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Chapter 593

Chapter 593 Spare the Adults

The allied forces were annihilated in an instant.

Except for fewer than a thousand people deliberately overlooked by Su Hao and his two companions, everyone else lay on the ground, turning into cold corpses.

The speed of the destruction was so fast that everyone couldn’t react in time.

This could be seen from Zhi Peng’s perspective:

The first messenger: “Report, Zhi Peng Ge, a hundred thousand allied troops launched simultaneous attacks on my ten cities with ten large corps.”

Before the words had even settled, the second messenger ran in from outside: “Report, Zhi Peng Ge, there was a huge roar coming from the direction of the allied corps; it seems that a battle has occurred.”

Before Zhi Peng could react, the third messenger ran in: “Report, Zhi Peng Ge, it has been confirmed that the ten large allied corps have been annihilated, almost the entire army was destroyed.”

Zhi Peng: “…”

Not only Zhi Peng was dumbfounded, but also the group of extraordinary strategists who attended the staff meeting were also confused.

What in the world, how could the battle report be so chaotic?

The lucky and surviving allied forces mages were now in panic and at a loss.

Most of them stood dumbfounded, looking at the fallen comrades, not yet understanding what had happened.

“We were attacked just now? And… all wiped out?”

This is something they couldn’t fathom no matter what!

In the midst of the chaos, after sorting through their thoughts, they finally confirmed one thing: most of their teammates were dead, and they were still alive.

“I’m really damn awesome!”

Allied forces rear command center.

“Haven’t we contacted the ten large corps yet?”

The alliance stipulates that every five minutes there should be communication with the rear command center. However, fifteen minutes had passed, and there was still no message from the front line, making the people at the rear command center feel uneasy.

“At the first moment of losing contact, the fastest mages were sent to investigate. We should have precise information in ten more minutes.”

“Perhaps they encountered some issues, like the communication devices of the corps malfunctioning!”

“Wait for the results.”

Ten minutes later, indeed, the first mage came back with a report.

“What? The entire Fourth Corps was wiped out? Are you joking with us?”

The scout said in fear, “Everything I said was witnessed with my own eyes, I can’t make it up.”

Soon, the twenty-odd scouts sent out returned one after the other, reporting the same message – complete annihilation.

Of course, to the remaining less than a thousand survivors, in the eyes of others, there was hardly any difference from being completely wiped out.

The people at the command center still couldn’t believe it was true.

“Let’s go, let’s personally go and see. If these scouts lied, they will be punished by wartime military law.”

Not long after, they arrived at the scene of the corps’ annihilation.

The scene could only be described with two words – utterly tragic!


The overall commander of this operation suddenly spurted out blood, falling backward and said, “It’s all over!”

However, the Emperor of various districts in the New Era City were still singing and dancing, celebrating their victory in the war.

In their view, as long as the legion set off, the war would be won.

Just wait quietly for news from behind.

Yashan, Feng Cheng, and Su Hao were finishing up their work, with Su Hao directly teleporting back to the base’s small world.

The moment he returned to the base’s small world, his divine sense sensed five source mages more than thirty kilometers away.

Shifting his focus to them, he saw these people paddling in the water in four directions, trying to swim out.

“Huh? Aren’t these the little guys who found the gourd dao before? Why are they here again!”

Su Hao looked at their situation, pondered for a moment, and guessed the ins and outs.

This made Su Hao very interested.

Being able to accurately find the location of his hidden island twice in a row was definitely not a coincidence, but the other party really had a way to locate the base’s position.

At this point in time, wanting to run to the island, obviously intending to take advantage of the gap in the coalition’s attack to sneak into the island and steal from it.

It had to be said, these few people were really bold.

It’s just that Su Hao had set up an optimized version of the suppressor within a thirty kilometer range of the base’s small world. Any source mage who entered the range would instantly lose their source abilities.

Obviously, these few people had rashly entered the suppression range and fell directly into the sea.

“Is this to find the correct direction to exit the suppression range? I have to say, it’s a bit clever. If I now expand the range of the suppressor to two hundred kilometers, what do you plan to do?”

Thinking of this, Su Hao casually modified the suppressor, expanding its range of effect to the initial version, covering a radius of two hundred kilometers around.

The other party had touched his base twice in a row, and now wanted to steal from him. So let them stay in the sea for a while first, as a small punishment from Su Hao.

