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Chapter 592

Chapter 592: Obstacle, Death

At the same time, Xiangli and the Flying Arrow Team quietly flew over the vast sea, heading towards the island where the base world was located.

Xiangli kept an eye on the map and compass, ensuring they were on the right track.

“We shouldn’t be wrong in this direction, we should be there in about thirty kilometers.”

“Feiyuan, are you sure the head of the Rada Alliance is on the island?”

Feiyuan shrugged, “Not sure! It’s possible he’s being held on the island, or elsewhere, or he may have already died. But since the Radiant Society has publicly announced the capture of the head of the Rada Alliance, the likelihood of him being captured is higher.

But even if he’s not on the island, what does it matter? Now is the time for the Allied Forces to attack the Radiant Society. The Glorious Armor of the Earth Dragon is definitely not on the island anymore. We’ll just take a look around, if we can’t find him, we’ll leave immediately, there won’t be any issues.

What if we do find the head of the Rada Alliance? With the overthrow of the royal family and the capture of the head of the Rada Alliance, the whole Hengxuan District is in chaos. We need the head of the Rada Alliance to restore order quickly.”

And, do you remember the last time we tracked being followed? This time we are going to the island, assuming that the bite is here for tourism, so there shouldn’t be a problem. If we do come across people, don’t show hostility, just say we got lost while touring.”

Upon hearing this, the others nodded earnestly, indicating their understanding.

Suddenly, the five of them felt a loss of support under their feet, uncontrollably tracing a parabolic path and falling towards the sea.

In the sudden turn of events, the group panicked instantly.

The Master of Qi Source wanted to use his abilities again but found that the previously smooth abilities he used could not be manifested now.

In a panic, he exclaimed, “My abilities are failing again!”

The other teammates also tried to activate their own abilities, but to no avail, all of them failed.

Feiyuan shouted loudly, “Oh no, it is likely that this sea area has been affected by a prohibited source effect. Pay attention to maintaining balance in the body, and the feet should enter the water first. Take off the metal armor on your body immediately after entering the water.”

Seconds before entering the water, Feiyuan suddenly remembered something and looked at Xiaoli’s compass in her hand, about to remind her to hold onto the compass at all costs.

Unfortunately, it was too late.

With a splash, the five people fell into the water together.

All five of them could swim, and they quickly surfaced. Feiyuan anxiously asked, “Xiaoli, where is the compass?”

Xiaoli raised her hand and looked at her empty hand, saying, “Oh, yeah, where is the compass?”

Feiyuan slapped his forehead, realizing the gravity of the situation!

He immediately dove into the water, quickly resurfacing. This was deep sea waters, and the compass, being a metal object, had sunk to a depth where he couldn’t retrieve it. There was no way to find it now.

It was overcast, making it impossible to determine direction by the position of the sun.

After falling into the water just now, they quickly lost their sense of direction.

Feiyuan furrowed his brows, riding the waves of the sea.

He had already understood one thing clearly: this special prohibited source effect had a certain range, and unfortunately, they had just plunged into this range, causing their source abilities to fail.

The only way now was to retreat, get out of the prohibited source range, and restore their source abilities. However, Xiaoli had lost the compass, and they were directionless.

Feiyuan forced himself to calm down, closed his eyes, and began to think.

His brain worked swiftly.

“I’ve got it!”

By calculating the initial velocity and approximate height above the sea surface from the previous flight and using projectile motion, he calculated the current landing point.

He immediately found a solution, “Come closer to me, listen to me! The boundary of the prohibited source range is approximately one hundred and fifty meters away from here. However, we cannot determine the direction now.

Therefore, each of you should swim in a different direction at least two hundred and twenty meters, looking back towards my position every ten seconds. If you have not exited the prohibited source range after two hundred meters, return immediately to my position. Do you understand?”

The other four people knew the gravity of the situation and immediately replied in unison, “Understood!”

The United Army of the Eighteen Empires split into ten legions, advancing towards the main cities of the Radiant Society with the aim of simultaneously annihilating the various divisions of the Radiant Society.

At this moment, Su Hao and his companions had transformed into “Mingzi,” standing in a very remote location, waiting quietly for the opponents to approach closer and reach a specific position.

Yashan said, “The United Army has been divided into ten legions of different sizes, dispersed among each other but not far apart, forming a huge force that can support each other at any time. The commander of the allied forces still has a bit of ability.”

