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Final Boss: Get the Heroine to Save Me at the End – Chapter 77 (Part 1)

Looking at Bai Jiu who was quietly guarding the tomb, Luo Xuling suddenly felt an inexplicable emotion in her heart!

What is the relationship between Ling Ye and Bai Jiu?

Ling Ye and Bai Jiu fought against each other thousands of years ago, isn’t that a rivalry relationship?

Why is Bai Jiu here now?

At this moment, Luo Xuling suddenly felt a little unhappy!

She could also do it, after all her strength was almost the same as Bai Jiu!

Why didn’t Ling Ye ask her for help, but instead asked Bai Jiu?

Is the relationship between Bai Jiu and Ling Ye better than the relationship between herself and Ling Ye?

Although it seems that there is only hatred between herself and Ling Ye!

But… if Ling Ye opened his mouth, she was actually willing to help Ling Ye!

But Ling Ye never said anything to her!

In Ling Ye’s eyes, it seemed like she was just an outsider!

Although it is an outsider.

However, even Bai Jiu can be considered equal to her, why can’t she?

Immediately, Luo Xuling frowned and came to the tomb, standing in front of Bai Jiu’s big sword formation!

“Palace Mistress of Violet Clouds Realm?”

Bai Jiu also slowly raised her head, and a cold voice sounded: “This is a little unexpected, you are the first person to attack the Three Thousand Demon Emperors!”

“I have no interest in these Three Thousand Demon Emperors!”

Luo Xuling replied coldly, staring at Bai Jiu while speaking.

This Bai Jiu looked so charming!

Although in terms of appearance, this Bai Jiu is naturally inferior to her!

But Bai Jiu’s temperament was completely different from hers!

What exactly is Ling Ye and Bai Jiu’s relationship?

“Not interested? Then what are you doing here?”

Bai Jiu said lightly.

“Did he let you stay here?” Luo Xuling asked.

“Yes!” Baijiu nodded lightly.

“Why did he ask for your help?” Luo Xuling’s voice was cold.

“Why?” Bai Jiu was very confused.

Why did he ask for her help?

Was that what she wanted to know?

Does this matter to her?

“No why!”

Bai Jiu immediately replied: “He asked me to do it, and I just do it!”

“Explain more clearly! Why did he ask for your help?”

Luo Xuling grew even angrier and immediately took out a sword.

“What exactly do you want to know?” Bai Jiu was a little depressed.

What did Luo Xuling do?

What is there to explain?

“If you can’t explain clearly, get out of here!”

Luo Xuling said coldly.

To Ling Ye, who didn’t ask for her help, but instead looked for other woman to guard the Three Thousand Demon Emperors!

She was just a little annoyed!

What is the relationship between this Bai Jiu and Ling Ye?

Why leave such an important matter to Bai Jiu?

Why should it be given to Baijiu and not her?

If it was her, she might be able to guard this place better!

After all, Bai Jiu was only alone!

And behind her was the entire Violet Clouds Realm!

Also, if Ling Ye asked her to stand guard here, at least she would be considered her own!

But Ling Ye didn’t!

This made Luo Xuling feel that in Ling Ye’s heart, is she not as important as Bai Jiy?

So, of course she was unhappy!

Of course…she was jealous!

Yes, it’s really jealous! Really jealous!

It’s just that she hasn’t admitted it yet!

Bai Jiu is also a little emotional at the moment

What is Luo Xuling trying to do?

She came here as soon as the war was over and made a scene!

Does she want to fight with me?

“Sorry, I’ve been trusted to guard this place! I’m not leaving here!”

Bai Jiu immediately said lightly.

After all, no matter what the other party’s purpose is, she will stay here!

Until Ling Ye comes out!

“Then don’t blame me for being rude!”

Luo Xuling’s eyes turned cold, and the next moment, holding a sword in her hand, she slashed directly at Bai Jiu!

On the opposite side, Bai Jiu suddenly grabbed a wooden stick and went up to meet her.


The blades collided, and in an instant, two great sword qi surged out in front of the Demon Emperor’s tomb!

The world’s number one beauty, and the world’s number one Sword God, in front of the ruined emperor’s tomb, face to face!

“Why did he let you stay here!”

Luo Xuling’s cold aura erupted, and it was a relentless attack on Bai Jiu.

Bai Jiu was forced to fight back with all his strength: “No why no reason!”

Why are you staying here? Why did he let you do this!”

Luo Xuling was angry at this moment.

Forget about maid Zhuge Qingchan, Zhuge Qingchan is Ling Ye’s advisor, of course she knows everything about Ling Ye, and of course she should be by Ling Ye’s side at all times!

Not to mention Ming Ji, however, Ming Ji who only has unrequited love, Ling Ye has no affection for Ming Ji!

But what’s up with this Bai Jiu?
What is the relationship between Ling Ye and Bai Jiu?

Why should Ling Ye entrust such an important matter to Bai Jiu?

What is Bai Jiu’s status in Ling Ye’s heart?


The two swords collided, and the huge aura of the two Divine Supreme Realm spread throughout heaven and earth!

