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Chapter 583

Chapter 583 Groundhog Game

Meanwhile, inside the Feng Cheng adamantium armor, a sudden muffled sound echoed in the chest cavity.


Feng Cheng also fell backward as if his brain had been struck by a hammer! He spat out a large amount of blood, falling straight down from mid-air.

Maintaining his long-distance observation, Dumon muttered, “Is he dead?”

Rada laughed heartily, “Are you doubting my abilities? With just that punch, it definitely turned his brain into mush! Armor of the Earth’s Skin, one down! I am still among the top five in the world, haha!”

The other teammates also showed a hint of smiles, “Truly the illustrious leader Rada!”

“Let’s go, let’s take a look. His armor looks good, it will be mine once I take it off!” Rada adjusted his coat and headed towards Feng Cheng.

“Phew!” Lansin breathed a sigh of relief, coming out of the ‘telepathy’ state, rubbed his temples, and followed behind Rada.

Only Dumon continued to maintain his long-distance observation, keeping an eye on Feng Cheng. Just a few steps later, he frowned and said, “President, the Armor of the Earth’s Skin has disappeared!”


The group froze in their tracks, all looking towards Dumon.

Dumon said, “It suddenly disappeared in its original place. I suspect he is not dead yet!”

Rada clenched his fist, “Not dead? Dumon, you better have seen clearly! That punch just now undoubtedly smashed all his organs, including the brain, into a pulp. Who wouldn’t die?

Without organs, one might still struggle a bit, but without a brain, one is surely dead! Let’s go check on him now. I don’t believe in such superstitions!”

As the five rushed to the spot where Feng Cheng had fallen, there was no trace of Feng Cheng’s figure.

Only a pool of blood on the ground confirmed that the attack just now had hit the target. But there was no sign of the enemy in the vicinity.

Rada cursed loudly, “Damn, how could he escape like that? What kind of ghostly ability is this, letting him get away? How can other Origin Mages mix in?”

His four teammates could not agree with this. Isn’t your ability the ghostly one, leader?

The woman with glasses pondered, “Could it be that the other party is already dead, but instinctively activated the source, transferring his body away?

Such things are not uncommon in bizarre disasters, many source devices disappear inexplicably after the end.”

Rada, however, did not have this kind of wishful thinking. He lifted his fist, “As long as we don’t see a body and cut off his head, then he’s not dead.

But it doesn’t matter, where can he run to? With the next punch, I will smash everything inside the armor.”

Elsewhere, Feng Cheng teleported back to the experimental base, quickly healing his internal injuries with his [Child of Fate] ability. After a while, he breathed a long sigh of relief, with lingering fear, “Almost died! Fortunately, my spiritual structure did not collapse!”

This punch caught Feng Cheng off guard. Just a little bit more, and he would have died completely!

With his whole body wrapped in a thick layer of adamantium armor and all defensive formations locked, he couldn’t imagine any attack that could break through his defense and harm him!

As long as he was a bit more careful, he could be called invincible!

But he never expected that someone could attack his internal organs from a distance of ten thousand meters, penetrating through various layers of protection!

In a flash, almost shattering his internal organs, his spiritual power structure was on the verge of collapse!

The most dangerous thing was his brain, which had just been attacked along with his skull.

After transforming into a “Commander”, following Yunze’s suggestion, he habitually moved his brain to a position just below his neck.

It was this habit that saved his life in this attack. Otherwise, his brain would have surely shattered as well. If that happened, could the “Commander” regenerate?

Organs could be shattered and quickly regenerate, but if the brain is shattered, it’s probably game over.

Feng Cheng regained his senses and quickly figured out what had happened. He cursed, “Zhi Peng that idiot actually told me the attack range was only six kilometers? Almost got me killed. It’s better to keep things uncertain than lie!”

He made up his mind that no matter what Zhi Peng said in the future, he would never trust a single word of it again!

“Regardless of whether he’s alive or dead, I’ll report to Boss Wei first before deciding.”

After listening to Feng Cheng’s description, Su Hao compared it to the data and exclaimed, “He has this ability too? Is this hitting a bull through a mountain? And he can even choose where to attack, isn’t that cheating? If a normal person was hit in the brain by him, who could survive…”

Yunze’s eyes lit up, “If I could bring him into my lab…”

Feng Cheng stared at Yunze in disbelief, “Yunze you dare to experiment on him?”