Feng Cheng said, “Forget about it, I’ll just drop ten thousand bombs and end it.”

Yashan smiled, “We still have to leave some people for them to run back, otherwise how can we show the world our overwhelming power?”

Su Hao said, “I’ll take care of the middle four legions, and you two each take responsibility for three legions on the left and right. How about that?”

Feng Cheng excitedly said, “Sure thing, Boss Wei! It’s time to show the power of ten thousand bombs!”

Yashan reminded, “Don’t blow them all up, remember to leave some people.”

Su Hao issued a final statement, “And, don’t forget our main goal: capturing them alive.”

“Rest assured, Yashan leader! I have my limits! I will definitely control him tightly.”

After a while, Su Hao said, “Alright! Let’s act!”

Upon saying that, he flashed and disappeared from the original place.

Three seconds later, Yashan also flashed away, Feng Cheng took a full five seconds before successfully flashing away.

Su Hao appeared in the sky above a legion, quickly forming a ‘source vector suppressor’ array plate by his side, and then activating it.

The array plate burst into white light, and then disappeared without a trace.

It was this burst of light that made the legion below notice Su Hao in the sky.

“What is that?”

“The armor of scraping skin! Alert, enemy attack!”

Immediately, a loud alarm sounded from below, and the planned actions were carried out in an orderly manner.

However, when they tried to use their abilities, they found that their abilities were ineffective.

“Not good, our abilities are not working!”

“Mine too!”

“What’s going on? Isn’t the ‘dispel’ effect supposed to be maintained at all times? Mage, answer!”

“Maintained at all times, but our abilities are also ineffective. In other words, perhaps the dispelling effect is ineffective against the means that make our abilities ineffective.”

“Oh no!”

“What do we do next?”

“Don’t panic! There is a contingency plan for situations like this.”

“What is the contingency plan?”

“I don’t know! The legion commander didn’t say!”

“Damn! Who’s the idiot who became the legion commander?”

Soon, everyone saw the tall and dazzling crystal armored figure in the sky retracting their fist, stepping forward in a boxing stance, and a huge crystal shield appeared in front of them out of thin air.

In the next moment, the armored figure lit up with a golden light and threw out a fierce punch.

There was no sound, and the shield did not shatter, as if it was a joke.

After a punch, Su Hao ignored the scene below and directly flashed away to the next legion.

After four consecutive punches, the work was done!

At this moment, the insane power of the ‘locked fist’ ability was truly demonstrated.

It was like a divine skill for clearing out subordinate troops!

The speed of clearing out the troops was even faster than his ‘thousand sword volley’.

Now, this ability belonged to Su Hao.

Yashan’s actions were not slow either. Upon activating the ‘source vector suppressor’, he jumped down directly, bringing thunderous flames and a dense array of diamond spikes to finish the job.

The problem was solved in an extremely short period of time.

The most exaggerated was Feng Cheng, who activated the ‘source vector suppressor’ first, and then took out the ‘ten thousand explosions’ pre-charged in the base mini-world and threw it down from high altitude.


After three “boom” sounds, the three legions were almost wiped out, with only a few on the very edge managing to resist due to their sturdy physique.

Of course, not all strong-bodied individuals survived on the edge.

Those who did not open their mouths died as their lungs burst from the strong shockwaves. Those who looked stunned were the lucky ones who survived.

The three gathered again, with Feng Cheng still trembling with excitement.

For him, it was a bit too exciting.

Yashan joked, “Feng Cheng, as someone who has experienced the end of the world, why would blowing up these three legions get you so excited?”

Feng Cheng calmed down a bit and awkwardly said, “I don’t know, after blowing it up, my hands and feet felt a bit cold.”

Yashan teased, “Embarrassing the cultivation realm cultivators!”

This is just a stumbling block on the research path for A Shan. He has no feelings about it.

Su Hao is the same.

Since he was reincarnated into this world and decided to delay time as much as possible to study the source, it is destined that this world will suffer a catastrophic impact from a planetary collision hundreds of years later.

If he cannot research a method to destroy the planet as soon as possible, the outcome goes without saying. It is no longer a matter of the lives of tens of thousands or millions of people, but the entire planet will be destroyed, and civilization will come to an end.

Therefore, time is even more important to Su Hao. Faced with these tens of thousands of people, he cannot afford to have any hesitation or mercy.

Su Hao’s blade always points forward.

Anyone blocking his path, die!


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My Divine Diary

My Divine Diary

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