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Chapter 3

Chapter 3: Did you sell rock candy per gram?


When Ji Yan lied on the bed, there was a sense of unreality.

He sold a piece of rock candy himself.

Did he really make three hundred yuan?

Did that person make a mistake?

Since Ji Yan received the prompt for the transfer, he wanted several times to go on QQ to confirm with that person if he made a mistake or not.

After all, three hundred yuan is not a small amount in this era.

But this thought was ultimately suppressed by Ji Yan’s desire to make money.

That person didn’t come on QQ to ask him.

Why should he rush to ask that person?

Isn’t that stupid?

“The money that has entered my pocket, don’t expect me to take it out again!”

Ji Yan happily smiled as he glanced at the text message confirming the transfer on his phone.

Once the transaction is made, there will be no refund!

If that person really made a mistake, he would just have to pay for his carelessness!

With this mindset, Ji Yan slept peacefully.

Even in his dreams, he was laughing.

In the next three days, Ji Yan continued to post his advertisements online.

All for his own rock candy.

He also claimed that his rock candy is of good quality and affordable, trustworthy for both the young and the old.

Except for the first customer, there were also others who inquired about Ji Yan’s rock candy business in the past few days.

Ji Yan enthusiastically introduced his products to them.

At the same time.


A small, pale and thin man received a package from the deliveryman.

He was the person who purchased the rock candy from Ji Yan.

His real name is Liu Daqiang.

After receiving the package, Liu Daqiang adjusted his cap, without looking back, and left.

The deliveryman glanced at him with confusion.

“This person is really strange!”

He commented briefly.

The deliveryman rode away on his delivery bike.

After entering the house, Liu Daqiang hid behind the curtains.

He carefully checked if the deliveryman made a phone call and had left.

Looking at the deliveryman’s disappearing figure, Liu Daqiang breathed a sigh of relief.

Then he cautiously pulled the curtains closed.

Leaving only a dim little light.

With this faint light, Liu Daqiang quickly unpacked the package.

His eyes were filled with longing.

His hands trembled intensely while unpacking.

“Brown sugar, rock candy!”

“My rock candy…”

Trembling, Liu Daqiang opened the package.

At this moment, it felt like there were ants crawling inside his body.

Only the “rock candy” could relieve his symptoms.

After the jolting and squeezing during delivery.

The rock candy that Ji Yan had packed was already crushed.

Crushed into nearly transparent crystalline pieces.

But when Liu Daqiang saw that small bag, his eyes lit up.

“Brown sugar…”

Clearly, Liu Daqiang’s understanding of rock candy was different from Ji Yan’s.

But at this moment, Liu Daqiang didn’t have time to think about all of that.

He restrained his trembling hand and poured the white powder onto the tin foil.

The craving to smoke “rock candy” had been plaguing him for a long time.

Liu Daqiang didn’t even bother to find his meth pipe.

He directly used a lighter to start burning the tin foil.

Soon enough,

a small stream of white smoke began to rise.

Liu Daqiang was afraid of wasting it, so he quickly leaned in and took a deep breath through his nose.

Then he laid back on the sofa, preparing to feel the soothing sensation that would alleviate his itching sensation throughout his body.


that breath did not give him a rush at all.

He felt absolutely nothing.

“What’s this?”

Liu Daqiang was a bit confused.

His brain, corroded by “rock candy”, slowly turned.

Could it be that he didn’t smoke enough?

“The quality is too low for this, isn’t it?”

“To sell this for three hundred?!”

Liu Daqiang grumbled.

He quickly leaned in again, above the wispy white smoke, and took several more deep breaths.

This time, Liu Daqiang felt something.

He smelled a sweet aroma.

In a daze,

a terrifying thought slowly emerged in his mind.

Could this shit really be rock candy?!

Liu Daqiang cautiously pinched a small particle of the powder.

And put it in his mouth.

The sweetness spread in his mouth.

“What the fuck!”

An infuriated Liu Daqiang angrily cursed.

He directly spilled the “rock candy” on the ground.

“You dare to deceive me?!”

Liu Daqiang was extremely angry.