“There is no reason, this is also voluntary of my own accord!

Bai Jiu completely resisted Luo Xuling’s attack.

She was very confused now, what did this Luo Xuling come for?

“Volunteering? Why do you volunteer?

Luo Xuling’s sword energy exploded: “Who are you to him?”

Perhaps, this was exactly what she wanted to ask!

Who is Ling Ye to Baijiu?

Why does she want to help Ling Ye do that thing?

Why would Ling Ye let her do this kind of thing?

“Who am I to him?”

Bai Jiu’s wooden stick frantically met Luo Xuling’s slash, and he then replied: “The person in his heart!”

We are friends, why do you care so much about that?

Ling Ye said that he had countless opponents, but there weren’t many that he could remember!

Therefore, Bai Jiu is indeed considered to be in his heart!

As soon as Bai Jiu’s words came out, Luo Xuling’s heart sank violently!


The sword in her hand suddenly cut through Baijiu’s barrier!

Then, there was a shallow blood stain on Bai Jiu’s face!

Her strength is indeed almost the same as Bai Jiu!

But at this time, Bai Jiu did not use all her strength, and Bai Jiu could see that Luo Xuling was only inexplicably angry, but there was no killing intent!

Therefore, because of one carelessness, she was scratched by the sword!

“Luo Xuling! Are you crazy?” Bai Jiu’s voice instantly turned cold.

What was this woman doing?

Did she really come to fight with her?

Did she have a grudge against merl?

And her goal is not the tomb of this demon emperor!

Why fight so hard?

Seeing the slight blood stains on Bai Jiu’s face, Luo Xuling suddenly regained consciousness.

She hurriedly drew her sword and stepped back a little distance.

“Sorry, I…”

There was a hint of apology in her eyes.

What am I doing?

Why am I so angry?

For Ling Ye?

Hearing Baijiu say that she was the one in Ling Ye’s heart, why was I so angry?


Luo Xuling calmed down, and then she realized that her current behavior was extremely unreasonable!

What is this?

Am I angry because of Ling Ye?

Angry that another woman is related to Ling Ye?

Even if Ling Ye has something with another woman, what does that have to do with me?

Why does I care so much?

Hadn’t I already decided not to have any relationship with Ling Ye?

Why am I still doing this?

Seeing Luo Xuling subside, Bai Jiu did nothing more.

She simply asked, “What do you want?”

Luo Xuling looked at Bai Jiu coldly, not knowing how to answer.

What do I want?

Of course, I just want to find out what the relationship between Bai Jiu and Ling Ye is!

And Bai Jiu’s answer was that she was the one who was in his heart.

So, is there really a relationship between Ling Ye and Bai Jiu?

No wonder, no wonder Ling Ye had to leave Bai Jiu to do such an important thing!

Because Bai Jiu is very important in his heart!

Luo Xuling’s cold heart somehow disappeared at this moment.

Sure enough, a person like Ling Ye has no shortage of women at all!

Even strong women like Baijiu the God of Swords!

Taking a deep breath, Luo Xuling suppressed all the emotions in her heart.

I have absolutely nothing to do with Ling Ye!

To Ling Ye, whether I was a stranger or not, no one knew exactly what was in his heart!

“Do you know where he is now!” Luo Xuling only asked lightly.

However, even though she might not have a place in Ling Ye’s heart!

Even though she shouldn’t have any affection for Ling Ye!

But she couldn’t help but care for Ling Ye!

She couldn’t help but think of the baby in her womb!

“Where is he? Isn’t he dead?” Bai Jiu was confused, why would Luo Xuling ask this.

“You don’t know?”

Luo Xuling immediately asked, “Does he have a plan?”

“Of course I don’t know!”

Bai Jiu said lightly: “He just asked me to help him stay here after his death!”

Luo Xuling then asked: “He’s already dead, why are you doing this for him?”

“Why am I doing this? This is a matter between friends, no matter dead or alive, it has meaning!” Bai Jiu replied.

Moreover, Ling Ye said he would come back.

Although she didn’t know how Ling Ye could come back!

But she believed in Ling Ye!


As soon as Bai Jiu said this, Luo You Leng looked at him again: “Are you and him friends?”

Bai Jiu nodded lightly: “Yes!”

Ling Ye accepts people like her as friends!

The person who was once his enemy!
Therefore, she is also willing to give everything in return!

Get the Heroine to Save Me at the End

Get the Heroine to Save Me at the End

Final boss: Get the Heroine to Save Me at the End, 大反派: 在大结局让女主救我
Score 7
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2021 Native Language: Chinese
When Ling Ye transmigrated into the final boss, it was already right before the end. Facing the max leveled protagonist, all that awaited him was death! At this critical moment, Ling Ye discovered a way out in the heroine! Thus, he secretly contacted the heroine… When the protagonist finally came out of seclusion at max level… Ling Ye: “Sorry about that. She seems to be on my side, and she even wants to marry me…” The protagonist blew his top: “How did the woman that I chased after all this time to no avail end up becoming yours?”


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