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Chapter 603

Chapter 603: The Traitor

The old emperor disappeared, the new emperor ascended, the disaster cannons were secretly built, completed on time, and then sent through the top source artifact ‘gate’ to the Dragon Heart District closest to the Peaceful City, slowly being pushed towards the Peaceful City and the surrounding cities.

Each gate targeted a city, with a total of ten disaster cannons, meaning that with a single command, ten cities could be destroyed simultaneously.

On that day, Feng Cheng sent a message in the group: “Boss Wei, Boss Yashan, the other party has sent the disaster cannons to us, it’s time to go and receive them. But that huge thing that looks like a watchtower, I may not be able to bring it back on my own, I need the help of the two bosses.”

After that, he casually posted a picture in the group.

The disaster cannon as a whole resembled a column-shaped fortress, about ten meters high, supported by four large wheels at the bottom, capable of rolling forward on its own, with a half-sphere at the top, from which a thick pipe extended forward.

In Feng Cheng’s words, it was extremely ugly!

It lacked the aesthetic beauty of a cannon, the designer of the disaster cannon should consider a career change, maybe being a demolitions worker would be more suitable.

Compared to construction, destruction might be more in line with his talents.

Yashan replied casually, “You can’t bring back a few of these things? Feng Cheng, you’re too incompetent. No need for Boss Wei to take action, I can handle it.”

And then, at ten in the evening, ten strangely shaped disaster cannons appeared in the base.

“What??? The disaster cannons were hijacked? Who did it, don’t they want to live? Don’t they know whose things those are?”

A tumultuous roar came from the castle meeting hall, filled with more anger than anything else.

The ones speaking were no longer the emperors of the various districts, but the delegations sent out to negotiate matters.

The old emperor was captured while meeting at the castle, the new emperor had just taken office and didn’t want to repeat the same mistakes.

Anyone now who advised the new emperors that the castle was the safest place in the world must be up to no good, and could be easily accused and locked up in prison.

After the return of the mage, he did not show himself recklessly, but rather slipped behind the scenes, silently controlling the vast Mage Association, knowing that not many people were aware of his return.

Representing the mage in this council was his assistant Itsuke.

However, Itsuke only acted as an intermediary and did not participate in the discussion of the delegation.

A stern-faced man with a floral collar said, “The report says that it was taken by two ‘Land Scraping Armor’, who directly wrapped all the disaster cannons in crystal and then transported them away.

At that time, the guards were completely powerless and had no ability to stop the two ‘Land Scraping Armor’.”

As soon as the name ‘Land Scraping Armor’ was mentioned, everyone present immediately calmed down.

If the Land Scraping Armor intervened and the disaster cannons were seized, how could they accept… ?

Without the disaster cannons, what would they use to confront the Radiant Society? Continue to organize the Mage Army?

Let me ask you this, under such circumstances, which mage would dare to respond to their call to join the army?

Just surrender and be done with it.

I’m afraid that as soon as they mention organizing an army to eradicate the Radiant Society, those mages raised with heavy money by the imperial family will all run away the next day.

Someone was indignant at this point: “The construction of the Heavenly Disaster Cannon has always been a top secret matter, known by only a few, certainly not including members of the Radiant Society. So, how did the Scattered Skin Armor find out? How could it accurately steal all ten Heavenly Disaster Cannons, don’t tell me it’s just a coincidence!”

Everyone suddenly realized this point, looked at each other’s faces, and based on the manufacturing and transportation process of the Heavenly Disaster Cannon, the possibility of leakage was almost zero. So how did the Scattered Skin Armor find out the news?

They thought, and suddenly three words popped into their minds: “There’s a traitor!”

At this moment, the gaze of everyone turned towards each other, filled with suspicion and scrutiny.

Apart from themselves, no one knew if others were the traitors betraying the group.

In other words, everyone sitting there was a possibility!

Someone gritted their teeth and said, “Investigate! We must find out who leaked the information, and tear them to pieces!”

