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Chapter 588

Chapter 588: Simulation and Transcendence

Yashan and Feng Cheng quickly resolved the battle in the two cities they were responsible for.

Yashan’s method was to first activate the suppressors to suppress all the abilities of the Source mages, then stand openly in the center of the royal palace, use the Diamond Armor Transmutation to surround the entire palace, activate his ‘Thunder Fire Domain,’ paralyze everyone, and finally use the piercing spikes of the Diamond Armor Transmutation to kill them all and bury them underground.

Then bury the entire palace.

Feng Cheng’s approach was much simpler.

After activating the suppressors, he simply dropped a ‘Ten Thousand Explosives’ bomb and walked away.

And only an extremely huge pit remained in the place where the royal palace once stood, burying or not making much of a difference.

In general, after experiencing the deviation of a small asteroid in the previous world, Feng Cheng became obsessed with the big and round explosion of ten thousand. In his opinion, true power should be like this, big and round!

As for the progress of Radiant Hui in other cities, of course, some were smooth, and some were not.

But in this sudden attack, Radiant Hui ultimately took the initiative, and the number of teams that successfully completed the clearing mission was far greater than the number of teams that failed to complete the clearing mission due to various accidents.

And Zhi Peng had already made early preparations for the failure of some team missions. After receiving the news of the mission failure, he immediately mobilized several teams that had completed the mission to form a more powerful team to continue clearing the tasks through the relay ball.

Just one night’s time, the Wang Clan in the extremely vast Hengxuan District, the rulers of the mighty ‘Hengxuan Empire’ a thousand years ago, who had enjoyed the blessings of their ancestors for over twelve hundred years, were almost completely slaughtered.

This is simply shocking.

The next morning, various chaotic news spread throughout the world.

The whole world was in an uproar, whether it was the Source Masters’ Association, the royal families of the other seventeen districts, or even the common people.

Many people were afraid!

This is an unprecedented situation in a thousand years. No one knows if they will become the sacrifice in the ensuing chaos.

Of course, there are also many people who are indifferent to the situation.

Regardless of how the outside world discusses, it will not affect Su Hao’s next plan.

“The first step of clearing the Wang Clan in Hengxuan District has been achieved. The next step is to give the Source Masters’ Association enough time to prepare, and then directly annihilate the forces organized by the Source Masters’ Association!”

Since we want to show our power, then let’s show it thoroughly! Scare them and prevent them from having any resistance.

If there is still resistance, then continue to crush each resisting force one by one.

Strive to reach a cooperation agreement with the Mage Association within a year.”

Yashan smiled and said, “I will delineate the tasks for Zhi Peng and let him send formal letters of challenge to the ‘Eighteen Imperial Union Federation’ and the Mage Association, clearly expressing our demands. Otherwise, I’m worried that those high-level individuals may have too low sensitivity to war and not understand our intentions. After all, this world has not experienced a war for over a thousand years, and perhaps they have forgotten the true purpose of war, and end up fighting just for the sake of it.”

Su Hao nodded, “That’s true. It’s best to directly state our demands and have the association modify that ‘maintaining the legitimate rule of the royal family’ agreement, making it clear that Radiant Hui is only targeting all the royal families and not the Mage Association.

Of course, if the Mage Association chooses to protect the royal families, then let them try to organize themselves to resist Radiant Hui. If they do it several times, they will have internal issues soon and will quickly abandon the royal families.”

Yashan chuckled, “Vi laoda, leave the next steps to me! I’m familiar with this. And now my research project is nearing its end, dedicating six hours a day to research is just right.

I also want to try the various source vector applications that have been analyzed during this time, especially the abilities of Rada, which are very interesting. I already have preliminary results and am eager to go out and try more.”

Su Hao also smiled, “Alright, I’ll absorb your research results from these years during this time. Maybe there will be new discoveries.”

Feng Cheng approached Yashan eagerly, “Yashan laoda, take me with you! I’m explosive, one bomb is a hit.”

Yashan said, “You really wasted your talent by not awakening as a source mage.”

Feng Cheng replied matter-of-factly, “Doing household chores is my main job! Throwing bombs can only be considered as my side job. Being a ‘God Origin Mage’ is more suitable for me.”

