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Chapter 11

Chapter 11. The Holy Body (3)

In the Codex of Light, a body touched by a miracle is known as a ‘Holy Body.’

At the mention of ‘Holy Body’, a hush fell over the abbot. Gebel swiftly carried on.

“I once saw someone with a Holy Body in my youth. Overnight, they gained inexplicable abilities. Isaac is young and small now, but as he grows, his powers will only grow stronger.”

“Indeed, he doesn’t quite look like an ordinary child…”

Isaac’s unusual appearance even puzzled the abbot. One might think his very being was a Holy Body, not solely his strength in lifting an axe. Under Gebel’s intense gaze, the abbot cleared his throat.

“Miracles are tied to deeds, but a Holy Body emerges through divine revelation. If Isaac truly possesses this gift, we must approach this matter cautiously. It’s not a decision to take lightly.”

In this world, many hold miraculous abilities. Those who survive blazing fires, cover great distances in the blink of an eye, even return from the grasp of Death. Monks can light candles with a mere touch, a common miracle in their circles.

But those with a Holy Body are totally different. The Church calls them peeps born into the world with a mission.

Born with crazy miracles right from the start, they’re like God’s messengers on a divine quest.

Lots of Holy Body folks became saints or left a big mark in history. Some even became angels.

So, having a Holy Body ain’t no joke; the Church gotta give it the thumbs up. It’s a big deal that could shake things up in the Church.

It’s like God’s saying, “Hey, this way!”

But Gebel was like, “Nah.”

“Do you trust those top Church dudes?” Gebel asked, shading them as ‘Lamps Underneath the Blind’, meaning they’re so close to the light they can’t even see their own toes.

Gebel couldn’t stand those high priests.

That’s why he hid Isaac in the monastery when he found him.

“If Isaac is really a Holy Body and seen as a divine messenger, he’ll end up being a political pawn, following their lead. Isaac might be smart for his age, but he’s still a kid.”

Let’s say Isaac is super strong because of his Holy Body. War folks will see him as a call to crush the Church’s foes, while status quo fans will use him to show off the White Empire’s riches.

Things might sway a bit, but in the end, the tougher side wins.

The abbot kinda agreed with Gebel. He wasn’t a fan of the central Church politics, which is why he moved to a far-off monastery.

“So, got any ideas?” the abbot asked.

“I’m thinking we keep Isaac’s identity under wraps till we’re sure. That’s it, Abbot,” Gebel said, all tense.

“Sure, the monks here are good folks, and the kids are innocent. But that’s not all there is to the monastery.”

To keep the monastery going, we need cash from the village or trade with merchants. We might get lost wanderers or pilgrims visiting, and even nearby monasteries or Church big shots might drop by.

“At least until Isaac hits 16, we gotta watch our backs. If the world finds out about him now…”

Gebel paused, unable to finish. The abbot let out a deep sigh.

“Hiding a Holy Body is like hiding God’s will from the world,” the abbot said.

“I get it, Abbot,” Gebel replied.

“Then you shouldn’t have spilled the beans to me.”

Gebel bowed to the abbot.

Deep down, he was torn. Ever since Calzen vanished, he’d hoped Isaac was a Holy Body, but facing the truth now was tough.

‘If only I’d known for sure from the get-go.’

A Holy Body is like God’s will in human form. As an ex-paladin, Gebel should’ve embraced this fully. But after being close to Isaac for so long, he felt scared at the thought of the boy carrying such a weighty mission.

He wanted to share this truth with someone he could really trust.

Or else, he might keep Isaac a secret from everyone.

Seeing Gebel’s silence, the abbot spoke wearily.

“The Holy Body is God’s will in human form. Did you know Emperor Waltzemer of Gertonnia manifested as a Holy Body at 20 and took the throne in just 6 years?”

“For real.”

The Gerthonia Empire popped up just 30 years back. Emperor Waltzemer, rocking a Holy Body vibe, took down many lords and warlords to build a solid empire. The Church gave it a nod, calling it God’s plan.

“Yo, if we stash the Holy Body, aren’t we just like those ‘Lamps Underneath the Blind’?”

“At least we ain’t out here blasting trumpets for all to hear, right?”

“True that…”

“If Isaac’s really a Holy Body, he’s bound to stand out. Hey, it’s gotta be God’s will. But the timing has gotta be on point, not rushing it.”

With some help from the abbot, of course.