He wanted to buy “rock candy”.

Ji Yan sent him real “rock candy”!

He was fooled!

Liu Daqiang rushed to his computer in anger and opened QQ.

He sent a message filled with fury.

“You better get the fuck out! What did you sell me?”

At that moment,

Ji Yan was surfing the internet and posting advertisements.

Suddenly, he heard the sound of a QQ message.

Thinking that a new customer had come to buy “rock candy”, he immediately opened it excitedly.

But it turned out to be the first buyer coming to cause trouble.

“What the fuck? Why are you cursing at me?”

Ji Yan was furious when he saw the message Liu Daqiang sent.

He replied with a question mark.

“I sold you ‘rock candy’! Can’t you taste it?”

On the other side,

Liu Daqiang was about to be driven mad.

“I bought rock candy! What you sold me, is that the same thing?”

Although he was furious,

Liu Daqiang didn’t dare to reveal what he actually wanted to buy.

If the internet police found out, he would be in big trouble.

Ji Yan became increasingly confused.

What does he mean?

Didn’t he want to buy rock candy?

He even sent rock candy over!

What’s the problem?

After being cursed at twice,

Ji Yan’s temper also flared up.

“Look at what you’re saying? Isn’t it rock candy that you wanted to buy? Isn’t that what I sold you?”

Liu Daqiang was on the verge of passing out from anger.

So it turned out,

this guy really is selling rock candy!

One says it’s a city gate tower and the other says it’s a hip joint.

“Aren’t you in this business?”

Ji Yan was completely speechless.

“I am indeed selling rock candy!”

Come on then,

let’s argue!

Ji Yan had a fierce expression on his face.

He was determined to see who would dare to say that he wasn’t in this line of business!

He had a pile of rock candy in his warehouse!

How could he not be in the business of selling rock candy?

It seemed like Ji Yan had choked the other person.

For a long time, the person didn’t say a word.

Ji Yan simply closed the chat box and continued posting advertisements online.

Liu Daqiang looked at the computer screen in disbelief.

His lips trembled with anger.

Was this kid really just selling rock candy?

He sells rock candy, so what does it have to do with him buying “rock candy”?

He thought this kid was speaking the jargon of the trade!

Liu Daqiang continued to argue with Ji Yan.

“You’re selling rock candy, so how much per gram?”

“Why didn’t you mention it when I asked?”

Seeing the message,

Ji Yan continued to argue with him.

“Weren’t you buying one piece? The retail price is just thirty cents!”

At this moment, Liu Daqiang could only use the phrase “speechless” to describe his feelings.

So, it turned out that this kid thought he had made a typo.

When Ji Yan mentioned thirty cents per piece,

he also thought Ji Yan had made a mistake.


this deal was concluded in such a confusing manner.

“I fucking said per gram! Do you understand? Weight! Do you understand?”

Liu Daqiang was extremely furious.

He didn’t want to argue about whether it was a piece or gram, rock candy or “rock candy” anymore.

Finally, he sent a QQ message directly to Ji Yan.

“Fuck, give me a refund!”

Officer, I Didn’t Really Deal Dr*gs! I’m Selling Genuine Rock Candy

Officer, I Didn’t Really Deal Dr*gs! I’m Selling Genuine Rock Candy

Score 7.8
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: Chinese
Ji Yan transmigrates and finds himself inheriting a candy shop left behind by his recently deceased parents in this world, along with a warehouse full of rock candy! To sell the rock candy, Ji Yan utilizes all his resources and skills. However, things take an unexpected turn when Ji Yan mistakenly enters a group of drug addicts… “How much does a gram of rock candy cost?” “30 cents per piece.” “I want one gram.” “…So little? Shipping is not included!” “…..” Just as Ji Yan is fervently selling rock candy in the drug addicts’ group, a team of armed police officers bursts in, forcibly pinning Ji Yan to the ground, proclaiming that they have apprehended Ji Yan, the infamous drug dealer. No other individuals are found at the scene! In a bewildered state, Ji Yan pleads, “Officer, I’m not dealing drugs, I’m selling genuine rock candy!”


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