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Chapter 9

Chapter 9. The Holy Body (1)

Isaac looked up to see Gebel, rain-soaked, staring down at him with an unreadable expression.

It was an old sword, worn down, but a mysterious light flickered along its edge before vanishing.

A tattoo of a crescent moon and a sword crossed peeked out from Gebel’s wrist, adding some edge to his look.

Thinking Isaac was too stunned to reply, Gebel sheathed his sword and playfully poked Isaac’s face, saying, “Two eyes, two ears, two arms, and legs each. Wait, why only one nose?”

Isaac instinctively grabbed his nose, prompting Gebel to burst into laughter.

‘It seemed like someone who didn’t get jokes at all.’

Isaac couldn’t help but chuckle, albeit for a different reason.

It was because Gebel had shown off his paladin skills.

After witnessing Gebel’s expertise firsthand, Isaac realized the paladins’ swordsmanship in this world might be even more impressive than in the games he played.

Isaac made up his mind to learn Gebel’s swordsmanship style.


The kids who bolted that day went straight to the monks.

Terrified, they spilled the beans about Isaac’s predicament, and soon Gebel dashed out of the monastery. He trailed Isaac and the boar deep into the night but found no trace until dawn broke.

Everyone assumed Isaac had perished. Yet, Gebel returned with him, and the monastery folks gathered to marvel at the alleged divine miracle.

Though it was clear the Codex of Light had no hand in it, Isaac modestly accepted the praise.

The monks were torn between scolding Isaac for his recklessness and commending him for his brave deed.

In the end, Isaac was tasked with evening fasting as punishment.

Not a big deal for Isaac, who could always ‘pig out.’ The atmosphere in the monastery turned warm towards him, and his wishes were granted almost always.

But the biggest change came from the children.

“I’m sorry.”

The following day, Hans showed up to apologize. Isaac understood how tough it was for a young person to admit fault to someone younger. He wondered if someone coerced Hans, but there was no sign of shame in him.

“I realized I was about to do something dumb. Thanks to you, I kept myself safe. You’re my hero.”

Hans looked relieved as he confessed.

He’d long felt inferior to Isaac but let jealousy drive him to fear and pick on Isaac.

Now, this incident made him see the vast difference between them, erasing any sense of rivalry.

Submitting to a once-feared figure had turned into admiration.

“Sorry to Johan. And no more running away for me.”

“I’ve already said sorry. No more fleeing. If anyone pulls what I did, I’ll handle it firm.”

Isaac saw respect in Hans’ eyes, feeling awkward but dismissing it as childish behavior.

It’s an age where strength is revered, and Hans was the eldest and strongest of the gang. If he fell in line, the others would follow suit.

‘But he’s quick to face reality. Not as clueless as he seems.’

The escape plot likely sprang from a bruised ego because of Isaac. Without Isaac’s intervention, things might have gone smoothly until he was 17.

Hans extended his hand in a plea for forgiveness. Feeling a bit guilty, Isaac shook it.

Hans beamed, believing they’d made amends.


“You’re so strong, did you learn that from Mr. Gebel?”

“Huh? Oh, yeah, kind of?”

Isaac couldn’t credit his skills to past memories, so he dodged the question. Hans just nodded, as if he saw that coming.

“Thinking of joining the Dawn Army, huh?”

Hans suddenly brought up this odd topic. Isaac nodded, recognizing the term.

Dawn Army.

Isaac was familiar with it.

It’s like a big quest in ‘Nameless Chaos’.

In a distant eastern land, there’s this ‘holy land’ where the Codex of Light was first written. It’s also where the Immortal Emperor of the Immortal Order, Beshek, turned into a god.

The Dawn Army is a team from the Codex of Light sect aiming to reclaim that land.

Sometimes the White Empire controls it, sometimes the Black Empire of the Immortal Order. But for the past 100 years, the Black Empire held it down. The last Dawn Army was 15 years back, the 12th one.

“The last Dawn Army was 15 years ago, so it’s probably going to happen again by the time we’re grown. That holy land needs saving.”

Hans had faith the Codex of Light sect will call up a new Dawn Army. Isaac knew when – in about four years.

‘Joining the Dawn Army is the path to the top as a paladin.’

Whether a paladin or not, this quest was a must. Everyone on the continent gets tangled in this war.

In short, the ’13th Expedition of the Dawn Army’ is a huge story event in the game.

When the Dawn Army forms, the Immortal Order raises the Eclipse Army to push back.

So, Isaac already finished the 13th expedition of the Dawn Army eight times.

Isaac confirmed his goal.

To hide his true self, he had to be the noblest paladin and take back the holy land.

