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Chapter 589

Chapter 589: Don’t Be Anxious

The most prestigious and magnificent city in the world, Xinji City. In the top-floor conference hall of the Mage Association World Headquarters Center, the magnificent and luxurious gathering was more upscale than any royal palace.

At this moment, there were only 18 out of 19 prestigious round table positions occupied, excluding the Mage Association’s highest chairman sitting in the first seat, the esteemed “He Mage,” a white-haired old man.

The remaining seventeen people were emperors from various districts, both men and women. The absence of the “He Emperor” from the Hengxuan District needs no explanation; everyone present is well aware of the reason, which is also the reason for convening the highest “127th 18th Empire Federation Conference” this time.

Each of them had a thick dossier on their desks, including the initiation of the event, an introduction to the Radiant Association, information on the scraping armor, and the recent “challenge” issued by the Radiant Association.

These materials had been reviewed before attending the meeting, and after a brief check for omissions, there was not much attention paid to the information in the materials.

Their main purpose in attending the meeting was only one: how to solve the problem. After the royal family of the Hengxuan District was wiped out overnight, these emperors felt a sense of crisis. This sense of crisis did not stem from the Radiant Association itself, but from the Mage Association.

Even though the royal family of the Hengxuan District was completely wiped out overnight, in the eyes of these emperors, the He Emperor of the Hengxuan District was too weak and simply not worthy to be called an emperor alongside them.

The Radiant Association, in their view, was just a slightly larger cockroach, nothing to be feared. What they were worried about was the attitude of the Mage Association. All the royal families knew that within the Mage Association, there was an increasingly vocal call to “change the last clause of the agreement.”

They were worried that the Mage Association would take advantage of this opportunity to take the initiative and directly change the regulation of “maintaining the orthodox rule of the empire.”

In that case, the royal families who lost the protection of the Mage Association would be truly destroyed.

He Mage appeared to be at least sixty years old, but his face still showed a lively spirit, without any of the usual signs of old age.

He smiled and said, “I believe that all the emperors are already familiar with the ins and outs of the matter. I called all the emperors here temporarily to understand your views on this matter and any solutions you may have.”

He Mage’s expression was gentle, with a kind smile, but the emperors clearly felt a sense of detachment in his tone.

The emperors looked at each other, and a middle-aged man sitting at position 7 in the counterclockwise direction slowly stood up and said, “This is a barbaric massacre, and the Radiant Association is the most evil organization in the world, devoid of any humanity. Faced with such evil, we should unite in one voice, gather together, and decisively eliminate it.”

This middle-aged man, with a high crown, purple robe, phoenix eyes, and long beard, looked dignified and righteous, as if every word and action he took represented justice in the world. This person was the Emperor of the Longxin District, known as the Yun Emperor.

He Mage just smiled without saying a word, seemingly waiting for other opinions.

Another old man at position 10 then spoke, “What the Yun Emperor said is not wrong. This kind of extreme evil in the world is worse than a major disaster and needs to be snuffed out as soon as possible to prevent greater losses to the citizens. If ordinary citizens are massacred like this, what about us, the dignified royal family of the world? The evil organization must be completely eradicated, made public, to uphold the dignity of the royal family. It should be so; the dignity of our royal family must be protected. I propose that while eradicating the evil organization, we also search for the remaining bloodline of the royal family of the Hengxuan District and support them to become the emperor!”

The conference hall suddenly fell silent, and all the emperors inwardly praised, “I didn’t expect this young Jia Emperor to speak our minds.” At the next moment, everyone expressed their agreement with the Jia Emperor.

“Indeed, although the main lineage of the ‘Hengxuan Empire’ royal family has been uprooted, the royal bloodline will not be severed, Hengxuan District is still Hengxuan District, the royal family will not be destroyed by this.”

“We royal family members are the cornerstone of peace in this world. In order to prevent the world from falling into endless warfare, leading to unbearable living conditions, we must maintain the stability of the royal family.”

As everyone expressed their various noble sentiments…

He Mage listened quietly and spoke after the emperors stopped talking, “I have understood the opinions of all emperors. Since you all agree to gather forces and eliminate, we need to quickly come up with a plan for elimination.”

