Chapter 10

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Chapter 10: Symptoms

A few seconds later, Ran Qingmo descended from the sky, holding a white giant tiger in her hand, and heavily smashed it onto the ground.

The enormous body of the white tiger, measuring over twenty feet in length, appeared like a large cat in Ran Qingmo’s hand, as it was pressed down by the back of its neck and couldn’t move.

Ran Qingmo let go and pointed at the white tiger lying on the ground, then walked towards Xu Yuan and asked softly:

“Is it okay?”

Xu Yuan remained silent.

After Ran Qingmo let go, the big tiger quietly raised its head and stared at Ran Qingmo’s back with its eerie vertical pupils.

In the next moment,

This big white tiger attempted to demonstrate in front of Ran Qingmo what it meant to have no freedom, rather to die.

The white giant tiger suddenly exerted its force and pounced towards the fragile figure of the woman, but it was directly knocked on the head by Ran Qingmo with the sheath of his sword.

In that instant,

Xu Yuan faintly saw the bewildered gaze of the white giant tiger, almost ascending to the heavens after being struck.


The massive body of the white tiger turned into remnants of its figure, flying backward and crashing heavily into the roots of a towering tree tens of meters away.

Ran Qingmo’s footsteps halted as he walked towards Xu Yuan, and he turned back to glance at the tiger with a hint of disappointment, murmuring softly:

“It seems like it’s still not possible.”

She whispered to Xu Yuan, saying, “Wait a moment,” and carried her sword as she walked towards the rising smoke and dust.

After a moment of silence, a white figure suddenly darted out from the rising smoke and dust, but it didn’t pounce towards Ran Qingmo again. Instead, it crawled and scrambled towards the depths of the distant forest, attempting to escape.

That female human is so terrifying; it has to run away.

With a step, Ran Qingmo’s figure disappeared from the original spot.


A muffled sound tore through the silent forest, startling a flock of birds.

Ran Qingmo landed steadily and looked at the motionless tiger whose head was buried in the ground. Silently, she reached out and grabbed the fur on its head, dragging it slowly as she walked towards Xu Yuan.

Xu Yuan watched the scene before him, his eye twitching slightly.

Coming to a stop, Ran Qingmo nodded at Xu Yuan and said:

“Now it should be possible. You can give it a try.”

Xu Yuan opened his mouth and glanced at the motionless white tiger on the ground.

The white tiger half-closed its eyes, clearly playing dead, while its gaze carried a slight warning as it stared at Xu Yuan.

Beastly creatures all possess intelligence, although varying in degrees. At this moment, the white tiger understood that this terrifying female human intended to offer it as a mount to the male human before it.

Xu Yuan fell silent for a moment, but out of trust in Ran Qingmo’s strength, he took a step forward towards the tiger lying on the ground.

As soon as he approached,

The half-closed eyes of the white tiger opened, fixing ity gaze on Xu Yuan. Its head lifted slightly, and its throat emitted a warning growl:


One standing beside them, upon hearing the sound, immediately unsheathed her sword.

“Roar.” The white tiger obediently lowered its head.

Observing this, Xu Yuan grabbed onto the tiger’s fur and climbed onto its back.

The white tiger’s fur was smooth and soft, and touching it was quite comfortable, giving him a sensation reminiscent of stroking a cat in a past life.

Xu Yuan tried to pat the tiger’s head, only to feel a few swollen lumps.

“Roar!” The white tiger bared its teeth and growled.

“Bang!” Another lump appeared.

“Rooh…” The white tiger obediently lowered its head.

Ran Qingmo slowly retracted the sheathed sword and said softly:

“Let’s go.”

With that, she glanced at the white tiger from the corner of her eye.

With a single glance from Ran Qingmo, Xu Yuan felt a slight shaking beneath him on the back of the white tiger. Instead of getting up in a hurry, it first rubbed its head against the hem of Ran Qingmo’s black dress.

Witnessing this scene, Xu Yuan felt like laughing. Just as a smile was about to form on his lips, a sense of chest tightness accompanied by a slight itching suddenly spread within his heart.

The smile vanished, and Xu Yuan furrowed his brow.

