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Chapter 601

Chapter 601 I Am Here to Negotiate

As Su Hao displayed, The mage’s shocked expression gradually froze.

Everything seen today has exceeded his understanding of ‘Origin Mages’, he simply could not believe what he saw.

A mage who is both an ‘Energy’ and ‘Material’ mage?

Impossible! In history, no one has been able to do this… except for this young Jia Wei in front of him!

How did he do it? Is it really from research?

After demonstrating the abilities related to the energy system and quality system, Su Hao answered the doubts in the minds of the mage and the mage exclaimed, “These are the results of our research. They can make anyone become a mage of any system, and even allow an ordinary person to awaken as a source mage through training.”

The mage murmured, “Even an ordinary person can awaken as a mage through training? This…”

For the mage, this was too subversive!

Su Hao tightened his fist and said, “Not only that, we have also developed a method to use the abilities of the illusion system. For example, the ‘locking fist’ of the source mage, Rada the Trickster!”

After saying this, he punched the ground, and a large hole suddenly burst in the distant wall.

The mage opened his mouth and stood there speechless!

Since becoming a ‘mage’, he had never shown this kind of expression before. Today, he couldn’t help it, as the degree of astonishment in his heart had surpassed his ability to control it!

Su Hao continued, “Of course, there are many more abilities that I won’t demonstrate one by one. Source mages of the mind and source mages of the divine can also be used at will. Even abilities beyond the three systems of ‘energy’, ‘quality’, and ‘illusion’ can be developed.”

“So, do not doubt our research abilities. Cooperating with our research is not mere nonsense. I truly want to unravel the mystery of the ‘source’.”

The mage looked at Su Hao as if he were a monster, changing his previous attitude of treating him as a young junior to placing Su Hao in a position higher than himself, inevitably feeling a sense of respect for this young man.

This was too amazing!

Even the leader of all the source mages in the world found it difficult to suppress the sense of admiration in his heart.

The mage struggled to say something for a while but couldn’t. Finally, he managed to utter four words, “Unbelievable.”

The diamond armor under Su Hao’s feet spread out, restoring the temporary reception room to its original state.

Then he said, “Everything in the world follows rules. All seemingly unbelievable things are simply because our understanding is too superficial, and we have not grasped their essence.

So, if you find it unbelievable that I can do these things, it is because your understanding is limited, while for me, it is a very simple matter.

Similarly, the attitude towards the royal family is the same. Your persistence in the contributions of the royal family to this world is just because of the limitations of your understanding of social structure, whereas I see a bit more.

That’s why, you will find that I do not want to debate much about the issues of the royal family with you. It is because I see a bit further than you, and I happen to know a bit more than you…

You see, the gap in understanding is right there in front of us, and there is simply no need to argue.

Do you think I am cruel for killing people without a second thought? Cruelty is just superficial. In essence, it is not so. It’s just that I know the huge gap in understanding between us, and words cannot convince each other.”

It had been a long time since anyone dared to talk in front of the mage saying, ‘I know a bit more than you,’ ‘Your understanding is limited,’ ‘I am not interested in arguing with you’…

Today, the mage encountered one, but strangely, he couldn’t refute him.

This was quite absurd; he had never imagined he would be taught a lesson by a young person.

The mage shook his head and said, “Perhaps you are right.”

Su Hao tapped the table, instantly heating the teapot, poured himself a cup of tea, and continued, “You are right when you say, ‘I am right,’ and it must be right, because if someone says I am wrong, that person will bear the consequences.

I believe you should know what these technologies we currently possess mean.

A simple ‘source vector suppressor’ is not something the royal family or even the mage association can resist. Your source abilities are indeed powerful, but without the source, mages are just slightly stronger than ordinary people.

Otherwise, how do you think the ten thousand mages of the royal organization were wiped out in an instant?”

Concluding, Su Hao said, “After today’s discussion, my needs have been made clear. I will do my best to achieve my goal within the next year, and all obstacles will be shattered.

The demise of the royal family is already a foregone conclusion, and it now depends on the attitude of the Mage Association. If cooperation is successfully achieved, I will be very pleased and will selectively share the research results with you, such as the various mage types you saw today. If cooperation is not reached, my plan will be delayed for another year, and then I will spend a year exterminating all the mages in the world and reorganize an association willing to work with me.”

After hearing Su Hao’s words, the mage’s hands were trembling uncontrollably.

He knew that Su Hao was not joking with him; every word he said was true. That is why his heart was so unsettled and even fearful.

This young man named Jia Wei could achieve this!

Finally, the mage couldn’t help but say, “If we cooperate, can you ensure that you will not destroy this world?”

Su Hao laughed, “I never intended to destroy this world. Please do not equate clearing the royal family and some obstacles with destroying the world. You do not represent the world, so do not mix them together.”

The mage said, “You have convinced me, but convincing me alone is not enough.”

Su Hao replied, “Mage, you have misunderstood me! I never planned to convince anyone. The reason I have been talking to you for so long is simply because I happened to bump into you here and wanted to understand your attitude. It would be best to save some trouble. If it doesn’t work out, it’s okay. I am not lacking that year or two.”

Su Hao raised his teacup and took a sip, saying, “Well, let’s stop here for today. I’ll give you five days to consider. During these five days, you are free to visit my experimental base. After five days, I will send you back to the New Era City.

I hope that the mages can give me a pleasant surprise. Also, if the Mage Association wants to protect the royal family, you are welcome to try. In this way, you will finally give up.”

With that, Su Hao’s figure slowly disappeared from the spot, teleporting back to his own laboratory.

The mage sat in the chair, quietly staring at the teacup in front of him, lost in thought. After a long time, he sighed, “I wonder what the future holds!”

In the following days, no one restricted the mage’s actions, and he was quite curious about Su Hao’s experimental base. He wandered around, and what he saw and heard greatly shocked him. He had never imagined that there could be such advanced facilities in the world.

The various facilities and equipment in the experimental base gave them the feeling of seeing ‘alien technology.’

The next day, the mage encountered an acquaintance at the experimental base.

“Mage? What are you doing here?”

A loud voice suddenly came from afar, making the mage subconsciously turn to look. He saw a curly-haired man standing in the distance, clenching his fists, looking incredulously in their direction.

“Rada?” The mage immediately recognized the President of the Rada Guild.

Rada’s teammates and the Flying Arrow Team rushed over upon hearing the voice. After clearly seeing the mage’s face, they all showed stunned expressions.

In the eyes of all the Origin Mages present, the mage was as noble as the ruler of the world, his portrait visible everywhere in the world, even revered as a living deity. Although not everyone had seen him face to face, almost everyone recognized his appearance.

How lofty a figure he was…

They actually met in the enemy’s stronghold?


Rada rushed over to the mage, carefully scrutinizing him, then exclaimed, “It’s really you, Mage! What’s going on! Have you also been captured?”

The mage was one of the few who could attack Rada beyond his perception range, so Rada had long been ‘thinking day and night’ about him.

The mage cleared his throat and said, “I haven’t been captured. I came here to negotiate with the enemy leader. After discussing relevant matters, I will leave. Hmm, probably leaving in about five days.”

Rada looked skeptical, “Is it true? You old man, you like to lie, very bad. Don’t deceive us.”

Shanli and the Flying Arrow team were almost wide-eyed after hearing Rada’s words.

This was the mage! How could President Rada dare to speak like that to the mage?

And the mage showed a faint smile, did not answer but asked back, “And you, why are you staying here?”

Rada waved his hand and said, “Oh, let’s not mention it. I was careless for a moment and didn’t dodge!”


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My Divine Diary

My Divine Diary

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