As the imperial parliament made a big move to search for the traitor, the Radiant Society had already, during this half-year period, based on the information given by the emperors, identified the locations of the major royal families and quietly arranged the corresponding relay spheres.

Yashan decided to organize manpower tomorrow night, first raid the royal families in ten districts, and then wipe out the remaining seven royal families, striving to complete the task of clearing out the royal families in two days.

Zhi Peng was worried and said, “Mr. Jiayashan, we are still lacking manpower, why don’t we wait quietly for another six months! Half a year later, I am confident that my mage friends can make a transformation!”

Yashan replied, “Don’t worry! The strongest defense of the royal palace is all handled by the three of us, you just need to be responsible for clearing the king’s mansions in each city. Moreover, all the power sources we have collected have been distributed to various teams, as long as they are used properly, wiping out these mere king’s mansions will be a piece of cake.”

Zhi Peng was still not entirely reassured, “Even so, launching an attack so hastily will inevitably cause heavy losses to our mage friends. Besides, I am worried that the mages of the Mage Association will quickly react and join the battle, we will have no chance of winning.”

Yashan said, “Losses are inevitable, we cannot refrain from acting because there will be losses. Everyone is fighting for the goal of ‘letting the light shine on the earth’, even if sacrifices are made, it is for the great goal of the Radiant Society, there is nothing to regret.”

“And you don’t need to worry about the Mage Association, even if they notice something unusual, they will pretend they didn’t see it. What you need to worry about are those who harbor a sense of justice and meddle carelessly, just clear them away when you encounter them.”

“Prepare well! During this time, confirm the numbers of the relay spheres and emergency mechanisms again, make contingency plans for all possible events you can think of, don’t be in a rush at that time and end up failing at the last minute.”

Zhi Peng breathed a sigh of relief and said, “I understand! In that case, let’s destroy all the royal families in the best way possible!”

And all these actions of the Radiant Society were carried out without the knowledge of the seventeen imperial royal families, who were still angry about having their weapon ‘Heavenly Disaster Cannon’ stolen by the Radiant Society, vowing to find out the person who betrayed them.

The next day, as night fell, the mages of the Radiant Society divided into more than seven thousand small teams, quietly arrived at the cities they were responsible for through the relay spheres.

Upon arriving in the cities, they did not rush to attack the royal mansions, but went to specific locations, destroyed the communication base stations with the outside world, and then appeared directly in the royal mansions through the relay spheres, initiating the attacks.

For a moment, there were angry curses, blood, screams, severed limbs…

The mages stationed in the royal mansions quickly reacted, either fleeing or fighting, but they were soon overwhelmed by the mages of the Radiant Society, losing their ability to resist or losing their lives.

Preparedness made a huge difference.

Su Hao also joined this operation, responsible for destroying the palaces in six regions.

He directly teleported to the nearest main city of Dragonheart District, locked onto the palace with his divine sense, didn’t even bother to use restraints, made his move with a quick step, then after applying various effects, punched the nearby wall.

There was no sound, and the wall remained intact.

The powerful impact of the punch, under the effect of the ‘Lockdown Fist’, split into countless parts, transferred to the heads locked in by the divine sense, effortlessly turning their brains into a mush.

The entire main city palace of the Longxin District in the royal family, at the same time lost its breath, and fell softly to the ground.

Su Hao struck out again, and the people in the nearby prince’s mansion also fell to the ground, following into the royal palace.

The people of the royal family in the main city of the Longxin District didn’t even know how they died.

After two punches, Su Hao retracted his fist, flashed into the royal palace, the diamond armor spreading under his feet, and in a moment the entire palace sank underground, the originally brightly lit palace disappeared without a trace, turning into a dark flat ground.

“Next, it’s the Liyuan District!” Su Hao scanned with his divine sense, confirmed that there were no omissions, and directly teleported away from this place. When he reappeared, he was already outside the main city palace of the Liyuan District.

When his strength reached a certain level, doing such things was simply too easy.

A living life, like an insect or ant, under his hand, could be annihilated with just a snap of his fingers.


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My Divine Diary

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