He had experienced this itching sensation several times over the past couple of days. It seemed to be a side effect of the original body’s drug addiction. As long as he endured it for about half a moment, the feeling would naturally fade away.

Just as the thought crossed his mind, Xu Yuan was about to speak and delay their progress for a moment. However, before the words could leave his mouth, the itching sensation in his chest suddenly spread like a mutation, rapidly transforming into an unbearable “craving.”

A strong sense of suffocation instantly caused Xu Yuan’s vision to darken.

Subconsciously, Xu Yuan tightened his grip on the soft fur of the white tiger beneath him to stabilize himself. However, waves of dizziness kept surging to his head, causing his previously straight posture to gradually bend. The hand that had been gripping the fur tightly slowly and weakly loosened, and his body uncontrollably toppled sideways.

Ran Qingmo immediately sensed something was wrong with Xu Yuan and swiftly supported him as he was about to fall. Her eyebrows furrowed slightly as she asked:

“What’s wrong with you?”

Xu Yuan’s vision turned black for a moment, and he tried to speak, but a bitter-sweet sensation surged from his throat.


He spat out a mouthful of blood onto the brown ground. The discomfort made Xu Yuan instinctively push away Ran Qingmo, who was supporting him, and half-kneel on the ground.

His consciousness blurred for a moment. The pain and suffocating craving made him dig his fingers deeply into the soil.

There was something wrong with this body.

This kind of pain that seemed to emanate from the depths of his soul couldn’t be caused by drug use.

Xu Yuan quickly recalled information related to the original body, Xu Changtian, in his mind. However, despite racking his brain, he still couldn’t find any clue.

The formula book, the game’s plot, and the related novels didn’t mention anything about the original body experiencing these symptoms, let alone identify the cause.

Is it the world’s auto-completion?

A thought flashed through Xu Yuan’s mind.

Even though “Blue Spring” had a text with millions of words, it was still too limited for an entire world. Naturally, the blank spaces that the words couldn’t describe would be automatically completed and perfected.

But why would the world’s auto-completion cause these symptoms in the original body?!

Xu Yuan attempted to find clues and analyze in his mind, but his consciousness was already starting to grow hazy, and the heaviness of his eyelids made him painfully close his eyes.

After an unknown amount of time, he woke up again, and the world had completely changed. The rising sun was no longer there, and the sky had transformed.

Through the gaps between his fingers, Xu Yuan could vaguely see the bright moon outside the canopy and the countless stars in the sky. He stared at the night sky blankly for a long time as memories from before his coma flooded back like a tide.

With a slight furrow in his brow, Xu Yuan immediately sat up and touched his chest with lingering fear. The source of the pain that had lingered in his chest earlier had disappeared without a trace.


A gentle voice caught Xu Yuan’s attention. He turned his gaze and immediately saw the black-clad woman sitting beside a tree, in a familiar posture, with her eyes closed in meditation.

Xu Yuan surveyed his surroundings.

The environment around him had undergone a drastic change since he lost consciousness. The majestic trees resembling the Pandora Forest from Avatar had disappeared, replaced by a bare snowy mountain.

It seemed that while he was unconscious, Ran Qingmo had taken him far away.

Xu Yuan rubbed his temples and asked softly, “How long was I unconscious?”

“Four days,” Ran Qingmo replied.

Xu Yuan was somewhat surprised. “I was unconscious for that long?”

After a momentary pause, Xu Yuan restrained his astonishment. Recalling the symptoms before he lost consciousness, his eyes darkened with a hint of gloom.

Now that he was awake, he remembered the horrifying pain and suffocating sensation that came from deep within his bones. Xu Yuan became even more convinced that it was highly unlikely caused by drug use.

Given the personality of the original body’s father, anyone who dared to give such a deadly drug to the original body would have their entire family exterminated.

Could it be his constitution?

As a Chinese-style fantasy wuxia game, “Blue Spring” had some naturally gifted physiques, such as the Sword Embryo Spirit Body or the Dao Soul Divine Bone. However, after careful consideration, none of them seemed to match his current condition.

Xu Yuan furrowed his brow, pondering the reason.

While he was deep in thought, the woman beside him slowly opened her serene eyes, and her gentle voice quietly sounded from Xu Yuan’s side:

“Has your condition of rejection ended?”

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