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Chapter 648

Chapter 648: Above the Divine Transformation Realm

From Su Hao’s current abilities, it is very difficult to find the misfortune system. After years of attempts, there have been no results.

Originally, he thought of putting it aside first, waiting for some future world to gain strong spiritual power, and then looking for it, which would surely make the task much easier.

However, the destruction of the Source Star made Su Hao change his mind.

He is eager to find disaster.

Even if a specific disaster cannot be found, it is good to find ways to counteract the disaster.

After all, he does not want a sword hanging over his head at all times, nor does he want to become a ‘planet destroyer’, bringing civilization to an end wherever he goes…

After thinking carefully, Su Hao soon made a decision and continued writing: “Conduct targeted tests:

1. Use the ‘location teleportation assistance device’ to continuously move at the speed of light to test if ‘disaster’ can catch up with me;

2. Destroy the asteroids along the way, release energy, facilitate perceiving energy fluctuations in the ‘focus system’ around me, try to find energy pathways from the focus, and calculate the ‘focus system’ in reverse;

3. Personally guide Feiyuan in the theory of cultivating immortals, allowing him and me to jointly deduce the next realm under the ‘transcendence realm’;

4. As outsiders, we will disrupt the original energy circulation system by becoming the ‘focus’, perhaps the indigenous people of the source star will not, such as Feiyuan, such as the two surviving observers, and this can be used as a comparison to find the ‘disaster system’.”

Su Hao wrote, then crossed out Feiyuan, muttering, “Feiyuan has already learned our ‘cultivation techniques’, perhaps his nature has already changed and cannot be used as a reference.”

“However, having two surviving indigenous people is enough. Keep them for now, observe for a few years, then let them breed offspring, and continue to observe…”

After Su Hao destroyed the ‘Seal Disaster Satellite System’, the energy raging on the source star began to show a downward trend after increasing for a month, indicating that the source on the source star is no longer growing.

But it was all too late. The vast majority of marine life had already perished, with only a few extremely resilient microbial organisms surviving, preserving the source of life.

This event, for the source star, could be called a ‘species extinction’.

Countless years later, if a new civilization could still develop, it is estimated that the new civilization would never imagine that in the distant past, there was such a vast ‘Origin Mage’ civilization.

Or perhaps there would be no chance! A living planet does not necessarily have intelligent life; the conditions required for the birth of intelligent life are too strict.

By this point, everything on the source star, for Su Hao, was considered over.

Aside from leaving a positioning stone on the remaining satellite for easy observation in the future, he no longer had any attachment to the source star.

Now on board the “Initial” spacecraft, slowly leaving this small stellar system.

At this moment, there were six people on the spacecraft: Su Hao and two others, Feiyuan, as well as Yuan Feng and Ling Xue.

Yuan Feng and Ling Xue had already accepted the fact of their mother planet’s destruction, quickly adapting to life on the spacecraft and showing great curiosity about everything inside the spacecraft, wandering around the spacecraft all day as if inspecting their own territory.

Su Hao and others did not restrict the actions of these two, as long as they did not disturb others, they were free to do as they pleased.

There were many entertainment venues on the spacecraft, and initially, the two of them had a great time playing, but as time passed, they gradually grew bored!

The two suddenly discovered a very serious problem: even though this miraculous spacecraft belonged to them, they couldn’t feel happy.

The reason was, there was no one to show off to, and everything they did that used to bring a sense of accomplishment now felt dull.

In the past, striving to study and join the astronomy group was the ultimate honor in the world.

It made everyone look up to them, they could show off their skills to neighbors and relatives, frequently flaunt themselves in front of people who used to look down on them, and engage in ‘invisible showing off’ online with sarcastic internet friends, earning a sea of praise…

In the past, these seemed to be the entirety of life, and now they were all gone!

Life seemed to have lost its joy…

All the scheming and maneuvering of the past now seemed meaningless.

So, what were they living for now?

Suddenly, one day, Yuan Feng and Ling Xue glanced at each other, their eyes met, and sparks flew.

At this moment, they seemed to have found the most essential meaning of life – to propagate offspring.

Regarding how to propagate offspring, let’s skip that and not mention it.

“Boss Wei the star coordinates within the 5,000 light-year range of Source Star have all been cross-referenced. Which direction should we head to now?”

In the cockpit, Yashan projected a three-dimensional image of the universe around them and showed it to Su Hao.

As for why they only cross-referenced within a range of 5,000 light-years, it’s because Su Hao and the others have a life expectancy limit, perhaps around five thousand years.