Yunze laughed, “I’ve been experimenting lately, can’t change this habit!”

Su Hao said, “He is indeed a great material for experiments!”

Feng Cheng hesitated, “But… isn’t it too dangerous? If he accidentally hits us in the brain, we’re dead!”

Su Hao rubbed his chin, “Didn’t Yunze research a formation disk called the ‘Variable Source Inhibitor’?”

“We could try it out, see if we can capture him. If we catch him, let Zhi Peng brainwash him, he can become a great experimental subject. I believe this ability holds great value!”

“If the ‘Variable Source Inhibitor’ doesn’t work, then we’ll have to eliminate him! I’ll improve the ‘Variable Source Inhibitor’ in the next few days, aiming to achieve maximum suppression.”

Feng Cheng asked, “Boss Wei, what about the Radiant Association? Do I need to go check on them?”

Yunze patted Feng Cheng on the shoulder, “Feng Cheng, you still haven’t learned well. If we don’t let the Radiant Association suffer a bit now, will they listen to us in the future? Just hide Zhi Peng! Don’t worry about anything else.”

Feng Cheng nodded, “Makes sense!”

The three of them dispersed, doing their own things, as if the threat posed by the Radiant Association president didn’t concern them.

After Feng Cheng decided not to bother with the Radiant Association, they found themselves in a fierce battle, being chased around by the president of the Radiant Association.

If it weren’t for the ability to quickly transfer the central ball, the Radiant Association would have been wiped out by the president long ago!

However, even with the central ball, it wasn’t safe!

If the central ball’s door was open and there was a connection between the inside and outside spaces, as long as the president sensed the entity, they would still be knocked out by the president with a punch.

In just five days, the number of members of the Radiant Association had drastically decreased.

The president was on a killing spree!

Dara had become a god-level figure!

However, no matter how much Zhi Peng called, he couldn’t get a response from Su Hao. After contacting Feng Cheng, Feng Cheng said, “I was severely injured in a showdown with the president before. I need some time to recover before I can fight again! Hold on, if you can’t win, run far away!”

Zhi Peng was speechless!

There were so many people in the Radiant Association, someone could surely escape, but there were always unlucky ones who couldn’t!

The biggest problem now was that the president of the Radiant Association only had five people. They could easily disappear, and no one knew where the president would appear next!

Maybe right beside them?

Sending people to monitor was also not feasible; they would die as soon as they got close. Various detectors set along the way, once discovered by the other party, also became ineffective!

The Rada team, like a mosquito that drills into a mosquito net, disappears when the light is turned on, and when the light is turned off to sleep, it appears buzzing in the ear! Can’t you just leave the light on?

So Zhilipeng ordered everyone to hide in the transfer sphere and completely close the passage…

Then a bunch of people, suffocating, couldn’t help but pop up and get hit, and then they had to rush to another city in an endless loop.

Every time they were discovered, many people were killed by a punch…


Rada laughed heartily with his hands on his hips, his windbreaker lifted by his momentum, rustling: “I also like this whack-a-mole game! I never expected such an interesting activity when I came here.

So interesting, I love this game, I can play it for a year!”

Dumon and others were embarrassed, why didn’t they find this game fun?

They just wanted to finish the mission quickly and return to Yixuan City. The food here was too bad, and they couldn’t sleep well at night. If as Rada said they had to play for a year, how could they endure it?

The woman with glasses looked surprised, “President Rada, are we really going to play for a year?”

Rada glanced at the woman with glasses, sending a chill down her spine, “That’s right, I am going to play for a year!”

After a while, he suddenly burst into laughter, “I’m kidding! Hahaha!”


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My Divine Diary

My Divine Diary

My Journal of Godhood, 我的成神日志
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An accident gave Su Hao the ability to reincarnate infinitely. But who can tell him why he can’t live past five years of age every time he is reincarnated? The universe is dangerous and unfriendly to children. Su Hao decided on his first small goal — to become an adult. “How could I not even become an adult!” … Amidst Su Hao’s millions of reincarnations, one time after another. After obtaining enough knowledge, he discovered the way to become a god. This is a mortal’s path to divinity. Maybe… you can too!


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