The Wishes I Made, Enemies Reap Double

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Titles : The Wishes I Made, Enemies Reap Double

Alternatives : 反派:我许的愿望,仇人得双倍

Author : 都市言情

Type : web novel (cn)

Status : ongoing

Genres : , , , , ,

Source : faloo

Lin Beifan traverses a world composed of numerous urban web novels and becomes a minor antagonist with a wish-granting system that allows him to make one wish per day.

Using the system’s abilities and his own clever tricks, he sabotages all the main characters and disrupts the plotlines.

As a result, the heavens replicate the storyline and curse Lin Beifan, making it so that any wish he makes causes his enemies to receive double the consequences!

Lin Beifan chuckles, “Is that all?”

“I wish to maintain a body temperature of 36.8 degrees!”

The first protagonist’s brain overheats to 73.6 degrees and dies!

“I wish to sleep for 12 hours every day!”

The second protagonist becomes a vegetable and dies!

“I wish to be crushed to death by a 120-pound beauty!”

The third protagonist is flattened into a sheet of paper by a 240-pound chubby girl and dies!

In this way, the plot is once again thrown into chaos!

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