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Chapter 573

Chapter 573: Source Device is Too Dangerous

The three of them passed through a layer of spatial barrier, and didn’t feel themselves shrinking. It was like passing through a bubble, where inside and outside seemed no different.

Yashan exclaimed, “With mental perception, it clearly appears as just a small sphere, but after coming in, everything suddenly changes. I almost thought what I perceived before was an illusion.”

“The usage of Small World hasn’t been fully developed yet. There will be many more surprises in the future!”

After checking, they found that the entire island hadn’t changed much. From today onwards, their base would be hidden like never before, and no one would be able to find it.

Unless another inexplicable strange disaster occurred at the base, they shouldn’t need to relocate the base again!

Su Hao found another new island and casually placed the Small World there, effectively hiding the base!

After resolving this matter, Su Hao returned to the laboratory once again, fully analyzing what kind of movement could transform matter into a source, eager to know the results.

Time quietly passed, and one day, a five-person source squad hid in mid-air, secretly flew over the original Huludao, and after a while, flew back.

A woman in blue clothes held a map and repeatedly compared it, saying in surprise, “Huh? The map shows there used to be a small island here! Why is it gone now?”

A younger curly-haired man squinted and looked down at the sea, then took the map from the woman and carefully compared it, his brow gradually furrowing, “The map is correct, our position is correct, so did the sea level rise? No, it’s ebb tide now, the sea level should have dropped compared to nighttime.

Come on, let’s dive into the sea and take a look.”

Although this curly-haired man was the youngest, the entire team was willing to listen to him. As a Elemental Origin Mage, he waved his hand, manipulating the air cushion that carried everyone to descend to the sea surface, then parted the sea water and dove into the sea.

They circled around in the sea like this, but found no trace of the island, only a large pit.

However, this large pit was already filled with various debris, indistinguishable from other seabeds, and inconspicuous. Moreover, in the complex terrain of the ocean, such large pits were everywhere.

After resurfacing, the curly-haired man pondered for a moment, then asked seriously, “Xiangli, when was this map drawn? Is it the association’s verified version?”

The woman called Xiangli immediately replied, “This map was issued three years ago and is the latest version verified by the association. It shouldn’t be wrong!”

The curly-haired man thought for a moment and said, “Wait here for a moment!”

After speaking, his body was wrapped in layers of metal, forming a conical metal cylinder, and then he plunged into the sea.

About five minutes later, he resurfaced, breathing in the fresh air in big gulps.

The other teammates asked curiously, “Feiyuan, did you find anything?”

The curly-haired man Feiyuan said lightly, “If I’m not mistaken, there was indeed a huge island here before, but it has been dug away by someone.”

The woman in blue clothes, Xiangli, and the others seemed to not hear clearly, “What???”

Feiyuan didn’t bother to explain too much and said, “From the current situation, the direction of our previous screening work seems to be correct. We may have caught the tail of the target, and they most likely hid on this island before.”

However, it’s unclear where the leak came from, and they moved ahead of time. Of course, we can’t rule out the possibility of coincidence.”

The woman in blue clothes exclaimed, “Moved? Move an entire island? Is that possible?”

Feiyuan looked at the woman in blue clothes as if she were silly and said helplessly, “Sigh~ How many times have I told you, why can’t you learn how to think about problems?

You can add imagination appropriately during the thinking process, which is an advantage, but don’t use imagination as the main mode of thinking.”

The woman in blue clothes smiled awkwardly and then asked, “So how should I think about it?”

Feiyuan said, “You should consider this problem from two perspectives. One is to consider the possibilities behind the phenomena we see.

The second perspective is to consider comprehensively, sort by feasibility, and gradually eliminate impossible options.

What remains is likely the answer. We can’t guarantee that all situations are correct, but we can handle eighty to ninety percent of the problems.

And the question you asked is not within our scope of thinking. Is whether an entire island can be moved something you should consider?

This is a question for the other party to consider, understand? If you don’t organize the problem clearly, how can you think about it…

Sigh! This principle is so simple, why don’t you understand after so many repetitions?

No matter how complex things are, they are actually composed of one thread after another. As long as you grab one thread and continuously think along this thread, you can always sort things out…”

The woman in blue clothes and others thought to themselves, “Yes yes yes, it’s simple, you’re the best!”

