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Chapter 584

Chapter 584 Come, hit me

Regarding the improvement of the ‘Source Variable Inhibitor,’ Su Hao already has a plan, he just hasn’t had time to make the modifications yet!

Now, coincidentally encountering President Rada who possesses the ‘Locking Fist,’ he started to make improvements.

In Su Hao’s view, Rada’s ability is indeed very strong. Any creature within his perceptual range can be killed with a single punch regardless of outer protection.

What limits his ability is the perceptual range!

If Su Hao were to acquire this ability, combined with his range of two hundred thousand meters, to ordinary people, he would be considered a deity!

Therefore, the current best choice is to capture President Rada, use him for experiments, and extract his abilities.

However, getting President Rada to cooperate with their experiments is not easy and they might be backlashed inadvertently!

A valid means of restraining Rada’s ability must be implemented to conduct experiments securely.

The ‘Source Variable Inhibitor’ is excellent, fundamentally suppressing the ability of Source Masters to use their abilities, turning them into ordinary people, a source of lamentation.

As for the improvement plan of the inhibitor, Su Hao is highly experienced. During his time in the Summoner World, he personally researched the ‘Dual Suppression Field’ of spatial inhibitors!

In fact, the train of thought behind the ‘Source Variable Inhibitor’ is somewhat similar to this, severely suppressing the fluctuations of specific mental frequencies to the extent of an ordinary person, achieving degeneration! This is to suppress the ability of Source Masters to use source abilities.

In just five days, Su Hao came up with a viable plan and had the experimental subjects in Yashan test it. Without exception, all of them were unable to use source abilities successfully within the suppression field.

Yashan smiled, “Those being suppressed won’t know their abilities have been suppressed until they try to use them. Next time Zhilipeng comes to chat with us, I’ll activate the inhibitor, making his endless talk useless, hahaha!”

Su Hao laughed, “Don’t just think of things for Zhilipeng!”

At this moment, Feng Cheng volunteered, “Brother Wei, let me take the inhibitor to deal with President Rada! At least we need to regain some face.”

Su Hao nodded, “I’ll also go take a look and do a test. I want to see if the ‘Second-level Space’ can effectively block the attacks of the ‘Locking Fist.'”

Feng Cheng said, “This is too dangerous…”

Su Hao laughed, “As long as I hide my brain well, it should be fine!”

No hesitation, Su Hao and the three of them found the location of the five-person Rada team on the same day, transformed into three “commanders,” and floated 100,000 meters away to observe the other party with their divine thoughts.

The source variable suppressor is driven by spiritual power as an energy source, so the range it can cover is consistent with the spiritual wave coverage range, reaching 200 kilometers. However, after exceeding 50 kilometers, the fluctuations begin to weaken. After exceeding 100 kilometers, they become very unstable, greatly reducing the suppression effect.

In summary, within a range of 50 kilometers, the suppression effect is best, that is, 50,000 meters.

Feng Chengdao: “Last time I met the other party ten thousand meters away and was directly hit by the other party. I guess the other party’s attack range is above this range, so for safety, it is better not to approach easily.”

Su Hao said, “Don’t worry, I will explore first.”

With that, his figure fell to the ground, and the diamond armor spread out under his feet, climbing up in large pieces, covering him layer by layer, quickly turning into a nearly hundred meters high diamond giant.

After transforming into a giant, he engraved complex constructs all over his body, turning into a super giant Gundam-like figure, with two wings behind him shining in the sunlight.

Yashan and Feng Cheng’s eyes emitted golden light: “Wow! It’s so cool!”

This is just a method Su Hao uses to hide his body. According to Feng Cheng’s description, although the other party can attack any position, the attack range is not as large as imagined.

So, as long as his body is large enough to make the other party unable to guess where his real body is, it will be fine! At least greatly reducing the risk of being directly hit. As long as luck isn’t too bad…

Su Hao took two steps, shaking the ground with a loud noise. The mouth of the hundred-meter giant murmured, “The maneuverability is not bad, feels like driving a mech.”

After speaking, he raised a foot, took a step forward, gradually fading away, and entered the ‘second level space,’ slowly disappearing on the spot.

At the same time, an extremely tall crystal giant figure slowly appeared in front of Rada and the others.

It is Su Hao’s projection – Crystal Gundam!

Rada and the others gradually opened their mouths, staring in awe at the giant not far in front of them, momentarily unresponsive.

