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Chapter 582

Chapter 582: Hammer Your Brain

Rada is widely recognized as the most powerful source mage in the entire Heng Xuan region, without question.

He is said to be in the top five in the entire world.

However, saying he can only make it to the top five, Rada is not convinced because in his own view, when it comes to his fists against living beings, he is truly invincible, as long as someone dares to stand within his perception range, no one is an exception.

Unfortunately, there are four Presidents from the ‘Eighteen Empire Union’ who can hit him from outside his perception range, making him helpless!

He can only rank in the top five.

Therefore, what Rada hates the most is mages whose perception range is broader than his and attack distance is longer than his!

What he didn’t expect was to encounter someone today who could attack him from outside his perception range!

This almost made him spit blood.

In that case, won’t he be ranked sixth? By then, when others introduce him, they will say: This is ‘Invincible Fist’ Rada, always at the top, able to rank in the top ten in the world!

Even if he is invincible with his fists, is he still in the top ten in the world? He also has face!

On the other side, Feng Cheng, who had transformed into [Child of Fate], was surprised by the five spells he casually shot out, which were intercepted and destroyed by the opponent. Keep in mind that he is a cultivator in the Nascent Divinity realm, and any spell he casts casually has tremendous power. How could it be so easily intercepted halfway?

At most, it would be blocked by the opponent’s strong shield spell!

“It seems that this Rada always has something up his sleeve! Let me try my ‘Purple Light Flying Sun Sword’!” Feng Cheng said, completing several spell gestures in an instant. A purple light gradually shone above his head, expanding to the size of a basketball.

He casually pointed towards Rada and the others, and a sword energy suddenly shot out from the purple ball.


This sword energy, like it had precise navigation, locked onto Rada, transformed into a stream of light, and shot towards a distance.

Before it was over, more sword energy continued to shoot out from the purple ball, closely following the first sword energy, almost forming a line of attacks, resembling a machine gun firing.

Feng Cheng wanted to see how the opponent would intercept such a dense attack.

Once the sword energy entered Rada’s perception range, he immediately took action, delivering a heavy punch to the ground, causing all the incoming sword energies to burst.

However, before he could rejoice, he found more sword energy flying towards him and couldn’t help but blurt out, “Damn, so many!”

He took a deep breath, stepped aside, crouched halfway down, his biceps bulging high: “Eat my countless fists!”

Then his fists quickly alternated hitting the ground, only leaving behind a blur.

But when the fists hit the ground, there was no movement, only the faint dust raised by the fist wind drifting outward.

“Boom, boom, boom!”

Feng Cheng’s Purple Light Flying Sun Sword burst in mid-air one after another, as if being shattered by an invisible force.

This time, Feng Cheng was truly amazed! He was very aware of the strength of his own spells and had never thought they could be shattered by fists.

He frowned and muttered to himself, “What ability is this? Spells being inexplicably destroyed by an attack.”

After a moment of contemplation, Feng Cheng smiled and said, “Hey! Regardless of the ability, it’s only within a range of six thousand meters! Meanwhile, my effective attack range reaches up to one hundred and fifty thousand meters. Slowly trying it out will work eventually.”

Of course, theoretically, Feng Cheng could attack enemies within a range of one hundred and fifty thousand meters, but the farther the distance, the weaker the attack, and the closer the distance, the stronger the attack.

This principle applied whether in spells or his fantasy-based ability ‘Mind Wishes.’

After many tests, Feng Cheng found that launching an attack from a position ten thousand meters away from the enemy had the highest cost-effectiveness.

Firstly, his spells and ‘Mind Wishes’ could still exert great power at this distance, albeit slightly diminished.

Secondly, at a distance of ten thousand meters, he could ensure his own safety in most situations, making it almost impossible for the enemy source mages to detect him.

“Let’s try out my ‘Mind Wishes’ without a flight trajectory and see how you can crack it!”

Feng Cheng reached for a source bead, closed his eyes slightly, and activated the power of the Source Master!

‘Mind-Wishing to Grab Food’!

At the same time, Rada and the other five people felt a strong pressure all around them, making it difficult to move, as if being tightly gripped by a giant’s hand.

One of Rada’s teammates immediately realized and managed to speak out laboriously, “It’s a Source Master of the Gods!”

