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Chapter 590

Chapter 590 Su Hao’s snapping fingers

Half a month later, Su Hao had simplified the ‘Source Vector’ according to Yashan’s research results.

This simplification may not be perfect, but at least it allowed him to freely combine fragments to achieve various abilities and strengths.

Of course, this combination was limited to elemental and material abilities.

Currently, the abilities of the fantasy system could only be imitated, not analyzed, which made Su Hao very regretful.

Su Hao uploaded the simplified version to the Universal Assistant for Yashan and Feng Cheng to refer to. Whether they could learn it or not was not up to Su Hao to decide.

Because everyone has their own way of using a skill, what Su Hao found convenient might not necessarily be liked by Yashan and Feng Cheng.

Su Hao walked out of the base world and came to the coast. He took out a source bead, extracted the source from it, and casually pointed it towards the sea.

‘Burning Bomb!’

A bright red beam of light pierced into the sea.

Like a huge torpedo exploding in the water, the sea suddenly surged.


Small waves surged up and turned into ripples spreading out.


After a short while, a large number of bubbles appeared in the sea, bursting on the surface, releasing steam into the air.

After a while, many sea fish floated belly-up on the surface. If someone used chopsticks to pick them up, they would find that adding some green onions would make them edible and delicious.

Su Hao was satisfied and retracted his fingers, “This is the high-temperature conversion by the Fire Source Master, slightly stronger than the ‘Fire Dragon’ runestone, and faster to activate. In specific scenarios, it can play a significant role.”

Next, he summoned another source and pushed it forward with his palm.



A wrist-thick lightning bolt shot out from his palm, connecting to the distant sea as it lit up.

“Boom, boom, boom.”

The entire sea instantly boiled.

It looked as if the area ahead was filled with countless torpedoes, and these torpedoes detonated in succession, splashing water into the air in a spectacular display.

The impact was much stronger than the ‘Burning Bomb.’

When the sea calmed down again, numerous sea fish of all sizes floated to the surface, bellies up.

Perhaps this was the first time in their lives that they had exposed their bellies to the sun, looking very leisurely and content.

Normally, when seawater is struck by lightning, it wouldn’t cause such a powerful commotion because the ocean is a massive conductor. While lightning is strong, it is insignificant compared to seawater and is quickly neutralized by it.

The reason why Su Hao’s lightning strike caused such a massive disturbance was due to his deliberate control.

“The Thunder Source Master is not bad. Both the conversion efficiency and activation speed are much higher than my runestones. Unfortunately, this special thing called ‘Source’ can’t be controlled as freely as spiritual power and blood energy,” Su Hao lamented.

The level of vitality is the lowest, but Su Hao can manipulate vitality to achieve many extremely subtle micro operations, such as the preparation of ‘gene modification liquid.’

The level of spiritual power is much higher than vitality, but it cannot help him complete such delicate operations. The role of spiritual power is more to extend lifespan and serve as a source of energy for invoking runes.

As for Source, its level is much stronger than spiritual power, but unfortunately, it can only be controlled with specific mental frequencies. It can’t even control the input of Source into runes or attempt to activate runes.

In summary, the higher the level, the less controllable it is by people.

In this regard, whether it is vitality, spiritual power, or Source, these three types of energy are indispensable for Su Hao.

Next, Su Hao used Source to test various abilities of the energy system and material system, all of which were easily used, with undiminished power.

“Next, let’s try the abilities of the Radha Guild leader, Fist Lock! However, I prefer to call it ‘kinetic power amplification and transfer.'”

With that, Su Hao clenched his right fist, raised his left palm, and struck his right fist into the palm of his left hand.

There should have been a sound of the fist striking the palm, but there was no sound at all, as if the right fist had gently leaned against the left palm, but Su Hao had used nearly half of his strength in that punch.

At the same time, a floating great white shark on the surface of the sea suddenly exploded, splattering flesh and blood, quickly dyeing the seawater red.

At the moment Su Hao’s fist struck his left palm, the ‘Fist Lock’ ability was activated. All the force of the punch, after being magnified by Source, was transferred to the great white shark on the sea surface. One punch blew up the great white shark.

Originally, as a master warrior + [Child of Fate] + Divine Transformation cultivator, the powerful physical body was already very strong, and with the magnification of Source, Su Hao held back in that punch to blow up the great white shark.

Su Hao smiled satisfactorily. “This ability is really useful! What if it’s like this?”

With that, he snapped his fingers.

At the same time, many sea fish in front of him locked by Su Hao’s divine sense trembled suddenly, then floundered and weakly floated to the surface of the sea.

In other words, within his divine sense perception range, creatures locked by him could hardly resist a snap of his fingers.

The key is, this is an area-of-effect skill!

The power carried by Su Hao’s snap of his fingers, even if distributed into hundreds or thousands of parts, is not something a weak mind can resist.

Su Hao took a deep breath and murmured, “I wonder if, in the future, one snap of my fingers could blow up a planet!”

He raised his fist slowly. “A snap of fingers won’t do. If I use a fist instead, it should work!”

That day, Feng Cheng sent a message in the group chat: “Boss Wei, Ya Mountain Laoda, today is the day our Feng Shan Yang Wang Xing team meets, will you go?”

The team had agreed to meet once a year, exchange some information, and bond with each other.

After all, their Source instructors were nurtured under Astro Star and Astro Hope. It was only right to be grateful. Even for the President Gu Yin, Su Hao fulfilled his promise and gave her many boxes of source beads, making her instantly wealthy.

Although Su Hao had experienced many things along the way, such as killing and arson, and robbery, he had not developed a mindset of ‘taking other people’s help for granted.’ When conditions allowed, he would provide feedback as much as he could.

Of course, if it exceeded his capabilities, or if seeking knowledge was obstructed, then he could only say sorry.

These two people, Astro Star and Astro Hope, had helped Su Hao. Under the right conditions, he didn’t mind extending a helping hand to help them achieve their dreams.

Su Hao replied, “Let’s go! Just relax and meet up.”

The three of them were teleported outside Huai Shui Town and then slowly walked into the town.

Su Hao had been reincarnated in this world for more than eight years. When he first arrived in Huai Shui Town, what it was like then is still what it is now.

The small town had been attacked by disasters many times, with many buildings and streets damaged. But the townspeople were very determined to restore the damaged parts to their original state.

After experiencing the incident of the ‘King of Luo’, Yashan personally buried many troublemakers who came looking for trouble, which made the town of Huishui somewhat famous in the surrounding cities. However, it was probably a bad reputation that led to very few outsiders coming here in the past two years, and only various caravans would pass through this place.

This turned the quiet town of Huishui into a ‘paradise on earth’ of sorts.

When Su Hao and his group entered the town, the townspeople warmly greeted them because Su Hao and the others had such a big reputation in the town, to the extent that everyone knew about them.

The ‘Lucky Star Team’ was the only successful team from Huishui Town! One reason was their strong strength, known as the ‘bane of strange disasters’.

Of course, strength was just a part of it, the key was their handsomeness, each of the five men were handsome and charismatic in their own way.

The five handsome men in the team were extremely popular in the entire Hongxuan area, with the pictures of them hanging in the bedrooms of numerous young girls…

They were truly the dream male gods of these young girls.

Their ‘Lucky Star Team’ had also attracted a lot of resistance from men because of this. Many young couples also had arguments because of this.

Soon, the five Lucky Star members gathered at the familiar Huai’en Tavern and ordered the most luxurious meal.


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My Divine Diary

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