‘What comes after the game ends, I’m not sure.’

He didn’t think it would just be ‘The end’ and back to the real world. But he knew he had to enlist in the Dawn Army someday.

“Why not stick with Mr. Gebel if you’re so into the Dawn Army?”

Hans blushed at Isaac’s words.

“I tried following him, but it was too rough, dirty… and scary.”

He’d tried but couldn’t keep up. Hans hurriedly switched topics.

“But, aren’t you scared of Mr. Gebel?”

“Not really. He cracks jokes more than you’d expect.”

“But people say Mr. Gebel is a runaway. Deserters go wild, looting and even attacking their own.”

Today, deserters are often seen as bandits. Brought in from everywhere with no proper war gear.

After one fight, deserters scatter about, causing trouble in different places.

“And have you seen the tattoo on his wrist? With the crescent moon and sword crossing. Some say it shows he was a Black Empire soldier. Maybe sneaking into our lands.”

Isaac almost burst out laughing. It was a wild idea. Who in their right mind would tattoo ‘I’m a spy’ on their wrist? Besides, if he was from the Black Empire, he’d be a skeleton, not walking around in human skin.

Isaac had totally noticed that tattoo too. Seeing as the crescent moon stood for the Black Empire, it was no wonder Johan was feeling kinda uneasy.

‘Hey, I’m getting pretty curious about Gebel’s deal… Maybe it’s time to level up.’


Isaac started thinking every day about how to pick up sword skills from Gebel. While he was busy getting in shape, learning swordsmanship ASAP was super important, especially with the whole paladin journey ahead of him.

That said, Gebel had been through a lot, losing his pals and all. To get him back in action with a sword and mentoring the next crew, there had to be a legit reason. Isaac knew Gebel was a paladin, but the details about his past or how he ended up here were a mystery.

Unable to ask directly, Isaac hit the library shelves, sure that the clue he needed was in one of those books.

After a bunch of days of digging, Isaac almost dropped a hefty book. Just managed to save it in the nick of time, a thick leather-bound volume made of tough paper.

As he was about to put it back, he read the title.

‘The Records of the 12th Dawn Army.’

It was all about the Dawn Army from 15 years back. Thinking he hit jackpot, Isaac started flipping through the pages.

The book was all serious, detailing the 12th Dawn Army’s history, countries involved, missions, enemies, and tactics. Not the most exciting read, but Isaac’s eyes lit up at the ‘participating groups’ part.

The emblem of a crescent moon and a sword.

Same symbol as Gebel’s tattoo, used by an outfit as their flag.

Isaac confirmed the organization’s name.

Avalanche Paladin Order.

‘Ah, it all makes sense now.’

Gebel was in that same 12th Dawn Army.

Isaac dove into the details of the Avalanche Paladin Order. A decent-sized group, about 120 members strong, making a name for themselves in the east. Sitting on the edge of Undying Sect territory, they were known for their combat skills and boldness.

Isaac paused at the list of members.

Gebel Crackton, Vice-Commander of the Avalanche Paladin Order.

‘Vice-Commander… He was a bigger deal than I thought.’

Isaac couldn’t believe it.

He wanted to be a paladin, and here was someone pretty high up the ladder right next to him.

Paladins weren’t just top fighters, but they could do some divine stuff too, making them super respected. They were a big deal, so much so that even lords and kings wanted them on their side. But paladins weren’t motivated by money, so convincing them wasn’t easy.

With that kinda status, Gebel could’ve easily been a commander under some big shot.

‘But he didn’t… Did he bail after surviving? Turncoat, maybe?’

Isaac never saw Gebel doing any religious stuff, no scriptures or prayers. But if he did bail, why end up at a Codex of Light monastery?

‘Well, this info could come in handy.’

Right on cue, a voice whispered:

[Nameless Chaos is keeping an eye on you.]

[Nameless Chaos wants you to recruit Gebel.]

“What the heck is this?”

[Nameless Chaos adjusts its plan.]

[Nameless Chaos wants you to take down Gebel.]

“Do they really think he’s just like any other prey?”

[Nameless Chaos lowers its standards.]

[Nameless Chaos is rooting for you to at least get a small win against Gebel. ]

It all just seemed repetitive.

What can you really expect from a 14-year-old? Trying to conquer a paladin vice-commander? Knowing Gebel’s a paladin seemed to spark some competition in Nameless Chaos.

Isaac found it all pretty silly, but then thought, maybe not impossible.

Success can come in different shapes and sizes. And Isaac was already set on taking a chance with Gebel.

[Nameless Chaos has a sweet prize waiting for you.]


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Paladin of the Dead God

Paladin of the Dead God

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