Therefore, it is necessary to ask all emperors to stay in the Xinji City for a few days to discuss the details together. All emperors can rest assured that the Mage Association will uphold the legitimate rule of each empire, search for the royal bloodline in Hengxuan District, and support the legitimate matters will be handled by the Mage Association.

As for the matter of eliminating the Radiant Association, I believe that with the strength of the emperors, it can be easily achieved. Of course, the empire and the association are symbiotic, and if the association can help, it will certainly not refuse.

There is also a piece of information that needs to be mentioned here. It seems that the Radiant Association has mastered the ability to confine mages, so please be cautious in dealing with it, and do not be careless.”

After speaking with the Mage, the emperors understood the attitude of the Mage Association towards this matter: the Mage Association upholds the legitimate rule of the empire, but when it comes to dealing with the Radiant Association, it is up to the emperors to find their own solutions. Assistance can be provided, but helping them quell the turmoil is out of the question.

However, as long as the Mage Association continues to uphold the legitimate rule of the empire, everything is not a problem.

The Radiant Association has mastered the ability to confine mages?

No problem, as long as they are prepared, they will definitely find a way to exploit the weaknesses. After all, all the money spent on maintaining the Origin Mages every year, is it all for nothing?

They believe that as long as there are difficulties, the solution to these difficulties is not far away.

It has always been like this, and this time is no exception.

After a few days of deliberation, the attendants of the seventeen emperors quickly came up with a response plan.

They raised funds and resources from the seventeen regions, formed the Seventeen Empire Allied Forces, including 100,000 Origin Mages and 200,000 logistics teams, mobilized a large number of strategic-level Source Artifacts, and armed the army!

And they borrowed the top Source Artifact ‘Gate’ from the Mage Association to deploy the army to Hengxuan District, to suppress the Radiant Association, and it will surely wipe them out in one fell swoop.

In response to the ability to confine mages, they came up with a good method, which is to maintain a high-intensity ‘dispel’ spell.

In their view, this special effect of confining mages, as long as ‘dispel’ is maintained, it will not take effect, at worst, it can greatly reduce the confining effect.

After the plan was finalized, the seventeen emperors smiled, holding various banquets and enjoying fine wine and beautiful women in the Xinji City.

Of course, some emperors also gathered for a card game, wagering on some irrelevant peripheral territories or certain industries, having a great time.

After the Seventeen Empire Alliance took action, friends of Zhi Peng scattered in various regions quickly passed corresponding information to the Radiant Association.

100,000 Origin Mages, who can withstand this?

Zhi Peng immediately became restless and hurried to find Yashan and Feng Cheng.

Yashan smiled and said, “Don’t be anxious, you have already sent the challenge letter, didn’t you expect this kind of scene?”

Zhi Peng forced a grim smile and said, “Although that’s the case, who could have anticipated that they would send out a hundred thousand mages in one go? You know, our Radiant Association has less than seven thousand mages in total… The disparity is too great. I’m afraid if they charge, we are done for.”

Yashan replied, “It’s alright, no matter how many people come, it’s useless. Just relax and wait! Your focus should be on how to govern a country. How did you find the book I gave you, ‘Politics and Philosophy’?”

As soon as this was brought up, Zhi Peng recalled the fear brought by that thick book.

Words like ‘the world is material, material is in motion, the movement of the material world is law…’

And what about ‘human practice is conscious, purposeful, and active activity…’

To thoroughly understand this book? Please spare him!

Peng’s face was full of embarrassment, opening his mouth, not knowing how to respond.

Yashan chuckled and patted Peng’s shoulder, saying, “Alright, go back and focus on your studies! Just do what needs to be done, don’t worry about these things, at worst it’s just death, what’s there to be afraid of?”

At worst, just death…

In the end, there’s no escaping death, so what is there to fear?

Thinking of this, Peng started to see things differently.

Yashan added, “By the way, spread the news that the ‘Eighteen Imperial Federation’ has organized an army of ten thousand Source Masters to attack.”

Peng was shocked, “This… will cause panic!”

Yashan shrugged, “The deeper the despair, the stronger the confidence after victory. Just do it!”


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