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Final Boss: Get the Heroine to Save Me at the End – Chapter 76 (Part 3)

Ye Tian killed Ling Ye, but all the world did not regard Ye Tian as the king of the new era!

No one showed any respect to Ye Tian!

No one was in awe of Ye Tian!

Abyss Sea Daemon Nest dared to come to fight Heaven and Earth Alliance for the first time. Of course, other forces must have the courage to do so!

All of this… is not what I imagined!

Ye Tian, did you really win?

Who would call him king if Ye Tian isn’t in the Infinite Realm?

At this moment, Ren Fanchen suddenly remembered Ling Ye’s words before his death.

Ye Tian.. Can you survive in this chaotic world?

It seemed that all of this was in Ling Ye’s calculations!

It seems that only Ling Ye can drive in this world!

Only Ling Ye can suppress this world!

And now, without Ling Ye’s suppression!

All the forces in heaven and earth will definitely riot and rise up!

The king is dead and the world is in chaos!

Ren Fanchen’s eyes turned to Ye Tian.

Looking at Ye Tian, who was struggling to fight Ming Ji at this time, he frowned tightly!

Ye Tian, is it really worth following?

Is Ye Tian really the right choice?

What he wanted to follow was the lord of heaven and earth!

And now, although Ye Tian killed Ling Ye, it didn’t reach that level!

In other words, Ye Tian is now just one of the peak powerhouses in heaven and earth!

So, why is he still following Ye Tian like this?

He felt that Ye Tian and himself were almost on the same level!

Why would he want to follow such a person? Following a person who is on the same level as himself?

There are many ripples in Ren Fanchen’s heart at this moment!

He even had an idea!

Or can I also become the master of heaven and earth myself?

Although I’m in the early stages of the Realm of Divine Supreme, but with my own abilities, I’ll be able to reach the peak of the Realm of Divine Supreme sooner or later!

Then how am I different from Ye Tian?

In this new era, I also have a chance to rise!

Thinking of this, Ren Fanchen’s heart had already started making plans.


At this moment, there was another loud bang, and Ye Tian and Mingji Ji’s figures once again took a step back.

“Ming Ji! He has dominated heaven and earth for countless years, hid hands are stained with countless blood, and he deserves the death penalty!”

Ye Tian dragged his severely injured body and said solemnly: “I killed him, but it was only for heaven and earth to eliminate a great disaster!”

“Shut up! You have no right to judge him!”

Ming Ji let out a low roar, held the sword in her hand, and attacked again.

“Even if I’m seriously injured, you still can’t kill me!”

Ye Tian blocked Ming Ji’s sword and continued: “If you continue to fight, it will only increase casualties!”

Yes, even though he was seriously injured!

But Ming Ji still couldn’t kill him!

Even if his strength plummeted, he was still at the peak of the Divine Supreme Realm!

Continuing to fight like this would only increase the casualties of both armies.

“You should also know that although my Heaven and Earth Alliance is severely damaged, but my overall strength is still above your Abyss Sea Daemon Nest!”

Ye Tian then said solemnly: “Keep fighting, everyone in your entire Sea Daemon Nest will only sacrifice in vain!”

Mingi Ji held the sword in her hand, and her eyes swept across the chaotic battlefield!

Seeing her Sea Daemon Nest army and the Heaven and Earth Alliance army fighting each other, she also calmed down a bit.

Fighting with Ye Tian like this had made her vent some emotions and stabilize a little!

In fact, she also knew that!

Even if the Heaven and Earth Alliance lost more than half, there were still thousands of Divine Emperor Realm practitioners in the army!

Moreover, Ye Tian and Ren Fanchen were both Divine Supreme!

Two Divine Supreme Realm, with thousands of Divine Emperor Realm!

This kind of strength was almost twice as strong as her Abyss Sea Daemon Nest!

If she continued to fight, she would not be able to avenge Ling Ye, nor would he be able to destroy the Heaven and Earth Alliance!

Instead, there was a possibility that countless lives of the Sea Daemon Nest would be buried here because of her.

Ming Ji gradually calmed down, although she could be impulsive, but she couldn’t care less about the lives of so many people under her!

Immediately, she retreated far back: “I won’t let you get away, I will ask you to pay the price sooner or later, and ask your Heaven and Earth Alliance to be buried with him!”

After speaking, he gave an order: “Retreat!”

Suddenly, all the daemonesses of the Abyss Sea Daemon Nest flew over.

Then, together with Ming Ji, they left here.

With Ming Ji’s departure, in the depths of the void, calmness was restored once more.

Fortunately, the post-war attacks had stopped.

Otherwise, the consequences didn’t know how grave it was!


At this moment, Ye Tian spat out another mouthful of blood.

He was already seriously injured, and with Ming Ji making such a fuss, his injury suddenly became even more serious.

“Oh my God!”

Ye Ziwei flew over again and supported hik.

“Organize casualties and retreat!” Ye Tian said quickly.

He was worried that if this continued, someone would rush out to kill him to avenge Ling Ye or something again!

“Hmm!” Ye Ziwei nodded heavily.

Then quickly let all the troops of the entire Heaven and Earth Alliance retreat!

All retreated to the Qiankun world!

Although the Qiankun world no longer had the previously unshakable charm of emptiness!

But it was still the headquarters of their Heaven and Earth Alliance!

The forces of the Heaven and Earth Alliance, scattered from the depths of this void, all retreated.

All returned to the world of Qiankun.

Those who stood at the edge of the void, the powerhouses who came to the scene to witness the battle, all left one after another at this moment.