When they were almost done soaking, he would fish them up, figure out how they found the island, and hand it over to Yashan for experimental data collection!

Feiyuan and his four teammates swam out more than two hundred meters, but still did not recover their abilities, and paddled back.

Each of them was exhausted, panting heavily.

Although they were physically strong, swimming in the sea was not their strong suit.

Feiyuan learned that none of the four had recovered their abilities. He was incredulous, “How is this possible? Could it be the influence of ocean currents? No! I observed it before the operation, and the influence of ocean currents should not be that significant. Could it be that my calculations were wrong?”

He calculated again, but no matter how he calculated, it should not be like this.

Compared to the distance his teammates swam out, theoretically, no matter which direction, one of them should have swum out of the forbidden source zone.

He shook his head vigorously, “Something’s not right!”

Xiangli, panting heavily, said, “Feiyuan, what should we do now?”

Feiyuan tried to calm himself down, as he followed the gentle rise and fall of the waves, “Let me think, there must be a way.”

After a moment, Feiyuan asked the source mage of Qi, “Acai, did your ability suddenly fail?”

Acai nodded, “It was all fine before, but suddenly it was out of control.”

Feiyuan asked, “Do you all have the strength left? We must quickly leave this forbidden source area, otherwise the cold sea water will soon cause us to lose heat in our bodies and freeze to death in the sea.”

All four nodded, saying, “We can do it, Feiyuan, just tell us what to do!”

Feiyuan said firmly, “Swim again, this time swim four hundred meters in one go!”


The four didn’t hesitate and turned to swim out. Meanwhile, Feiyuan remained in place, deep in thought, his teeth clenched.

His teammates trusted him so much, he would definitely lead everyone out.

Soon, the four teammates swam back again, each of them exhausted, panting heavily, floating on the surface of the sea, not wanting to move another inch.

Feiyuan was completely stunned, murmuring: “Actually… still haven’t escaped. Could it be that the Forbidden Origin Zone is irregular? Or, narrow at the top and wide at the bottom!

No… it shouldn’t be like this, ninety-nine percent of such areas are likely to be spherical. So, what’s really going on?”

He listed out the possible scenarios one by one, eliminating them, and then left with three possibilities: first, the Forbidden Origin Zone is irregular in a cone shape, with the Forbidden Area on the sea surface much larger than they thought, whereas the airspace Forbidden Area is much smaller;

The second possibility is that as they approached the small island, they were already discovered by the ‘Scraped Skin Armor,’ and then they were brought closer, activating the forbidden ability suddenly, trapping them in the sea;

The third possibility is that the ‘Scraped Skin Armor’ returned from the front line, just happened to discover them entering the Forbidden Origin Zone and casually expanded the Forbidden Area.

Regardless of which one, it’s a dead end for them!

He thought for a long time again, seeing that his teammates were already trembling from the cold, and muttered to himself: “The first possibility is relatively low compared to the second and third, so, I choose to believe that we have been discovered by the ‘Scraped Skin Armor.’

He breathed a sigh of relief: “Shanli, let’s surrender!”


Then Su Hao sensed the abnormality of divine consciousness, his attention shifted slightly to Feiyuan and the others, and he saw them all raising their hands above the sea surface, making a surrender gesture, while shouting something together.

The distance was too far, Su Hao couldn’t hear it, but he could analyze the corresponding words through lip movements and sound waves.

“Master Mage, spare us! We surrender unconditionally!”

Su Hao raised his eyebrows: “Can they still surrender like this?”

But since they surrendered, he accepted their surrender.

Su Hao appeared above Feiyuan and the others in a flash, looking down, indeed hearing their cries to the sky.

As soon as a figure of a crystal armored person appeared halfway in the sky, Feiyuan’s face showed a glimmer of excitement, shouting loudly: “Master Mage! We have no ill intentions, if we have unintentionally offended, we are very sorry! We now surrender unconditionally, willing to face any consequences, please save our lives.”

Su Hao chuckled: “Unintentional offense? But that’s not important, since you have surrendered, it’s all good.”

After that, Su Hao put a ‘Balance Technique’ on each of them, teleporting them back to the small world, and casually threw them into the newly developed ‘Experimental Living Area.’

Soon, Feiyuan saw his godfather, Rada.

The two teams of ten people were staring at each other.


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My Divine Diary

My Divine Diary

My Journal of Godhood, 我的成神日志
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