighteen Empires’, logically speaking, when faced with the Radiant Society incident, the Mage Association, according to the agreement, must step forward to help the royal family eliminate the Radiant Society. But have you seen the Mage Association make any moves during these few days when the royal family was attacked? Not at all!”

“Hiss—Hearing you say that, it’s actually true! But why is that?”

“Why? Hehe! According to the analysis I heard, there are two possibilities. One is that the Radiant Society may have been formed by the Mage Association, having had enough of the royal family’s high-handedness over the years and deciding to take them all out. The other explanation is that before taking action, the Radiant Society consulted with the Mage Association in advance, and the Mage Association tacitly approved.”

“The first one is possible, but the second one seems impossible, right? How could the Mage Association approve of such a situation?”

“You don’t understand this! I heard the analysis saying that the Radiant Society has the power to destroy the world, and the Mage Association is cautious and dare not act recklessly!”


In a simple room with a table, Hao and the mage sat beside it, making tea. However, after many attempts, they could not brew the same kind of tea that Jia Wei had invited him to drink.

After taking a sip, he reluctantly put down the tea cup, sighed softly, and said, “Is it the water or the tea leaves that are different?”

Clearly, this attempt also failed, and the Mage did not know that the tea he drank was genetically modified ‘spirit tea’. He only knew that after tasting it once, he couldn’t forget it, and no matter how he tried, he couldn’t reproduce that delicious taste!

Just then, Itsu entered by knocking on the door.

The Mage asked lightly, “How is the situation now?”

Itsu’s face showed a complex expression: “Almost all the royal families around the world have been slaughtered in just a few days, and even the direct royal families residing in the main city have died completely!

There are also a small number of alert ones who escaped, but now they are hiding themselves tightly and dare not show their faces. According to this situation, it seems that they won’t be able to sleep peacefully at night…

This is equivalent to the Eighteen Empires turning into history in an instant!

Along with the slaughter of these royal families, many capable administrators were also killed. Now, after the destruction of the royal families, the order of the whole world has plunged into chaos, and many institutions are no longer functioning properly…

Mage, how do you view this matter? Should our Mage Association just stand by and watch?”


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My Divine Diary

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