At this moment, they all had meaningful smiles on their faces!

Under that smile, what could not be hidden was their powerful ambitions!

Although Ling Ye was already dead! But Ye Tian is not the king!

Furthermore, who is the ruler of heaven and earth depends on their own abilities!

The war is over!

It ended with Ling Ye’s death and heavy damage from the Heaven and Earth Alliance…

This battle not only shook heaven and earth!

It also directly affected the future changes of heaven and earth.

In the future, this heaven and earth will become a chaotic world!

Because, no one can suppress the heavens and the universe anymore!

The top powers throughout heaven and earth are now like wild horses that have escaped from their stables.

Everyone else, will rise up!

On the other side, Violet Clouds Realm.

With the end of the war, Luo Xuling and the others also turned their eyes away.

It’s over!

Everything is over!

But where the whole world will go in the future, it’s confusing!

The Ling Ye era is over, but no one can take over!

Ye Tian couldn’t stand it at all!

Luo Xuling’s cold expression was now just cold.

Others don’t know, but she knows very well that Ling Ye is still alive!

And Ling Ye, had the perfect plan!

By the time Ling Ye died, he was already reborn somewhere else in heaven and earth!

Sooner or later, Ling Ye will come back again!

The future of heaven and earth still belongs to Ling Ye.

“I heard that Ming Ji is infatuated with Bloodshed Demon Lord! I didn’t expect that after seeing Ling Ye’s death, he would come to fight Ye Tian so desperately?”

At this moment, several voices sounded around.

“I saw that Ming Ji was really infatuated with the Bloodshed Demon Lord!”

“But Bloodshade Demon Lord doesn’t seem to care about her at all! She’s always alone in her unrequited love!”

As the many goddesses in Violet Clouds Realm spoke, their eyes all looked at Luo Xuling.

Speaking of which, they felt that Ling Ye was a perfect match for their Palace Mistress!

Although Ling Ye was dead now, the rest was only regret.

As Ling Ye said, life always leaves regrets!

Now the Palace Mistress must be very regretful, right?

Luo Xuling coldly glanced at everyone, but didn’t say much.

She didn’t want to admit her complicated affection for Ling Ye!

But now, she was too lazy to deny it!

After all, the entire Violet Clouds Realm already knew what happened to her and Ling Ye.

Denial was useless!

“Do your best to find the girl!”

Luo Xuling only said something lightly.

Zhuge Qingchan knew everything!

Zhuge Qingchan is still alive!

As long as she finds Zhuge Qingchan, she will be able to find Ling Ye!

Now, she didn’t want anything else, he just wanted to know where Ling Ye was reborn as soon as possible!

“Yes! Don’t worry, Palace Mistress, even if we have to search the whole world, we will definitely find her!”

Bei Ruyue and the others all hurriedly replied.

Now the Palace Mistress must be very sad, right?

Although they didn’t know what she wanted to do with the girl, all they could do now was to satisfy her as much as possible!

Luo Xuling nodded lightly, thinking back to everything Ling Ye had done before!

Other than Zhuge Qingchan, would anyone else know about this?

Will anyone else know about Ling Ye’s plan?

What is Ling Ye’s plan?

Thinking about it, she suddenly realized that something was not right!
Ling Ye Army… Ace!

Three thousand demon emperors!


Ling Ye’s army of three thousand destroyed emperors did not appear in this battle!

In this battle, Ling Ye’s Bloodshade Demon army all betrayed him!

But in fact, he didn’t have to fight alone at all.

His three thousand demon emperors could move, as could the Sea Daemon Nest

It was not even known how many he could move!

But Ling Ye ended the battle alone!

Well, he really has a plan!

Soon, the space around Luo Xuling’s body distorted slightly, and her figure disappeared!

Perhaps in the Demon Emperor’s tomb, she could find some clues!

Also, after Ling Ye’s death, if his ace army was not guarded, it would definitely fall into the hands of others!

So, she could go and have a look, and if she could, keep this trump card army for Ling Ye!

“Palace Mistress?

Seeing Luo Xuling’s sudden departure, Bei Ruyue and the others were instantly confused!

Where did she go this time?

Are you going out to relax?

Bei Ruyue and the others looked at each other a few times, and then they all shook their heads!

Ling Ye’s death had a huge impact on their Palace Mistress!

I hope the Palace Mistress can get out of this problem as soon as possible.

After Luo Xuling left Violet Clouds Realm, she came directly to the Demon Emperor Tomb!

However, when she came to the Demon Emperor’s ancient tomb, all she saw was Bai Jiu sitting cross-legged in front of the stone gate.

“Bai Jiu the Sword God?

Immediately, Luo Xuling frowned slightly.

Why was she here?

And seeing her like this, she was guarding this demon emperor’s tomb?

Was this arranged by Ling Ye?

So, does she know something too?

Does she also know Ling Ye’s plan?

Get the Heroine to Save Me at the End

Get the Heroine to Save Me at the End

Final boss: Get the Heroine to Save Me at the End, 大反派: 在大结局让女主救我
Score 7
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2021 Native Language: Chinese
When Ling Ye transmigrated into the final boss, it was already right before the end. Facing the max leveled protagonist, all that awaited him was death! At this critical moment, Ling Ye discovered a way out in the heroine! Thus, he secretly contacted the heroine… When the protagonist finally came out of seclusion at max level… Ling Ye: “Sorry about that. She seems to be on my side, and she even wants to marry me…” The protagonist blew his top: “How did the woman that I chased after all this time to no avail end up becoming yours?”


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