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Chapter 586

Chapter 586: Gold Rain

Rada and the others could no longer tell whether the world was changing too fast or if they had never truly understood this world.

They always felt that everything they encountered was too fantastical.

Moreover, as captives, they felt extreme humiliation.

Once the rulers of the entire Hengxuan area, in just a few days, they had become prisoners of others. This huge disparity made them so uncomfortable that they almost wanted to vomit blood.

Unfortunately, they couldn’t even vomit blood, as their entire bodies were tightly restrained, unable to even curse out loud, let alone perform the complex action of vomiting blood.

Seeing that the people had been captured, Su Hao turned to Yashan and said, “Yashan, go back and set up the suppression formation first.”

“Okay, Boss Wei!” Yashan responded and disappeared on the spot, teleporting back to the base to set up the formation.

Shortly after, a message came: “Boss Wei, it’s done!”

Su Hao casually cast a ‘Spatial Balance Spell’ on Rada and the others, then teleported them back to the base.

Suddenly arriving in an unfamiliar place, Rada couldn’t help but look around in confusion.

He thought to himself, “It’s indeed a spatial ability! Is this their headquarters? The stolen source device mentioned by Fei, maybe it’s here…”

He had read many hero stories, where the protagonists, after being captured by villains, coincidentally defeated the villains from within, a story too numerous to count, which gave him a glimmer of hope.

“Maybe I am the protagonist in the story, who can eventually turn the tables and win!”

After handing the people over to Yashan, Su Hao said, “I’ll leave these people to you for research, be careful not to mess up!”

Yashan grinned, “Don’t worry, Boss Wei. If I let these few guys overturn the situation in my hands, then I would have lived like a dog for so many years.”

The big dog lying nearby couldn’t help but raise its head, looking at Yashan in confusion: “???”

Su Hao then asked, “I’ve basically located the position of the Royal Family, how’s the production of the thousand transfer orbs going?”

Yashan replied, “It’s almost done, the remaining part can be completed by Feng Cheng himself in half a month.”

“After it’s done, send a message and achieve the goal as soon as possible.”

With that, Su Hao flickered back to his own laboratory.

Yashan slowly exited the ‘Child of Fate’ state, waved his hand, and transferred Rada and the other five people onto the test platform.

Rada and the other five people widened their eyes in shock, thinking, “Is this the true face of the Scraper Armor? He’s so young… What does he want to do? Experiment on us?”

After guessing the words “to experiment”, a cold feeling shot straight from the soles of their feet to their heads!

They were well aware of the inhuman treatment they would face after becoming test subjects!

At this moment, Yashan chuckled, “You all look very nervous? It’s okay, relax, becoming a test subject is not a bad thing.”

Once the variable source was suppressed by the suppressor, the source variable did not disappear directly, but the amplitude was greatly suppressed, restored to the level of an ordinary person, with no essential changes in the original frequency and waveform.

Therefore, the five people whose source abilities were suppressed did not affect Yashan’s analytical experiments.

He was confident that within half a month, he could replicate the source ability of Rada, the total leader.

On this day, Zhi Peng once again communicated with Feng Cheng through the seventh parrot.

When the call was connected, Zhi Peng immediately said, “Mr. Jia Wei, is your injury better? Don’t misunderstand, I’m just here to check on you!” Feng Cheng directly replied, “Don’t worry, President Rada has already been captured by us, so you guys can do whatever you need to do! You can even take the opportunity to capture a few more cities! That’s it, goodbye!” He then hung up directly.

Number seven parrot said, “Hung up, hung up!”

Zhi Peng looked incredulous, “President Rada captured by Mr. Jia Wei?”

Initially, he didn’t believe it, thinking Mr. Jia Wei was just finding him annoying and was brushing him off. So, he cautiously kept a low profile and didn’t dare to show himself.

It wasn’t until half a month later, when there was no news of President Rada causing chaos around the territory of the Radiant Association, that he finally believed that President Rada had been captured.

However, there was still a sense of unreality. The strong individual known as ‘Invincible with One Punch’ was captured like this?

Being captured was more unbelievable than being killed!

Shortly after, Zhi Peng received a message from Su Hao: “Zhi Peng, I have located the positions of most of the royal families. Half a month later, the Radiant Association will need to completely eliminate the royal families in the Hengxuan area in one day using the teleportation ball. There are over seven hundred positions in total. Be prepared in advance to make arrangements.”