What does it feel like to have a hundred-meter tall giant standing in front of you? It feels like the other party could squash you by lifting a foot at any moment, and it’s always imminent.

That kind of oppression is indescribable, leaving one feeling on edge and their scalp tingling.

Dumont stammered, “This… this is the armor that grazed the ground yesterday?”

Lansin stiffened, “No way… the design is different! I think it’s the armor of the ground grazer’s dad!”

Dumont retorted, “Even his dad can’t be that big! At least it’s at the level of a great-grandfather.”

They have seen many source beasts, and there are quite a few massive ones, but a source beast reaching a hundred meters, to be honest, they have never seen one and cannot imagine what it looks like.

Shouldn’t such giants be only in myths and legends?

Even Rada was shocked, muttering, “Damn, how did this thing grow so big? Is it the ability of the source of guile…”

The girl with glasses lit up as if she had found the answer: “Could he be the ground grazer’s armor we fought before? And then the opponent’s ability is to grow larger after being beaten…”

“This is even more absurd!”

At that moment, the giant lowered his head, and the eyes emitting red light looked at Rada and the others, “Come on, hit me!”

Rada and the others were shocked at this request.

They looked at each other, seeing the puzzled look in each other’s eyes. However, it was undoubtedly an enemy!

Rada took the lead, clenched his fist, roared fiercely, and smashed it on the ground, “Take a punch from me, smash your head!”


A cold wind carrying two falling leaves blew by, and nothing happened.

Rada looked up, unbelievably staring at the giant’s head, “There… was no effect at all?”

The others were instantly stunned!

The giant was surprised, “Huh? Done already? Come again!”

This is an insult to them! Since becoming the head of the association, no one has dared to speak to him like this!

Rada was furious, his muscles trembling, spreading his legs and squatting slightly, his fists continuously pounding the ground, shouting angrily, “Eat countless punches from me! Hammer your brain, hammer your kidneys, hammer your heart, hammer your liver… hammer your little jiggly!”

The ground that Rada was pounding remained unscathed, as all the attacks seemed to transfer to the giant Gundam.

However, Rada’s wild attacks did not work, the giant Gundam was looking at him expectantly, and after a moment, he even smiled?

Enough is enough!

Rada’s face turned red, emitting heat, gradually stopping and incredulously looking up at the huge giant in front of him!

He furrowed his brow deeply, “Still not hitting! What’s going on?”

At that moment, a bespectacled woman approached, “President Rada, could it be that this tall giant is just an empty shell, and your attacks have not hit the opponent’s real body?”

Rada’s eyes lit up, “That makes sense!”

He turned to the elemental mage and said, “Afu, smash the giant!”

Afu nodded, “Understood!”

He took a deep breath, stepped forward with his right foot, and landed heavily on the ground.


A crimson light spread from under his feet, quickly approaching the giant, splitting to the left and right, forming an arc, enclosing the giant in the middle.

“Earth Fire Engulfing Heaven!”


The area erupted like a volcano, a huge pillar of fire surged into the sky, enveloping the crystal Gundam.

Not finished yet, Afu clenched his right hand, a long flaming spear formed out of thin air in his palm. He held it and ran forward a few steps, then with a swing, he shot the flaming spear towards the pillar of fire.

“Attraction Plunder!”


After the flaming spear penetrated the giant pillar of fire, the pillar suddenly churned violently, the light becoming brighter and brighter, and finally burst open suddenly!


With the intense shock, Rada and the others instinctively used their hands to shield their eyes from the surging heat and sparks.

After a moment, the flames and dust settled.

Rada and the others couldn’t help but look towards the crystal Gundam.

There was now a deep pit where it stood, but the crystal giant…

still stood in place, unmoved, looking down at them with a smile, his crystal armor shining brightly in the sunlight!

The giant spoke, “The attack was good, but it seems to have no effect on me! Until next time!”

As soon as the giant’s words fell, his figure gradually disappeared on the spot, and finally disappeared completely.


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My Divine Diary

My Divine Diary

My Journal of Godhood, 我的成神日志
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An accident gave Su Hao the ability to reincarnate infinitely. But who can tell him why he can’t live past five years of age every time he is reincarnated? The universe is dangerous and unfriendly to children. Su Hao decided on his first small goal — to become an adult. “How could I not even become an adult!” … Amidst Su Hao’s millions of reincarnations, one time after another. After obtaining enough knowledge, he discovered the way to become a god. This is a mortal’s path to divinity. Maybe… you can too!


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