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Chapter 649

Chapter 649: Spiritual Power

Research on realms above the ‘Transcendence Realm’ is not because Suo Hao is not taking Yashan along, but Yashan has other independent research projects.

That is the calculation and research on ‘Source Materials’.

Previously, Suo Hao had already transformed most of the pure substances and common compounds, but this did not mean it was over; there were still more complex substances that needed to be calculated and synthesized.

Yashan’s task is to transform all the substances used in daily life and experiments.

This task is very difficult, but with a large number of previous experiments by Suo Hao as reference, after a period of learning, Yashan can manifest the experimental process, but it requires a lot of time.

This is not a big problem, as time is what they have plenty of now.

The only difficulty is that calculating the data of various substances and transforming them requires the assistance of a specific ‘Small World’, and Yashan has not learned how to use the ‘Small World’…

Suo Hao quickly thought of a solution, which was to first create a large number of stable Small Worlds, seal them in metal balls of various sizes, and teach Yashan to use the ‘Small World’ metal balls!

It’s like not having to build a computer, as long as you know how to use it, playing games won’t be affected at all.

Yashan stayed in his own laboratory, constantly looking towards Suo Hao’s laboratory with eager eyes.

Compared to researching a project alone, he preferred to research the same project with Boss Wei…

Yashan clenched his fists to encourage himself, “I have to study harder, truly catch up with Boss Wei! Master using the ‘Small World Ball’ proficiently first, strive to completely master the use of the ‘Small World Ball’ within a year, then repeat the ‘Source Material’ experiments Boss Wei has done within five years, complete the compounds used within ten years, and synthesize delicious food within thirty years…”

As for Feng Cheng…

He was still in the learning stage, able to handle some more advanced ‘miscellaneous’!

He could manage simple research, but when it came to something more complex, he didn’t know where to start.

Mainly because Feng Cheng was a native of the cultivation world, influenced since childhood, his rigorous ‘scientific view’ had not been completely reversed, and his way of thinking leaned more towards ‘cultivate – become stronger – succeed.’

Having his current level of knowledge and abilities was already quite rare.

In Laboratory No. 1, after listening to Feiyuan’s explanation of his cultivation progress, Suo Hao checked his current progress.

Then he said, “Feiyuan, you now have the qualifications to break through the ‘Transcendence Realm’. The next step is to build your own ‘Knowledge Platform’, store part of your consciousness information in the platform, and strengthen your perception and consciousness intensity once again.

I have a method called ‘Triangle Printing’ that can help you build the Knowledge Platform successfully step by step without much thinking, reaching the Transcendence Realm.

But I still hope you don’t rush, instead, focus and study with me for a while, fully understand the structure and concept of the Knowledge Platform, then build your own ‘Knowledge Platform’ in your own way. How does that sound?”

Feiyuan said, “If Mr. Jia Wei is willing to teach me, it couldn’t be better.”

Then he said what he had prepared for a long time, “Moreover, everything I have now is given by Mr. Jia Wei. I will listen to Mr. Jia Wei’s arrangements in the future, and if there are places where my abilities can be helpful, I will do my best.”

Suo Hao said, “That’s settled then!”

Next, Su Hao personally explained the ‘essence’ of cultivating immortality to Feiyuan, as well as the ultimate goal of cultivating immortality, the role of ‘spiritual thoughts’, the thinking and structure of ‘knowledge platform’, and so on.

Without any reservation, he slowly explained to Feiyuan.

All along, Su Hao played the role of a scholar more, with far more times as a student than as a teacher.

But that doesn’t mean Su Hao can’t teach students. He also has his own set of teaching methods, which are much more advanced than those in the world of cultivating immortality that are ‘can only be understood, not told’.

Coupled with Feiyuan’s own excellence, Su Hao’s explanation progress was extremely rapid.

In less than two years, Feiyuan had successfully broken through to the ‘Divine Transformation Realm’ through his own efforts.

The method he adopted was not the same as others, using ‘triangular printing’, but instead, referring to Su Hao’s thinking, he built a ‘track overlay’ structure by himself to directly generate ‘unit blocks’, breaking through the ‘Divine Transformation Realm’ speed, no slower than ‘triangular printing’.

Most importantly, after two years of research, Feiyuan’s understanding of cultivating immortality was even higher than that of Yashan Feng Cheng.

After Feiyuan successfully broke through the Divine Transformation Realm, Su Hao smiled and asked, “How does it feel?”

Feiyuan’s perception range covered up to thirty thousand meters, enough to encompass the entire spaceship.