They couldn’t imagine which godly Source Master could have such an immense range, it was simply unsolvable.



Before they had time to think too much, the five people were struck as if by a huge swing, all sent flying out, somersaulting in the air before falling hard to the ground.

“Dammit, this is damn frustrating! Old Fu, quickly disperse them!”

Dealing with the source mages of the gods, they already had a feasible plan in place, which was the ‘dispersion technique,’ theoretically any source mage as long as not too stupid, could learn it.

But in theory only, unfortunately, not many people actually learned it…

This spell was particularly effective against the source mages of the gods, and could to some extent dispel various illusion spells cast by source mages, very practical.

Upon hearing this, a man in a top hat straightened his hat first, then clapped his hands on the ground.


A blue flame burst from his palm, rapidly spreading outwards, extending over a range of more than twenty meters in the blink of an eye, encompassing all five of them.

After the blue flame swept through, everyone suddenly felt the pervasive restraints disappear, feeling relaxed all over.

The head of the Rada Guild clenched his fists tightly and shouted, “Quickly move and pinpoint his location for me, Lansin, prepare the ‘synchronization technique,’ after confirming the direction, Dumon, use ‘directional vision’.”

As soon as Rada finished speaking, the five quickly moved, rushing out of the dispersion range, dashing around without any pattern.

Meanwhile, a black-haired woman named Lansin followed behind the group, closing her eyes slightly while activating the spell ‘synchronization technique’!

This was one of the unique abilities of the source mages of the heart in the illusion series, wielders of the heart source magic were a class of mages in the illusion series, like nightmares, able to freely manipulate the dreams and senses of others.

Those attacked by the abilities of a heart source mage would have their consciousness drawn into the illusory world created by the heart source mage, and more powerful heart source mages could even directly kill people in the illusion.

The power was extremely formidable.

The ‘synchronization technique’ utilized the ‘entrance to dream illusion’ spell to share perceptions with multiple people.

And ‘directional vision’ was another ability of the team member Dumon, capable of ignoring obstacles and clearly seeing things in a certain direction, with a maximum distance of up to twenty thousand meters.

This was a team personally assembled by the head of the Rada Guild, capable of maximizing his own abilities through various combinations of powers.

Rada’s own range of perception was only six thousand meters, quite far already, but not the farthest, there were always those who could exceed him, which was also why he was known as ‘able to rank in the top five.’

Then he came up with a solution.

That was to find a heart source mage and a guile source mage with an extremely long range of perception to form a team, use the heart source mage’s ‘synchronization technique’ to link his perception with that of the guile source mage, achieving super long-distance perception!

As long as he could perceive, his ‘locked fist’ could then attack, and being hit by his fist meant death!

In this way, the range of perception would no longer be a limiting factor for him to unleash his abilities.

In conclusion: the team is invincible!

Originally, this combination was intended by Rada to deal with the heads of the other regional guilds, but unexpectedly today they encountered a source mage of the gods who could launch long-range attacks.

So, they had to bring this ‘invincible’ combination to light ahead of schedule!

Through constant movement, the five quickly tested the strength of Feng Cheng’s ‘Mind as One’ in different positions, as long as they perceived the subtle differences in strength, they could quickly calculate and determine the approximate direction and distance of the source mage of the gods.

Soon, one of the glasses-wearing women put away a small notebook, snapped her fingers, adjusted her glasses, and pointed in a direction, saying, “The general direction has been determined, around ten thousand meters in that direction.”

‘Synchronization technique’!

Lansin immediately activated the spell, linking Rada and Dumon’s perceptions.

Rada smirked, “Dumon, begin!”

Dumon suddenly stopped, opened his eyes that had been closed, and two red conical beams shot out from his eyes, illuminating in the distance.

In an instant, countless scenes were captured in his eyes and shared with Rada’s perception through the ‘telepathy’ technique.

Soon, a figure completely wrapped in transparent crystal armor appeared in the perception of the three individuals.

This armored figure was huge in size, completely transparent, magnificently coordinated in design, exuding a majestic aura. At that moment, it was floating in the low sky, seemingly contemplating its attack strategy.

Rada laughed heartily, “I found you! Armor of the Earth’s Skin!”

Then he raised his right fist high, muscles bulging, veins popping, and with a fierce punch he exclaimed, “Die! Smash your brain! Smash your organs!”


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