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Chapter 591

Chapter 591 Take Me There Again

Ah Xing and Ah Wang’s faces looked a bit more mature, although their chin’s beard was cleanly shaved, it could still be seen that they had become stronger.

Their hairstyles were now the same as Su Hao and the others, they had all adopted the crew cut style.

This was Ah Xing’s idea, he suddenly wanted to do this, so he did it.

What made Ah Wang helpless was that Ah Xing cut his own hair and forced him to cut his hair into a crew cut style as well.

Now, the five crew-cut young men sitting around a table in the tavern had become a beautiful sight, attracting the gazes of various drinking young women and married women.

As soon as they sat down, Feng Cheng couldn’t wait to ask, “Ah Xing, Ah Wang, have you found girlfriends?”

Ah Xing and Ah Wang’s faces froze.

Then Ah Xing casually ran his hand through his short hair and said, “Isn’t that too many? Don’t know which one to choose?”

Ah Wang also chuckled, “That’s right! Now, the people pursuing me have even lined up in the next town. Looking for a girlfriend, isn’t it just a matter of holding hands?”

Yashan sneered, “That must mean you don’t have one! You guys are really hopeless. If it were me, I would have a dozen children running around by now.”

Ah Xing and Ah Wang retorted, “How come we don’t see your children running around?”

Yashan seemed to remember his few children, and couldn’t help but smile, “Isn’t there a mission for the eldest?”

He turned to Feng Cheng and said, “Feng Cheng, you haven’t had a girlfriend yet, right! Do you want to find a girl to experience marriage with?”

Feng Cheng’s face suddenly turned red, stammering, “I…I can?”

Ah Xing and Ah Wang’s eyes lit up, and Ah Wang chuckled, “Ah Feng, how about we take you to a good place tonight?”

Feng Cheng curiously asked, “What good place?”

Ah Wang mysteriously smiled, “Just come with us, you won’t be disappointed.”

Feng Cheng looked at Su Hao.

Su Hao laughed, “If you want to go, then go!”

Among the people present, only Feng Cheng had not had such an experience.

Shouldn’t a Transcendent Realm cultivator not need this? But who knows! Maybe Feng Cheng just wanted to give it a try…

…When they talked about beautiful girls, the sense of unfamiliarity that had been absent for a long time between the five of them immediately disappeared.

After the gathering was coming to an end, Ah Xing suddenly said, “Ayong, do you three know about the recent major events?”

Su Hao asked, “Are you referring to the incident of the royal family’s downfall?”

Ah Xing nodded, “Yes…”

Ah Xing and Ah Wang knew early on that Su Hao was related to the ‘Scraper Armor’, even speculating that Su Hao was the ‘Scraper Armor’ himself, after all, they had seen Su Hao’s [Fate Child] appearance.

Later, a special Radiant Society targeting the royal family suddenly emerged. As they received more and more information, they both suspected that Su Hao was part of the Radiant Society.

By today, they no longer had to doubt, but were very sure that Su Hao and the others must be related to the Radiant Society.

Ah Xing hesitated and said, “Ah Yang, I heard that the Eighteen Empires Alliance has formed a ten-thousand-member mage army and is about to move to eradicate the Radiant Society. Do you guys know about this?”

Su Hao replied, “Of course, they say the Radiant Society will be disbanded within three days! It seems quite powerful.”

Ah Xing looked at Ah Wang, not knowing where to start, feeling that Ah Yang didn’t seem too concerned about this matter.

He frowned and thought for a moment, “The mages forming the allied forces are all senior source mages bought by the royal family, supposedly intended for use as weapons against the ‘Innovators.’ They are all quite famous individuals…

Lately, Ah Wang and I have been invited and often attend various mage gatherings in Yixuan City. We have learned quite a bit. Currently, there is a high demand within the Mage Association to revoke the final clause of the agreement, all thinking about how to take advantage of this opportunity to change that clause.

Obviously, everyone has significant doubts about this clause. However, the voices are suppressed by the ruling high-level officials.

Their argument is: It can’t be guaranteed what a world without royal rule would be like, perhaps it would become even worse! No one wants to set such a precedent. If mishandled, it could likely trigger a new war, leading the world to lose order.

My own opinion is to support the Mage Association in revoking the protection given to the royal family and let them develop on their own. Although I don’t fully understand the reasoning behind it, it feels like without the corruption of the royal family, the world might be better off.