He closed his eyes, experiencing the novel sensation of being ‘omnipresent’, murmuring, “Is this ‘divine thoughts’? It’s so amazing! It’s like having countless versions of oneself, observing this huge spaceship from different angles, not missing a single detail.”

Then he saw Yuanfeng and Lingshu, who were showing affection in one corner of the spaceship, and his eyes were stung open…

Feiyuan carefully pondered for a moment, then suddenly asked, “Mr. Jia Wei, what do you think ‘spiritual power’ is?”

He thought Su Hao would know the answer, but to his surprise, Su Hao shook his head and said, “I don’t know what spiritual power is.”

Feiyuan was astonished, “You don’t know either?”

He never doubted that Mr. Jia Wei would withhold anything. Over the years of contact, any question he asked would receive a very serious and meticulous answer from the other party.

He understood that Su Hao would not lie, or rather, Su Hao was not willing to lie.

To Mr. Jia Wei, these pieces of knowledge seemed to be no great secrets…

Su Hao said with a smile, “There are many things I don’t know, so it’s not surprising at all. However, I have my own views on spiritual power. If you are interested, I can speak about it, but it may not be the same.”

Feiyuan was serious.

Su Hao continued, “In my opinion, ‘spiritual power’ includes many forms, but regardless of the form, it plays an important role as a bridge between ‘consciousness’ and ‘environment’.”

Feiyuan grasped the ‘subject-predicate-object’ and quickly absorbed the meaning Su Hao expressed: spiritual power is a ‘bridge’!

Su Hao went on, “So, what is spiritual power? Like ‘vision,’ ‘hearing,’ ‘smell,’ ‘touch,’ I classify them all as special functions of spiritual power.

For example, controlling the grip of hands, walking, jumping with feet, I also categorize them as another type of spiritual power. This kind of spiritual power can most intuitively allow our consciousness to transform the world.

This functionality is inherent in humans, or you could say, it is a spiritual power that normal people are born with.

Of course, I know that most people do not understand spiritual power in this way, but rather refer to the consciousness power that possesses mysterious functions.

However, no matter how mysterious, the essence is the same; it can be simply described as ‘the ability to interact between consciousness and the external world.'”

Listening to this, Feiyuan couldn’t help nodding involuntarily, he also strongly agreed with Mr. Jia Wei’s classification of spiritual power, viewing it from an angle he had never considered.

Su Hao said, “After giving a simple definition of spiritual power, the analysis of spiritual power becomes very clear. Taking Master Yuan’s spiritual power as an example, its essence is a tool for ‘consciousness’ to influence ‘source’, people with spiritual talents can ‘see’ the source and influence it, just like our eyes that see the world and the hands that work.”

He then gave many examples and summarized his views on spiritual power, concluding, “So, in my opinion, spiritual power is the two functions of consciousness, one is the ‘eyes’, and the other is the ‘hands’. So when we talk about cultivating spiritual power and enhancing spiritual power, it actually strengthens our ability to observe and transform the world.”

Feiyuan suddenly understood what Su Hao meant by the project ‘Beyond the God’.

He blurted out, “Mr. Jia Wei, you invited me to participate in the research project ‘Beyond the God’, aiming to gain stronger ‘eyes’ and ‘hands’, right?”

Su Hao said, “Exactly, our spiritual power is very strong now, allowing us to observe a broad range, but in front of the vast universe, we are still too small. I need stronger observational and transformative capabilities to see things that are currently invisible to me!”

Feiyuan replied, “Understood! Next, ‘Beyond the God’ is my goal!”

Throughout the years, Su Hao’s consciousness has been constantly increasing, evolving from the consciousness of an ordinary human to that of a deity, acquiring various extraordinary abilities. However, he is not satisfied.

He believes that even at his current level, he is still just an ordinary human!

“My consciousness essence has not changed.”

In this, ‘spiritual power’ is crucial.

As a bridge connecting consciousness with the world, spiritual power is limited by the physical body and cannot continue to grow indefinitely.

In other words, Su Hao’s spiritual power is limited by the body.

Until he breaks through this physical limitation, he is still just an ordinary mortal.

But reaching this limit will still require a long journey for him.

At least for now, he believes that there is still great room for improvement in his spiritual power, far from reaching its limit, but limited by knowledge, he does not know where to start.

His proposal of ‘Beyond the God’ is to figure out how to push spiritual power to the limit it can currently achieve.

At the very least, should he not perceive the operation of the ‘calamity system’?

As for the role of Feiyuan…

He might bring surprises to Su Hao, or perhaps he could provide new perspectives to help him continue strengthening his ‘spiritual power’!

The future is long and worth looking forward to.


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My Divine Diary

My Divine Diary

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