Since the matter has been handed over to Yashan, there shouldn’t be any major issues!

Su Hao believes that he can quickly solve any unexpected problems that arise, whether through thinking or violence.

“Because the current Yashan already has a ‘purpose-oriented’ way of thinking, although Yashan’s process is still somewhat lacking, it is already able to pursue established goals like Su Hao, and then be flexible and adaptable in the course of events, constantly adjusting until the established goals are achieved.”

“So, now Su Hao only needs to tell Yashan what he wants, and Yashan usually can provide Su Hao with the corresponding results after a period of time.”

“This kind of thinking is very rare, not everyone has it, many people live mediocre lives, and in the end, they do not understand what they really want in their short lives.”

“Wandering around for most of their lives, realizing that they have nothing, eventually fading away, growing old, sitting under a tree, lonely, boasting about past fantasies.”

“As for Feng Cheng, although the tasks he is given can be accomplished, it does not really follow a ‘purpose-oriented’ approach. This is mainly because his foundational knowledge is too lacking, and his thoughts and thinking are very limited, many obvious things still need deep thinking to understand.”

“Now Feng Cheng is stuck in the field of ‘philosophy.'”

“But there is no need to rush, there is plenty of time for cultivation, for now, let Feng Cheng assist him and Yashan with their tasks.”

“As long as there is ambition, one or two hundred years can lead to success.”

“Taking advantage of this gap in time, he reviewed Yashan’s research over the past few years.”

“Yashan’s research in the past few years mainly focused on the ‘transformation direction of spiritual power and source,’ initially only studying the changes in his quality.”

“After achieving some results, he began researching Su Hao’s proposal of ‘spiritual trait affecting the transformation of sources.’ With the unconditional cooperation of Zhi Peng’s friend, they quickly found the ‘spiritual frequency range’ that controls the source.”

“Then, starting from quality, and researching up to ability, they smoothly found specific patterns and successfully simulated various source abilities of the two classes, not perfect, but a fairly good simulation.”

“However, when researching the Illusion class, they encountered a certain pause because the abilities of the Illusion class could not be found through any pattern.”

“Collecting one Illusion class mage, they study one and obtain a certain ability. Illusion class formula? None…”

“Su Hao and Yashan both believe that even for the Illusion class, there must be certain patterns, just that they are too complex, perhaps similar to irrational numbers between integers and fractions?”

“For now, it is unknown.”

“In ten days, Su Hao absorbed all of Yashan’s research results from the past few years and verified them from start to finish.”

“On the whole, there are no major issues, minor flaws are irrelevant… However, they could be optimized to allow source abilities to achieve stronger effects.”

“Yashan’s research focus is on ‘simulation,’ but Su Hao will not be satisfied with just that.”

“He desires not only ‘simulation’ but also ‘exceeding’!”

“If after spending so much time researching the foundational aspects and cannot surpass the original intensity, then the research loses some of its significance.”

“Yashan’s restoration work is well done, and he has summarized the correct formulas based on the data. However, this formula is too rigid and cannot adjust the desired abilities and corresponding intensities as desired.”

“The APP he designed allows users to input keywords to search for specific abilities, which can then be applied to the formula.”

“However, this is too cumbersome, the ‘operational cost’ of using abilities is too high, and I’m afraid I would be too lazy to use them…”

“This is similar to a boss choosing a storefront on the street. If he chooses one with steps, he inadvertently loses some customers.”

“In theory, with each additional step, there is a 10% increase in the physical cost for customers to enter the store. Customers naturally subconsciously do not want to enter, and business does not improve.”

“Su Hao is also the same, he requires abilities to be ‘flexible, fast, and concise.’ If these requirements are not met, even if the abilities are strong, he won’t bother using them unless necessary.”

“So, I need to break down the ‘source vector’ that Yashan simulated into finer parts, find specific combination patterns and ways, and turn it into a ‘language’ that can express specific meanings through the combination of words. Just like the relationship between ‘basic runes’ and runic arrays!”

“Think and Act.”

Without reaching a cooperation agreement with the Mage Association to help collect real-time data, Su Hao’s ‘Source System’ research was destined to make little progress.


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My Divine Diary

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