So, if the Radiant Society can withstand the impact of the Eighteen Empires Alliance, Ah Wang and I will go to Yixuan City and join the ‘Innovators’ to work towards revoking the final clause of the agreement.

Ah Yang, what do you think?”

Su Hao replied, “If you ask for my opinion, I can only tell you what I think. To me, these things are neither good nor bad, nor right or wrong.

Whatever I think in my heart, that’s what I’ll do.

Ah Xing, that clause of the agreement isn’t really important, neither is the royal family; what’s important is what you want.

What actions will make you feel satisfied and fulfilled, go ahead and do them! Too many hesitations and concerns, apart from wasting time and life, won’t achieve anything.

Do what those things that even in old age or after death, you won’t regret.”

Su Hao has always been this carefree. Having experienced a long time and witnessed many people’s ‘birth, aging, sickness, and death,’ all vanishing after death, if one cannot do things that bring joy while alive, then this brief life will truly be full of regrets.

He has seen too many regrets.

Su Hao added, “Ah Xing, as a final addition, the Radiant Society will not lose.”

Ah Xing remained silent, already having made a decision in his heart: “Just do it! If there’s danger, I’ll just seek help from Ah Yang.”

The title of ‘Ghost Disaster Eradicator’ had already been gained by Ah Xing, but he realized that rushing around to eliminate various disasters couldn’t really make ordinary people live better, it could only make those royal families who control most resources live better.

When he first saw the evil deeds of the royal family exposed by the Radiant Society, he was shocked. He had never imagined that the high and mighty royal family were actually demons on earth.

He felt he should do something about it.

As the gathering came to an end, as they were about to part ways, Ah Wang mischievously hooked onto Feng Cheng’s neck, preparing to take him to a good place.

Ah Xing invited Su Hao and Yashan.

Su Hao smiled, “My youthful excitement began a long time ago, and has also ended.”

Yashan confidently said, “If I like a girl, I can woo her myself.”

However, Yashan still feels more attracted to the enchanting Zhu Hurenyin, feeling that something is missing in today’s humans.

Su Hao and Yashan left, leaving Feng Cheng with Ah Xing and Ah Wang in the big city at night.

He was extremely nervous, he could even hear his heart beating in his chest like a drum.

As a proud cultivator in the Nascent Soul Realm, he could easily calm himself down, but tonight he just wanted to be an ordinary person.

Not to mention how strong his desires were, he just couldn’t resist the curiosity in his heart!

The night passed quietly.

The next morning, he quickly returned to the base world, full of energy, busy all day, and slyly found Ah Xing and Ah Wang in the evening.

“Ah Xing Ah Wang, take me there again! I like them big and round.”

Ah Wang laughed mischievously.

Ah Xing waved his hand and said, “Alright, let’s go! I still haven’t satisfied you! Tonight, we’ll go somewhere else.”

Fifteen days later, Feng Cheng found Ah Xing and Ah Wang feeling a bit weak.

Ah Wang couldn’t laugh anymore, weakly raised his hand and said, “Ah Feng, I can’t handle it, I won’t go, you can call Ah Xing.”

Ah Xing also shook his head and said, “No, I’m not going either, you go by yourself!”

Feng Cheng was puzzled. “What’s wrong with you guys? Out of money? It’s okay, I have plenty here.”

Ah Xing and Ah Wang: “…”

Another half month passed, and Feng Cheng suddenly felt bored, learned to meditate on life, and when he read philosophical books again, his realm suddenly improved significantly.

However, he still occasionally went out for a stroll.

At this time, the United Army of the Eighteen Empire, consisting of one hundred thousand mages, launched an attack on the Radiant Society.

The members of the Radiant Society were anxious, but as a friend of Zhi Peng, they had to help their friend even in danger, unable to abandon him.

Zhi Peng himself was uncertain, but thankfully he wasn’t afraid of death. Following Yashan’s orders, he managed the Radiant Society orderly, even with the army approaching, they remained vigilant and continued with their tasks.

This sense of trust was established when they recently wiped out the entire royal family in the Hengxuan District.

Zhi Peng couldn’t imagine how Jia Wei and his brothers alone managed to seize control of the three largest palaces in the district.

Only after receiving the exact battle report, he had no more doubts about the strength of Jia Wei and his brothers.

“Mr. Jia Wei and his brothers may be the most powerful individuals in this world! With them, everything will surely be resolved!”

With that in mind, he lowered his head again to read the book titled “Politics and Philosophy,” his brows furrowing gradually.

Ah~ It’s still so difficult!


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My Divine Diary

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