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Chapter 574

Chapter 574 Search! Check for Lao Tzu

In the entire Hengxuan area, in less than three years, there were more than four thousand friends who were source masters, and more than two hundred thousand ordinary friends, which is still very powerful to think about.

Because apart from Zhi Peng’s bizarre ability ‘Let’s be friends,’ the only other ‘ability’ that can achieve this is probably another ability—money scattering, to achieve this level.

Zhi Peng was quite satisfied with his achievements over the past two years and smiled, “Mr. Jia Wei, my more than four thousand source master friends were all made by me during these years of traveling in the Hengxuan area. Each person sincerely agrees with what I say and treats me as their best friend. If you need any help from my friends, feel free to ask. It’s just that my friends come from all over the Hengxuan area, so it takes some time to gather them.”

Su Hao said, “Aren’t you planning to clean up the royal family?”

Zhi Peng immediately said, “Cleaning up the royal family is imperative, but I think the current four thousand people are not enough. It’s difficult to completely clean up the royal family in the entire Hengxuan area. Moreover, I have learned from my friends that if we openly confront the royal family, the Mage Association will definitely intervene. Compared to the Mage Association in the entire Hengxuan area, our four thousand people are still too weak. I plan to wait for another two years…”

The entire Hengxuan area is vast, with more than twenty thousand towns and cities, not counting small towns and villages like Huai Shui Town, with a large population.

And each town has a branch of the Origin Mage Association, which recruits and manages local source masters, and is also responsible for dealing with various disasters around the town.

There is no fixed number of mages in each Origin Mage Association, but on average, there are more than three hundred people, and there are at least three hundred thousand source masters registered in the entire Hengxuan area.

Although the Origin Mage Associations in different towns belong to the same organization, there are also some competitive relationships, competing for a matter of face.

Moreover, as time goes by, the Origin Mages have gradually differentiated into various ideological factions, among which two factions are the most representative and incompatible.

One faction is called the “Innovative Faction,” which advocates abolishing the last clause of the agreement more than 1,200 years ago, “maintaining royal rule,” and letting the world develop freely according to natural laws, with minimal interference from the Origin Mage Association.

The other faction is called the “Orthodox Faction,” which believes that the Origin Mage Association must inherit all the regulations of ‘harmony,’ including the last one, because the wisdom of the predecessors is beyond doubt, which is also the premise for maintaining peace in this world for more than a thousand years.

The two sides advocate opposition to each other, with no room for compromise, and have clashed multiple times as a result.

As time goes by, the “Innovative Faction” has gained the upper hand, causing panic among the royal families ruling the various regions of the world, and they began to spend large sums of money recruiting powerful Origin Mage teams in an attempt to regain the advantage of the “Orthodox Faction.”

Unexpectedly, they did achieve some results. Many non-royal noble families followed suit, and recruiting Origin Mage teams became the most popular activity among the noble families, suppressing the “Innovative Faction” for a long time.

However, not long after, the internal turmoil within the royal families began, and the source teams supported by the royal families also fell apart.

Since then, the position of the “Innovative Faction” has become unshakable, and the conflict with the royal families has increased day by day, but it is unknown when it will suddenly erupt.

Although there are conflicts between the Mage Association and the royal families, Zhi Peng can still confirm that if the “Radiant Society” openly attacks the royal families, the Origin Mage Association will definitely step in to stop the actions of the “Radiant Society.”

With their current strength, they cannot be opponents of the Mage Association, and in the end, they will only lead his friends into the abyss.

Su Hao didn’t know what Zhi Peng’s thoughts were, so he directly shattered his illusion: “You have been discovered by the royal family and the Mage Association. Without your knowledge, they have investigated you and your friends thoroughly!

That means the two years you want may be gone! Moreover, if you don’t gather your friends before the Mage Association acts against you, there may be no chance to gather them later.

So, what do you plan to do?”

Zhi Peng couldn’t believe it: “Discovered? When did this happen? I’ve always been low-key and understated in making friends, this shouldn’t happen!”