Later, I will give you the specific positions and the teleportation ball. Arrange for people to set up the teleportation ball as soon as possible. That’s it!”

Zhi Peng was once again stunned. What kind of operation was this, launching a total attack just like that?

This was too fast!

However, regardless of the situation, he still obeyed Su Hao’s orders, actively mobilizing and distributing tasks layer by layer.

In less than half a month, Zhi Peng had made tactical group arrangements. After confirming everything was in order, he replied to Su Hao, “Mr. Jia Wei, the Radiant Association is ready and can depart at any time.”

Su Hao said, “According to the original plan, we will take action in three days at night.”

At that moment, Zhi Peng’s mind became unusually complex, not feeling the joy of removing the royal families as he had imagined.

It was more a heavy pressure.

“Let the light shine on the earth… After removing the royal families, can our Radiant Association really let the light shine on the earth? In many years, will the Radiant Association become similar to the current royal families, or even more inhumane…”

That night, Zhi Peng couldn’t sleep. He thought about a lot of things and realized that no matter how the future developed, such things were inevitable.

“What is the meaning of me doing all these things?”

Finally, he sighed helplessly, “For future matters, let the people of the future strive for them themselves!”

Having reached this point, there was no turning back. He didn’t allow himself even the slightest hint of hesitation.

Three days later, Su Hao was teleported to the main city of Yixuan in Hengxuan District, floating in the sky, overlooking the brightly lit huge city.

In the center of the city was a huge palace, brightly lit every day, heavily guarded. There were no buildings within five hundred meters outside the palace walls, and no idle persons were allowed near.

Every night, at least five hundred source magicians led troops to patrol back and forth, not letting any movements escape their eyes.

A place like this couldn’t be taken down by the Radiant Association. Even if they put all their effort into it, the losses would be severe.

Not only here, but also the royal mansions of several princes distributed around Yixuan City. Although not as grand as the palace, they were still imposing structures.

The defenses of these prince mansions were equally strict. Even in a sneak attack, taking them down wouldn’t be a simple matter.

So, the three most difficult cities to crack in the entire Hengxuan District, where the royal mansions with extremely strong defense forces were located, were each assigned to Su Hao, Yashan, and Feng Cheng.

The Radiant Association specifically cleaned up places with relatively weak defense forces.

The method used by Su Hao and the others to eliminate the royal families was simple: activating the Source Vector Suppressor, covering the entire city, killing everyone in the palace, and burying the entire palace underground.

Su Hao estimated that the time was almost up, and a large number of small crystals appeared out of thin air beside him, aggregating into a huge array. With the infusion of spiritual power, the array flashed white light.

The suppressor activated!

In this moment, the giant city first fell silent, then was engulfed in a slight commotion.

The two source magicians competing on the arena ground suddenly extinguished their flames and could not use their source abilities almost instinctively, leaving the two opponents speechless.

“What’s going on? Suddenly unable to use abilities, is it the opponent’s move? No, it seems like the opponent can’t use abilities either! Should we go for close combat? My size is bigger, I have a higher chance of winning….”

But why did they feel a sense of emptiness and panic in their hearts?

On the streets, source magicians performing the ‘Dream World’ for children with source abilities repeatedly attempted, only to admit that their abilities had failed!

How is this possible?

They could only force a smile and say, “I’m not feeling well today, I’ll come back tomorrow.”

Then, amid the disappointed eyes of the children, they disappeared into the crowd.

Many source magicians, in a moment, found themselves suddenly losing control of their source abilities, fear taking over their souls.

“Why is this happening, have I lost everything?”

“There must have been a problem somewhere, I can definitely use it again, let’s try using a different source bead!”

The turmoil only lasted for a short time and quickly subsided.

Because no one wanted others to know that their abilities had failed. Source magicians also had enemies, what if their enemies found out about this news? What would they do?

Su Hao used his spiritual sense to confirm all the source magicians in Yi Xuan City who could no longer use their source abilities. He gently raised his hand, and dense ‘golden sand’ appeared in the air, instantly aggregating into countless shining golden flying swords.

After calculating with ‘Perception Platform,’ each flying sword locked onto its target, most aimed at the palace, and the rest at the various princes’ mansions.

He waved his hand.

Countless golden flying swords shot down.

‘Thousand Swords Shoot Together!’

In that instant, the entire sky of Yi Xuan City lit up in gold.

The citizens of Yi Xuan City couldn’t help but look up at the sky.

They saw countless golden rain falling, covering the night sky with a unique golden light.

It was beautiful!


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