In other words, the farthest they can fly forward is only five thousand light-years. Not even one-fifth of the Source Star’s galaxy.

Even with five thousand years and traveling at the speed of light, they cannot fly out of the current galaxy range, which is quite despairing!

However, Su Hao is already very content with this.

One step at a time, it is impossible to desire so much immediately. Moreover, one must truly live to be five thousand years old before anything else.

He is very worried that something inexplicable might happen during the flight, directly leading to ship destruction and loss of life.

Su Hao looked at the star map and casually asked, “Which is the nearest star system to us?”

Yashan enlarged the star map and pinpointed a small star system, saying, “It is the Yu Zhi Star located at the ‘Tip of Beehive Constellation,’ 7.3 light-years away from the Source Star system. If we start the ‘Positioning Teleportation Assistant Device’ now, it is estimated that we can arrive within eight years at the latest.”

Su Hao said, “Let’s go to the Yu Zhi Star! However, for safety reasons, teleport once per light-year, arriving in eight stages. Calculate the landing point for the first teleport now, and then activate the positioning teleportation device.”

“Alright Boss Wei please wait a moment.”

Then Yashan handed over this simple calculation task to Feiyuan, and asked Feng Cheng to activate the ‘Positioning Teleportation Device’ in advance.

In no time, Feiyuan provided a specific set of coordinates.

Su Hao flashed to the Positioning Teleportation Chamber, entered the device, connected mentally to the device, began assembling the ‘Negative Space Module’ under the device’s assistance, and finally, with the help of the device, sent the negative space module to the designated coordinates at the speed of light.

A one-year countdown appeared on the device’s display.

In other words, there is still one year until the formal teleportation commences.

Su Hao emerged from the auxiliary device, and said to Feng Cheng who was waiting beside, “Feng Cheng, remind me when we are about to reach the teleportation point. Three days in advance!”

Feng Cheng immediately responded, “Understood, Vi!”

After replying to Su Hao, Feng Cheng was actually quite flustered internally, fearing that he might forget about it!

You see, this is a whole year! One small mistake and it could be missed…

Feng Cheng thought to himself, “I must not mess up Vi’s business! I’ll immediately write a alarm clock program on the device…writing on the device might not be reliable, I’ll expand the function using an assistant to write one as well, just in case. Hmm, writing only one is not enough, I’ll write three, rotating reminders…”

Currently, only Su Hao can take this spaceship for ultra-long-distance teleportation.

The reason is that fundamentally, the spaceship is a ‘small world.’ Taking the spaceship for teleportation means taking the small world for teleportation. However, Yashan and Feng Cheng cannot take the small world for teleportation.

For some reason, Yashan and Feng Cheng have very weak sensitivity to space; up until now, they have not comprehended ‘Second-level Space,’ let alone the utilization of the ‘small world’.

Perhaps, this is the difference between a ‘researcher’ and a ‘learner.’

One comprehends the ‘essence,’ while the other learns the ‘method.’

Perhaps only when Yashan and Feng Cheng truly comprehend the ‘essence’ of space like Su Hao, can they learn to use the ‘Second-level Space’ and ‘small world’ in space.

This kind of thing cannot be forced. Information about space can be found on the omnipotent assistant, whether they can learn it, depends on themselves.

Su Hao returned to the cockpit and directly said to Feiyuan, “I have a new research project called ‘Above God,’ perhaps I need your help, let’s research it together!”

Feiyuan was startled, “Mr. Jia Boss Wei you need my help?”

Suo Hao: “Yes.”

Yashan, on the side, was jealous and his eyes turned red.

Feiyuan nodded, “As long as you need, I will do my best.”

Suo Hao smiled, “However, you have not yet reached the ‘Transcendence Realm’, let me teach you how to quickly cultivate to the ‘Transcendence Realm’, followed by the ‘Godly Body Realm’. By the way, come to me again in three days, still at Laboratory No. 1.”

Feiyuan said, “Yes, Mr. Jia Wei.”

Yashan’s breath gradually became heavier, he really wanted to cling to Suo Hao’s thigh, “Boss Wei, I also want to study together!”


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My Divine Diary

My Divine Diary

My Journal of Godhood, 我的成神日志
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An accident gave Su Hao the ability to reincarnate infinitely. But who can tell him why he can’t live past five years of age every time he is reincarnated? The universe is dangerous and unfriendly to children. Su Hao decided on his first small goal — to become an adult. “How could I not even become an adult!” … Amidst Su Hao’s millions of reincarnations, one time after another. After obtaining enough knowledge, he discovered the way to become a god. This is a mortal’s path to divinity. Maybe… you can too!


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