The woman in blue clothes shrugged and asked, “So what do we do next?”

Feiyuan also shrugged and said, “What else can we do? Go back!”

The woman in blue clothes exclaimed, “Not searching anymore?”

Feiyuan showed a defeated expression, “So I always say that you like to add your own imagination when thinking about problems.

Who told you that going back means not searching anymore? We just need to go back and recollect and organize the data, and redo the previous work.”

Upon hearing this, the woman in blue clothes looked disheartened and said, “Ah? Do we have to interrogate those people who suddenly disappeared again? It’s so troublesome! You’re so smart, can’t you think of another way?”

Feiyuan didn’t want to talk to her and just rolled his eyes at her.

The Elemental Origin Mage concealed everyone’s figures and flew away again. Feiyuan smiled and said, “It wasn’t a wasted trip after all. Since we know that those who have had contact with the Wise Without Origins have been to this disappeared island, it proves that my guess was correct. Hehe, they can’t run away.”

After the Source Squad gradually disappeared into the distance, a young man with short hair gradually appeared, it was Su Hao. He muttered to himself, “Is this the Mage Association coming to us?”

The island chosen before was relatively hidden, it’s just that, unexpectedly, even before he made any significant moves, he was found by someone.

However, upon further thought, Su Hao realized that it should be Zhi Peng’s activities that attracted attention, coupled with Yashan’s frantic requests to Zhi Peng for friends to do research, exposure was quite normal.

Su Hao thought for a moment and decided to follow them to see the situation. He couldn’t afford to have his home stolen inexplicably.

Five days later, Su Hao followed this team to the main city of Hengxuan District, Yixuan City!

Not only did he hear the corresponding news, but he also casually took away all kinds of source devices stored in the underground warehouse of the Mage Association headquarters building in Yixuan City. Roughly counted, there were at least more than two thousand pieces, accumulated over many years.

With so many source devices, there must be many strange abilities. For Su Hao, they were too dangerous. If one day someone used these source devices against him and things went south, there would be no place to complain.

Before encountering the ability of “One Step, One World,” Su Hao believed that his “Second-level Space” was very safe. However, after encountering it, Su Hao felt a sense of crisis. He never expected that there would be source devices with spatial abilities, and it seemed that they were used more proficiently than him.

In general, the source devices were too dangerous, so it was more reliable for him to keep them himself…

Moreover, what’s the use of keeping them at the headquarters of the Source Mage Association? It’s better to hand them over to him so that he can research them and demonstrate their value. If there are no major issues after research, it’s not impossible to return them.

After teleporting back to the base, Su Hao set up a dedicated collection room and safely stored the collected source devices in it.

Then he sent a message to Yashan: “Yashan, the Source Mage Association can locate our position through those experimental subjects who have stayed on the island, so try not to conduct experiments in our current small world in the future. Let’s change the location!”

Yashan quickly replied: “Our position has been located?”

Su Hao said, “It’s our previous position that has been located, but fortunately, we moved away in advance. We’re lucky. Let’s do this, I’ll make a new small world for you, and you can conduct experiments in the new small world. Change the location periodically.”

Yashan said, “Okay, Veyron. In that case, Zhi Peng should have been exposed, right? Will he be okay?”

Su Hao said, “Exposure is certain, but I don’t know if anyone has guessed his ability. And don’t worry, he has a lot of friends. If something happens, it will be his friends who are affected first.”

After confirming that there was no one around Zhi Peng, Su Hao communicated with him through the little parrot, “Wulai, it’s Jia Wei!”

Zhi Peng exclaimed, “Mr. Jiawei! It’s been a long time since I heard from you.”

Su Hao asked directly, “Have your friends reached the first stage goal now?”

Zhi Peng knew that the first-stage goal Su Hao mentioned was ten thousand friends and smiled, “If we’re only talking about source mages, there are only about four thousand or so. If we include ordinary people with various skills, I already have over two hundred thousand friends!”

Zhi Peng’s tone was cheerful, showing that he was very happy.

This was natural, who wouldn’t be happy with over two hundred thousand friends? It sounded quite impressive.


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My Divine Diary

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