Su Hao said, “It’s a fact that you’ve been discovered now. The reason they haven’t acted against you yet is probably because they want to find out who is behind the scenes pushing things! That would be me. But I guess the association won’t wait too long, so you better make plans as soon as possible.”

Zhi Peng’s face darkened, and finally gritted his teeth: “Mr. Jia Wei, I think I will gather my friends tomorrow and implement the second phase of the plan, occupying three cities as territories first, and gradually expanding outward until the entire Hengxuan area is annexed.

However… since I’ve been targeted, does that mean as soon as I make a move, I’ll be discovered immediately? In that case, how can I gather my friends?”

Su Hao said, “I’ve already figured this out for you. Later, I will give you a ‘transit ball’ that can directly connect to the gathering point. You just need to bring the transit ball and find your friends! Try to tour the entire Hengxuan area within two months.”

Zhi Peng was amazed, “Transit ball?”


Just as he questioned, a basketball-sized metal ball appeared out of thin air in front of him. He subconsciously reached out and caught the heavy metal ball, almost stumbling to the ground.

Su Hao said, “This is the transit ball. Do you see a door on the surface of the ball?”

Zhi Peng turned the ball around and immediately saw the small door that Su Hao mentioned.

“You open the door, go inside, and there’s another door inside. Through that door, you can go to the gathering point.”

Zhi Peng pointed to the egg-sized door, stuttering, “Go… go inside?”

With just such a small door, how could a living person get in? And saying there’s another door inside that leads to the gathering point…

Is Mr. Jia Wei joking, or did he accidentally send the wrong thing…

Su Hao understood Zhi Peng’s doubts but didn’t explain too much, simply saying, “Go try it. Put the transit ball on the ground and then walk into that door!”

Zhi Peng: “…”

He felt something was wrong but didn’t know what the problem was, so he thought to himself, “Maybe it’s my problem!”

This feeling is like someone asking him to stab himself with a knife, and then smilingly saying to him, “Try it, it’ll be fine!”

But since Mr. Jia Wei strongly urged him to try, why not give it a shot? If he can’t get in later, he can always tell Mr. Jia Wei.

With that in mind, Zhi Peng hesitated, not knowing whether to reach out first, lift his foot, or put a finger in?

Finally, gritting his teeth, he stepped into the small door.

The next moment, the anticipated feeling of encountering obstacles did not occur. His feet seemed to step into emptiness, and then in a daze, he found himself in a bright spherical space, about fifty meters in diameter, with a stone door standing in the center.

Zhi Peng was astonished: “Is this really possible? It’s amazing. Mr. Jia Wei, how do I get out?”

Su Hao said, “Exiting from the door behind you will take you back to your room, while exiting from the middle door will take you to the gathering point. This ball is just a transit ball.

You can use this ball to quietly send away your friends, but you need to act fast. Once discovered, the difficulty of the next actions will increase.”

In Su Hao’s view, the action of gathering friends would definitely alert the Mage Association, and being able to gather even half of them would be considered good.

After briefing Zhi Peng on some precautions, Su Hao disconnected the parrot brand voice communication with Zhi Peng.

Zhi Peng’s ability is indeed useful, but he is just a Origin Mage with no foundation at all. Everything has to start from scratch, and the difficulty of starting a business is extremely high, even though he has been working hard for two years without stopping, the scale is still too small.

Fortunately, with Su Hao’s support, everything is possible.

“Rada President, the artifact room has been robbed, and all the source artifacts are gone!”

“What did you say?”

A cloak-clad man holding a pipe stood up abruptly, shouting loudly, “All the source artifacts in the artifact room are gone? Are you kidding me? Do you want to die?”

The three mages who came to report were intimidated and involuntarily stepped back. One of the women was almost in tears, her face full of fear as she said, “You’d better go and see for yourself!”


He actually crushed the entire desk with one hand. Taking a deep puff of his pipe, he exhaled smoke heavily, striding out ahead.

As he walked, he grumbled, “If it’s a joke, you’re all dead. Dare to play this kind of joke with me! If it’s true, that thief is dead, dare to steal from me! Damn it!”

A moment later, a loud roar came from the basement: “Check it out! Check it out thoroughly for me! Damn it! @#$%…”


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My Divine Diary

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