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Chapter 106

Chapter 106: Unexpected Turns, Changing Mindsets of Two Main Characters!

However, at this moment, a large red candlestick appeared on the big screen, causing soybean prices to drop by 2%.

Before anyone could react, another large red candlestick appeared, further pushing prices down by 2%.

Everyone was baffled. How could this strong upward trend suddenly reverse itself? In the blink of an eye, soybean prices had dropped by 4%. Achieving such a significant drop required billions of funds!

Especially in the current market sentiment, where the overall sentiment was bullish, and trading volumes were surging, stopping the upward trend of soybeans would be impossible without billions of capital.

So, what had happened? Who was responsible for this?

Inside the Lin Investment Company trading room:

Wu Ge looked puzzled and glanced at Lin Beifan. It wasn’t him!

From the moment this started until now, he had remained motionless. How could soybean prices drop like this?

At Dragon Fang Capital headquarters:

Dragon King Zhaotian furrowed his brows. “What’s happening? Is it third-party funds, or did Lin Beifan short soybeans again?”

“Dragon King, we are currently investigating,” a person in black replied.

Zhaotian said impatiently, “Hurry up and find out, and do it quickly! No one can stop me from going long!”

In just a few moments of talking, soybean prices dropped again, this time by another 2%.

This meant that from the peak of 6% just moments ago, soybean prices had completely reversed, swallowing up all the profits of the bulls. Soybean prices plummeted rapidly, completely defying expectations.

In less than a minute, everyone was left stunned. What had just happened? It seemed like the market was manipulated!

Dragon King already had a bad feeling in his heart and said irritably, “Find out what’s going on, what’s the reason?”

“Dragon King, we’ve already found out,” the person replied.

“Show me quickly!” Zhaotian tapped his fingers impatiently on the computer.

It was the official agricultural website of Beautiful Country, and he saw another piece of news there.

Beautiful Country had signed an agricultural cooperation agreement with a beautiful country. They would be importing a large quantity of soybeans from Beautiful Country. These soybeans not only had better quality but were also significantly cheaper due to industrialized production, with an overall price less than half of the domestic market…

Seeing this, Dragon King Zhaotian understood.

The two countries had signed a soybean trading contract, and the high-quality and cost-effective soybeans from Beautiful Country were sure to flood the domestic soybean market. Therefore, the futures market reacted immediately, causing soybean prices to drop. In the near future, the soybean market would enter a bear market, and prices might lose half of their value!

For soybean futures, this was the most bearish news imaginable!

Dragon King Zhaotian was in despair. He held a long position of 1.5 million contracts, nearly a billion yuan tied up in purchases! If the prices continued to fall, he would incur massive losses. Even if it dropped by just 1%, he would lose 1 billion!

Now, soybean prices were bound to fall, with no room for recovery. He needed to close his positions quickly and cut his losses!

He shouted angrily, “Close my positions immediately! Quickly!”

However, while he reacted swiftly, others acted even faster. Suddenly, soybean prices dropped by another 2%, going below the opening price by two percentage points!

And Dragon King’s soybean account was already showing a floating loss of 2 billion.

Dragon King Zhaotian paled and urged, “Hurry up!”

The person in black smiled bitterly, “Dragon King, we’ve liquidated all the positions we could, but currently, everyone is shorting, and our position is too large. No one wants to take it over.”

“Then sell it at a lower price for me!”

At that moment, the big screen refreshed again, causing soybean prices to drop another 2%.

This meant that he was now facing a 4 billion loss.

In a matter of moments, he had lost 4 billion. Dragon King Zhaotian was frightened, his face as pale as paper, and he collapsed to the ground.

“It’s over!”

In contrast, Lin Beifan’s side was filled with joyous laughter.

Everyone was excited.

“Wow! We thought we were going to lose, but who would have thought it would turn around like this!”

“As soon as this agreement between the two countries was signed, soybean prices domestically were bound to drop. In the near future, soybean futures will enter a bear market, likely losing half their value!”

“Thank goodness we didn’t close our positions; otherwise, we’d be losing big!”

“I think Lin is a genius. He must have seen all of this coming, which is why he shorted!”

“Lin is incredible!”

“Lin is unstoppable!”

Compliments kept pouring in, making Lin Beifan feel like a special police officer enjoying the adulation. Lin Beifan couldn’t help but feel proud, swelling with self-importance, and he even stood with his hands on his hips, laughing triumphantly, “Oh, come on now, there’s no need to praise me so much! I didn’t expect things to turn out this way either. It’s all luck! Pure luck, hahaha…”

However, everyone was oblivious to Wu Ge, who felt like he didn’t belong.

He stood there, stunned, and looked at the big screen in confusion.

The prices had risen so high, how could they suddenly drop like this?

Lin Beifan had been ready to close his positions and prepare to lose several billion, and then this happened?

He couldn’t believe it. He had hoped to make Lin Beifan lose some money. Was that too much to ask for? Did the heavens have to go against him?

At this moment, Lin Beifan’s triumphant laughter rang out like a series of slaps hitting him in the face.

Wu Ge’s mindset had completely collapsed. He felt like finding a place to cry his heart out.

Just then, someone patted his shoulder. He turned to see Lin Beifan looking at him with a concerned expression. “Brother, what’s wrong with you? Why do you look so pale?”

“I… I was watching the market! I never expected soybean prices to rise so much, only to suddenly plummet. It’s just too exciting, too shocking, and I couldn’t handle it! Ah~” Wu Ge covered his chest.

He was speaking from the heart. He really had been shocked. The thought of his arch-nemesis making billions of dollars again made his heart ache!

Ache, ache, ache!

It hurt so much that he couldn’t breathe!

Especially when he thought that part of this was because of his own actions, it hurt even more!

“You were so shocked by this? It seems like you have a weak mental state. You need to toughen up,” Lin Beifan said with a big smile.

“My mental state is indeed weak. My heart is still pounding! Boss Lin, I feel a bit unwell. I’d like to request some time off, and I hope you’ll approve it,” Wu Ge said. He didn’t want to stay in this heartbreak-inducing place; he wanted to go and recuperate.

Lin Beifan placed his hand on Wu Ge’s shoulder. “Don’t even think about escaping! If your mindset is weak, you should stay here and adapt by keeping your eyes wide open. The more you see, the better you’ll adapt!”

“But, Boss Lin, I…”

“Listen to me, be good!”

At that moment, soybean prices dropped by another 2%!

Lin Beifan laughed triumphantly. “I just made an additional 2 billion! Hahaha!”

Wu Ge’s eyelids fluttered, and he nearly fainted.

The Wishes I Made, Enemies Reap Double

The Wishes I Made, Enemies Reap Double

Score 7
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2021 Native Language: Chinese
Lin Beifan traverses a world composed of numerous urban web novels and becomes a minor antagonist with a wish-granting system that allows him to make one wish per day. Using the system’s abilities and his own clever tricks, he sabotages all the main characters and disrupts the plotlines. As a result, the heavens replicate the storyline and curse Lin Beifan, making it so that any wish he makes causes his enemies to receive double the consequences! Lin Beifan chuckles, “Is that all?” “I wish to maintain a body temperature of 36.8 degrees!” The first protagonist’s brain overheats to 73.6 degrees and dies! “I wish to sleep for 12 hours every day!” The second protagonist becomes a vegetable and dies! “I wish to be crushed to death by a 120-pound beauty!” The third protagonist is flattened into a sheet of paper by a 240-pound chubby girl and dies! In this way, the plot is once again thrown into chaos!


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