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Chapter 587

Chapter 587 Where Did the Palace Go?

Under the bombardment of golden light, life seemed so fragile, easily destroyed with one strike.

When Su Hao slowly lowered his hand, everyone locked in the palace lost their lives.

The palace servants panicked and scrambled everywhere, quickly fleeing the palace.

Su Hao descended expressionlessly, his feet landing on the ground, and then a surge of diamond armor spewed out, spreading into the entire palace, transforming the entire palace into crystal.

The crystal surged, carrying numerous corpses, sinking slowly into the ground along with the entire palace.

Soon, the surging crystal gradually calmed down, turning into a flat piece of land.

As the diamond armor receded, moist soil was revealed, which was the soil dug up from deep underground.

Su Hao scanned around, ensuring no oversight, then flashed to the other princes’ mansions, burying them underground in the same way.

Then he lifted the suppressor’s suppression function and left directly.


After Su Hao left, the entire Yi Xuan City erupted in discussion about the extraordinarily beautiful golden rain just now. They described the golden rain they saw as extremely rare, magnificent, and beautiful, but very few knew of the hidden killing intent in this golden rain.

“What was that just now? A meteor shower? There were too many!”

I guarantee with the fruit in my hand, that is not a meteor shower! Perhaps it’s fireworks set off by the mage, used to propose to the beloved girl!

“Wow! That’s so romantic, I also hope that when I grow up, there will be a tall, sunny, handsome, rich, talented… super source mage who will propose to me in the same way, then I will definitely not hesitate to accept him!”

“The landing point seems to be in the direction of the palace, it must be the prince’s proposal! Shall we go take a look?”

“No, at night the palace does not allow people to get close!”

“It’s okay, at such a lively time, surely no one will stop us, and besides, we’ll just watch from afar!”

The citizens didn’t understand what was happening, but the source mages had a vague sense of foreboding.

Suddenly they lost their abilities, and then golden light began to rain from the sky, shooting into the palace. After a moment, the golden rain curtain disappeared, and they quickly regained their abilities.

This made them almost certain: the loss of their abilities was related to the recent golden rain.

In a sudden change, Feiyan and Xiangli’s team quickly gathered together to discuss the recent events.

Xiangli spoke first: “Do you guys know what just happened? The sky suddenly rained golden light.”

The most crucial thing is that in just a short moment, my abilities abruptly disappeared, unable to be used, just like an ordinary person, holding the source in my hand but unable to channel its power.”

Her teammates were stunned: “I thought I was the only one whose abilities suddenly failed! I didn’t expect Xiangli too.”

They quickly discussed and found that their abilities all stopped working at the same time.

They turned to Feiyan: “Feiyan, what about your abilities?”

Feiyan, a gold source mage, furrowed his brows, nodded in response, “My abilities also stopped working for a short period of time.”

“What… exactly happened? Why did everyone’s abilities suddenly stop working? I wonder if other mages are experiencing the same.”

Feiyan solemnly said, “Our five homes are positioned very far apart, yet we all lost our abilities at the same time. It’s not hard to guess that other mages are experiencing the same. This… is not good!”

Xiangli asked urgently, “What do you mean, not good?”

Feiyan sighed, “The Radiance Association President took a team to Pingkong City. At first, there were daily reports coming back, but now almost half a month has passed, and there’s been no news.”

I guess, eight or nine out of ten… either killed or captured. This action by the Radiance Association may be a retaliation for their intrusion into Pingkong City.”

Xiangli and the others gasped in shock.

The notion of the Radiance Association President being killed or captured was simply unbelievable!

But they all believed Feiyan’s judgment, and Xiangli subconsciously asked, “Then… what do we do?”

Feiyan replied, “I don’t know.”

In this world, everyone’s power comes from the source, and someone has found a way to suppress the abilities of source mages, what does this signify?

It means that the person who has the means to suppress has the fate of the entire world in their hands.

Feiyan gazed in the direction of the palace and led the way, “Let’s go, we’ll go outside the palace to see what’s happening, I need to confirm some things.”

Not only did the Charley Flying Team head towards the palace, but many Source teams that had converged and exchanged ideas also went in the direction of the palace. Soon, many brave Source teams gathered around the palace. Everyone saw a scene that shocked them.

It was a vast plain.

The once brightly lit palace was gone!

Where was the magnificent, luxurious, and majestic palace?

Where were the royal family members who used to live in the palace?

At this moment, some of the servants who had escaped from the palace before were found. They were surrounded by the Source mages and questioned about what had happened.

They were still trembling uncontrollably, their eyes filled with fear.

“Light fell from the sky and killed everyone around!”

“Whole heads exploded, blood splattered everywhere…”

“I was so scared that I ran for my life, unknowingly ran out of the palace, and when I looked back, oh my goodness, the palace was gone!”

Another person said, “Absolutely! I was terrified! But I did see the palace sink underground! It seemed to turn into crystal and then sank!”

At first, these servants were extremely afraid, worried that someone would blame them and then kill them to silence them. Gradually, they stopped being afraid and became excited as they chattered on endlessly.

A strange feeling arose, a mix of fear and excitement.

Seeing all those who had always been above them now dead, what kind of feeling was that?

Fantastic! Words cannot describe it!

In fact, not only were these servants secretly pleased, but even many Source mage teams, after hearing the servants’ accounts, couldn’t help but feel a sense of schadenfreude, although they hid it well.

Of course, some couldn’t hide it.

Charley was smiling, but her tone was mournful, “What? The royal family members in the palace are all dead? Oh, it’s truly heartbreaking.”

Feiyan glanced at her but didn’t speak. Instead, he furrowed his brow and pondered his own situation.

Soon, a piece of news quietly spread among the crowd, reaching their ears: “Many cities have sent communications to the Mage Headquarters, indicating that their cities are currently under attack by unidentified assailants. The royal palaces have been slaughtered, with no one spared. Until now, more than seventy cities have communicated in, and the number is increasing. The communication devices at headquarters are almost overwhelmed.”

Upon hearing the news, people immediately realized what was happening.

Yixuan City was not the only one under attack. Perhaps, all the major cities in the entire Hengxuan area had their royal palaces attacked.

A single strike!

It’s the Radiant Association! Only the Radiant Association, which openly opposes the royal family, dares to do this, and only this inexplicable organization has the ability to do so.

The scene was in an uproar.

The Radiant Association, once looked down upon by them, became mysterious and formidable after tonight.

Feiyan looked at the flat ground in front of him and muttered, “Changes are coming!”


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My Divine Diary

My Divine Diary

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