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Chapter 585

Chapter 585: Clan of the Earth Skin?

In front of the five members of Team Rada, it was already empty, and their hearts also became empty.

What kind of encounter was this? They were afraid no one would believe it if they told it!

Their team, which could almost run rampant worldwide, was actually defeated by this small Luminary Society!

Especially Rada, he was very unwilling, facing an enemy who could stand in front of him but he couldn’t hit – this was a first.

This feeling of being unable to vent all his strength was something he had never experienced before.

He really wanted to give that crystal giant a big punch in the face, sending him flying a hundred meters away to vent his inner frustration.

Unfortunately, the crystal giant left, inexplicably disappearing in front of them, just as mysteriously as he arrived.

Feiyuan was right, the treasury of the association’s headquarters was indeed stolen by this crystal giant, no, it should be called the ‘Armor of the Earth Skin’!

Rada squeezed out a sentence from the corner of his mouth: “His grandmother is fierce, and I must punch that arrogant armor into the air with one punch!”

The more frustrated he felt, the more he couldn’t help but throw a punch.


The thick-waisted tree next to him broke and splinters flew.

Rada gritted his teeth and said, “Let’s go back!”

The woman with glasses exclaimed, “Go back? Go where?”

“Back to Yixuan!”

The crystalline Gundam faded into view next to Yashan and Feng Cheng, and then transformed into crystal armor like melting wax, slowly dissolving, filling the previous large pit, and returning to its original state after a moment.

Su Hao’s figure also appeared.

Feng Cheng couldn’t wait and asked, “Boss Wei, how did the test go?”

Su Hao smiled, “The ‘Level Two Space’ can avoid attacks from Rada’s Supreme Leader.”

Feng Cheng sighed, “When can I learn Level Two Space?”

Yashan laughed, “Definitely after me!”

Su Hao said, “They seem to be planning to leave, we can now test the ‘Source Variable Inhibitor.'”

When it came to catching people, Feng Cheng was the most active. After being punched by Rada, he couldn’t wait to take revenge, beat them up himself, and then bring them back.

He was afraid that if he caught them and the other party cooperated too much, he wouldn’t have a chance to hit them.

Su Hao said, “Let’s move forward ten thousand meters, and then activate the inhibitor at a distance of ninety thousand meters from them, as a precaution. Don’t get too close, just probe them from a distance.”

Feng Cheng chuckled, “Don’t worry, Boss Wei! I once suffered a loss, almost died, I won’t be careless.”

After the three moved forward more than ten thousand meters.

A golden armor surged at the foot of Yashan, forming a huge rune array, the ‘Source Variable Inhibitor.’

Then spiritual power was slowly input into the array, activating it.

The array successfully activated, and a white light flashed and disappeared.

Yashan said, “The array has been activated!”

Su Hao and Feng Cheng tried to manipulate their source abilities and found that the abilities they could easily activate before were now impossible to use no matter what.

This type of inhibitor does not distinguish between friend and foe.

Su Hao said, “It’s done! Let’s go!”

Feng Cheng smiled, “Boss Wei, don’t worry! I’ll be back soon!”

With that, he flew towards Rada and the others and stopped at a distance of fifty thousand meters, pointing towards them from afar.

‘Wind Bullet’!


A golden beam shot out at a rapid speed, accurately hitting Rada and the others a while later.

“What’s that?”

Dumon shouted, making Rada and the others jump in surprise as they instinctively turned to look.

They saw a point of light gradually expanding, obviously an attack launched from a distance, shooting towards them rapidly!

Rada instinctively flexed his muscles, activating his abilities, and fiercely punched the ground.


The sound of the fist hitting the ground echoed.

The solid feeling of smashing into the ground made Rada stunned: “I never make a sound when I punch…”

At this moment, Afu’s panicked voice came, “Oh no, I can’t use my abilities!”

The expressions of the crowd changed drastically.

Before they could react, the attack had already arrived at the front, not aimed at anyone, but penetrating underground.