Gebel kept his last words to himself. Giving a little sigh, the abbot caught onto Gebel’s drift. Let Isaac choose when the time’s right, when he’s got the wits to avoid being used.

The abbot had his own tales of playing politics in the central Church. He might’ve ditched the drama, but his pull was no joke. Only the abbot could smooth things out if the truth got out.

“I hear you. It’s Gebel’s request, and the Codex of Light must have a plan ready. We can’t just go blowing our own horns.”

The abbot’s words eased Gebel’s mind. Watching him, the abbot prodded, “So, how did the Holy Body show up?”

“Say what now?”

“Manifesting a Holy Body can show up in different ways. Some show no change, others pop up in a glow or some other funky way, and some even come out in a full-on new form.”

“By new form, you mean physical changes?”

“Well, Emperor Waltzemer sprouted shiny horns, and there’s talk of Luadin, the lighthouse keeper, looking like a blaze in the sun. The closer they get to a divine form, the bigger the power and fate they’re packing.”

Gebel thought back to another Holy Body he’d seen, one that had no obvious physical shift.

Remembering the moment Isaac lifted that axe, Gebel said, “Didn’t look like much.”

The abbot grinned, “Good deal. Easy to hide, and maybe the Codex ain’t placed a heavy fate on Isaac. Could just be a strong youngster.”

Could be, for sure. Miracles don’t always stick around. Some Holy Bodies vanish without leaving a mark. But Gebel pushed that thought aside, having saved Isaac from that razed village.

One miracle could be luck, but two was no fluke.

The abbot muttered, “Let’s pretend this chat never happened. Best not to drop the Holy Body talk on Isaac.”

“Got it, won’t say a word.”

They agreed to stay mum, but someone else had already caught wind of their talk.

Soon after, Isaac retracted his tentacles, looking baffled.

“Gebel took me to the monastery?”

Isaac thought back to the day he clashed with Calzen’s sword.

He couldn’t piece together how he ended up from there to the monastery, but if Gebel was in on it, he must’ve hidden something important.

Isaac was lost, wondering why Gebel acted clueless all this time.

Maybe the plan was to blend him in with the other orphans and raise him like any other kid. It seemed important to keep Isaac’s true identity under wraps. Maybe they kept it from the higher-ups in the order for the same reason.

“I wasn’t expecting this situation, but I wasn’t looking for any special treatment either,” he said.

The news was unexpected, but it didn’t change anything. Isaac was prepared for any surprises that might come his way.

Back in history, a child concealing their identity lived as precariously as a candle flickering in the wind.

And if that candle managed to survive, it could ignite a fire that would engulf the world.


“I’m going to teach you sword fighting,” Gebel declared the next morning.

Isaac wasn’t entirely surprised, having anticipated this. He feigned excitement to avoid raising Gebel’s suspicions.

“But there’s a condition,” Gebel added.

“A condition?” Isaac raised an eyebrow.

“Don’t flaunt your strength unnecessarily, like when you lifted that axe yesterday. You know what I mean?”

It was a warning not to reveal the extraordinary feats he was capable of.

‘Honestly, it’s more of a monster’s power than a miracle,’ Isaac thought to himself.

Isaac was relieved by Gebel’s words. He had displayed his abilities, trusting Gebel not to reveal his secret. Maintaining a low profile was crucial for both Gebel and Isaac.

Isaac knew that his strength was not divine but rather a trick using a tentacled monster. If probed by the higher order, he’d be in deep trouble.

“I understand,” Isaac agreed readily, which surprised Gebel.

“You agreed quite easily,” Gebel remarked.

‘Did I agree too quickly?’ Isaac wondered.

In an era where he craved attention, Isaac boldly responded, “If I had said no, would you still have taught me swordsmanship?”

Gebel had planned to train Isaac regardless of his answer. It was to limit Isaac’s interactions with others to avoid any accidental revelations about his true nature.

“Fine then,” Gebel said, pulling out the hand axe he used yesterday.

“Let’s start with this.”

“An axe? Am I lifting it again?” Isaac asked.

“No. There’s no sword suited for you now. Until you grow, you’ll train with what you can handle,” Gebel explained.

The monastery lacked real weapons, only clubs or staff. Gebel had spare weapons but none suited Isaac.

“Weapons can break easily. In battle, you need to fight with whatever’s available. The basics are the same for all weapons.”

“To strike the enemy quickly with the sharp end,” Gebel demonstrated, embodying a battle-hardened Paladin.


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