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Chapter 602

Chapter 602: The Attribute of Wealth

Five days later, the mage was sent back to the Xinji City by Yashan.

Upon returning to the Xinji City, that feeling of freely controlling the source ability returned to him.

With a single thought, he encompassed the entire Xinji City within his perception.

As long as he wished, he could anytime pull all the people of the Xinji City into a virtual dream!

This is the Origin Mage, developed to the extreme by the mage, excluding Su Hao and others, or can be called invincible.

Even Rada’s ‘Locking Fist’ was powerless against the mage, because everything he sensed and knew were all illusions created by the mage, he didn’t really know his true location at all.

The recovery of power did not bring any joy to the mage’s heart, because he knew that as long as Javee wished, the ‘inhibitor’ within a range of two hundred kilometers could deprive him of everything he had.

“Is the power I possess, true power? Being arbitrarily deprived like this… perhaps, I have never known what ‘source’ is.”

He silently retracted his abilities, and no one in the entire Xinji City noticed that they had just lived in the dream constructed by the mage for a short period of time, seamlessly connected to reality and exited.

He looked at the palm of his hand, slowly clenched his fist, “Perhaps, cooperating with Javee is a good choice.”

After pondering silently for a moment, the mage’s perception locked onto one person in the Xinji City who was leading the search everywhere, and directly transmitted to his ear, “Ishou, come to the meeting hall of the Hebao to see me.”

The person named Ishou was a handsome middle-aged man in armor. Upon hearing the voice, a look of ecstasy appeared on his face. He immediately waved his hand and said, “Dismissed!”

And then he ran directly towards Hebao.

In the base’s small world.

Rada shouted loudly, “And the mage! Old man, where did he go?”

Dumon speculated, “Could it be that he has already returned to the Xinji City?”

But Rada didn’t believe it, “Do you really believe his nonsense? Who would come to negotiate in such a place? And the mage is not someone who easily takes risks, very cunning. He must have been captured.”

At this moment, Feiyuan and others came over. Feiyuan said, “Godfather, it seems like the mage has really gone back.”

Rada widened his eyes, “What? How do you know?”

Feiyuan said, “Today during the experiment, I casually asked Javee, he said the mage had been sent back yesterday.”

Rada cursed, “Damn it! That old scoundrel just ran off on his own, leaving us here? If I get out, I’ll definitely smash his two front teeth!”

The woman with glasses curiously asked, “Feiyuan, did you ask about the outcome of the negotiations?”

Feiyuan nodded, “I asked!”

Everyone stared at Feiyuan.

Feiyuan shrugged, “Javee said ‘the outcome is for the mage to decide’.”

“What does that mean?”

Feiyuan said, “The meaning is quite obvious, probably Javee gave some suggestions to the mage and gave the mage time to consider. If the association compromises, then everyone will be fine, if not, then both sides will play hard, and Javee will fight to the end. Hmm, that’s my guess!”

Rada asked, “Then guess whether the mage will compromise or not!”

Feiyuan said, “How would I know that, I’m not a god!”

Rada rubbed Feiyuan’s curly hair with a big hand, and said loudly, “I asked you to guess, it doesn’t matter if it’s right or wrong.”

Feiyuan pulled his head back, “Judging from Javee’s look of having everything under control, I guess it doesn’t matter much whether the mage compromises or not!”

Rada: “What? Lost before even starting? Impossible! He’s tough as nails! If that old man takes me out, I can help him break through the Glory Meeting!”

No one paid attention to him.

It seems that their Rada always lacked a clear understanding of his own strength after being captured.

Feiyuan suggested, “Godfather, maybe you can go talk to Mr. Jia Wei and ask how to get you out. Maybe he will tell you.”

Rada blurted out, “Bullshit! I will beg him to let me go?”

At dusk, Rada sneaked to the outside of Su Hao’s laboratory, knocked on the laboratory door, and the door quickly opened automatically.

Su Hao asked in surprise, “Rada, what are you here for?”

Rada greeted Su Hao with a smile, then chuckled and said, “Well, Mr. Jia Wei, since we’ve been locked up here for so long, I just wanted to ask when you plan to let us out, or how we can get out?

Oh! Mr. Jia Wei, rest assured, I promise you, I won’t cause any trouble for you! When we get out, it will be as if nothing happened!”

Su Hao smiled and said, “Oh, so that’s what you’re here for! Don’t worry too much about that, there will be plenty of opportunities for you in the future. And the situation outside is still chaotic, can’t let you out to cause trouble. Let’s wait until the situation stabilizes a bit! About a year or two!

By the way, your knowledge is too poor, it won’t be of much use when you go out. There are many books in the base, why don’t you take this opportunity to read and improve yourself. Feiyuan is good, he spends his time in the library reading, he’s a talent.”

Rada: “This… it will take a year?”

Su Hao corrected, “A year to two, depending on the situation. Anything else?”

Rada shook his head, “Nothing!”

As Rada was about to leave, Su Hao stopped him: “Wait, since you’re here, why don’t we do an experiment before you leave?”

Rada: “…”

A few days later, the confessions of the sixteen emperors were completed. Comparing with the decrypted consciousness information, Su Hao truly discovered that some were trying to deceive, only providing very little information about the royal family, while mixing a lot of information about other families close to the royal family, wanting the close families to take the blame and save the royal family.

Su Hao didn’t say much about this.

He gathered the sixteen emperors together, then casually exploded the heads of the two who had done the most. He said calmly, “The information given by these two regarding the royal family is too incomplete. It is considered a refusal to cooperate. As they wished, they will be painlessly removed.

Now, the rest of you have five days. If you continue with this attitude towards me, then we have nothing to discuss.”

The remaining fourteen emperors had pale faces. In less than five days, in just two days, they completely exposed all the details of their royal families!

As emperors, they were very clear about the composition of their own families, which saved Su Hao a lot of effort.

The information on the various royal families was quickly handed over to Zhi Peng by Yashan, and the plan to eradicate the royal families began.

According to Yashan’s estimate, it would take at least half a year to prepare thoroughly. One problem was the issue of manpower, another was targeting the right people, and the third was setting up the transfer sphere.

To solve these problems, it would take a lot of time.

It is worth mentioning that after the fourteen emperors betrayed their own families, they were released by Yashan and could freely move within a specific range of the base the next day. They then met Rada and others.

There was no feeling of camaraderie in being caught together, both sides looked unpleasantly at each other, and then Rada, the invincible with his fists, beat each of the fourteen emperors into panda eyes one by one.

Yes, not even the highly attractive female queen was spared.

When Rada had his power, his fists were almost invincible, and even when his abilities were restricted, ordinary people were no match for him.

In this way, the emperors and Rada and others in the small world of the base often ended up in fights, not giving in to each other.

Everyone’s ‘martial arts’ skills greatly improved!

Time passed quickly, and half a year passed in no time.

The disappeared seventeen emperors are considered dead, and the heir to the first emperor in each district quickly held the ascension ceremony, becoming the new emperor of the world.

Everything continued as usual, the vast imperial machinery rolled on, without a few emperors having any impact on the overall situation. If one emperor died, there were still thousands of others. In theory, as long as there is imperial bloodline, when all other imperial families are dead, there is an opportunity to ascend to the throne.

The vast interest groups do not allow the imperial family to perish, nor do they allow the collapse of the huge interest system that has been built up over the years.

If the imperial family collapses, then the wealth of those people will inadvertently shrink significantly.

For them, no matter how huge the wealth they currently possess, the nature of wealth has already been decided – it can only grow, not shrink!


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My Divine Diary

My Divine Diary

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