Before they could celebrate, the wind bullet exploded violently, throwing up soil and lifting all five people off the ground, tumbling and falling.

But these few people had very strong physiques and didn’t suffer too much damage. They immediately got up after falling down, shaking their dizzy heads.

The president of the Rada Society was furious and shouted, “What’s going on? The Armor of the Earth Scraper is back again?”

Afuk tried to use his source ability again, but it ended in failure, and he exclaimed in fear, “My ability is ineffective!”

The others also tried to activate their source abilities, but without exception, they all failed, unable to do anything.

Rada furrowed his brow, shouted angrily, and slammed his fist on the ground.


A muffled sound came from the ground, no different from a regular punch.

He immediately realized that his source ability had also failed!

This made him feel anxious for the first time!

This feeling was thousands of times stronger than facing a crystal Gundam head-on.

If the ability was still there, then no matter what the situation, there would still be room for resistance. If the ability disappeared, then he would lose everything, including his current position, and some might even kill him directly.

The five of them stood still, feeling at a loss.

Everyone instinctively looked at President Rada, “President, what should we do now?”

In fact, President Rada herself did not know what to do in this situation.

Just then, another beam shot from a distance, and the second attack came.

Rada immediately said, “Quick, get out of the way!”

The five scattered, but without their source abilities, their speed became extremely slow, like ordinary people, losing their previous agility.

Before they could run far, they were lifted by the explosive wind and rolled to the side.

Without their source abilities, the difference between them and ordinary people was not significant.

They got up, gritted their teeth, straightened their coats, and shouted, “Run! Run back!”

Then they started to run, even though they thought that in their current state, running would be useless.

But what if it worked? Better than staying here waiting to die.

Feng Cheng chuckled and sent a message in the group, “The effect of our suppressor is unexpectedly strong. The five of them have now become ordinary people unable to use source abilities.”

Feng Cheng tested a few times, made sure there were no issues, and then, after holding back for a few seconds, appeared in front of Rada and the others, floating in mid-air, blocking their path.

Rada and his companions all stopped in their tracks.

They recognized him. This armored person was the enemy who had made them spit blood with a punch before mysteriously disappearing.

He really didn’t die!

The strength of the Armor of the Earth Scraper exceeded the imagination of Rada and his companions.

They immediately realized that the failure of their abilities might be related to the Armor of the Earth Scraper in front of them.

Could it be that it was the ability of the Armor of the Earth Scraper to make the source abilities of mages ineffective?

How many abilities does the Armor of the Earth Scraper have…

Why did Rada always feel that there were more source abilities in the association’s secret room than the two thousand or so source gadgets.

Feng Cheng chuckled lightly, moved quickly, flashed and appeared beside each of the five, and then one by one sent them flying.

This time, Feng Cheng felt satisfied!

He landed on the ground, and said softly, “You are now my captives!”

Rada got up, rushed towards Feng Cheng, raised his fist to strike his armor, but was firmly restrained by a body-restriction spell and couldn’t move.

Feng Cheng said, “I won’t let you hit me again! You were so close, are you frustrated?”

Dumon, Lansin, and others also were filled with pride, and rushed towards Feng Cheng.

Whether they could win the fight was one thing, but fighting or not was another.

None of the five were afraid of death. Dying in battle was their predetermined way to end things.

It’s just that their heroic advance was doomed to fail. Before they could get close, Feng Cheng stopped them all, leaving them motionless in place.

The five people of Rada were completely despondent!

The lifetime of glory came to an end here!

Feng Cheng ignored the weird poses of the other party, waved his hand, lifted the people up, and quickly flew back to Su Hao’s side with the five people.

“Boss Wei! They captured people!”

Upon seeing Su Hao and the two towering armored figures of Yashan, Rada and the other five were shocked: “Damn it, there are actually three scrapers… No! Including that giant, there are at least four! Could it be the Scraper Clan?”


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My Divine Diary

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